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Dell S2721DS 27" Monitor QHD 2560 x 1440 75Hz - $262.34 (Was $319) Delivered @ Dell


Been $319 for quite a while. Discounted to $277.20, then after adding to cart it weirdly auto applies a $1 discount for price matching to get it $276.20, then use code for extra 5% off… so $262.34 delivered. Looks like a good WFH monitor that I'm sure will also be fine for casual gaming.

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  • Ah inflation, good price for current climate

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    Excellent value monitor for working from home. Had it for two years, no complaints

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      Can this work with MacBook Pro?

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        Yes. HDMI port if you’ve got a MacBook Pro with one of those, otherwise you’ll need a usb-c to hdmi adapter but it’ll work well with that.

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        Don’t see why not, it has both HDMI and DisplayPort. I use a DP to USB-C cable with my M1 MBA (and Windows laptops too, also previously used HDMI with a work Dell laptop).

        Great monitor for WFH, had it for over 3 years without any issues (bought when it was newly released for >$430).

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    thanks. got a few more for my staff.
    stacked with a further 10% off with amex dell offer

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      I wish my boss was generous like you! :)

      • In my office first thing Monday.

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    yikes that's cheap

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    Got 2 of these
    Close to 1 1/2 years running.
    Pretty good for work.

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      What is pretty bad a bout them?

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    This or https://www.bpctech.com.au/product/q27b2s2-aoc-q27b2s2-27inc…
    $229 delivered using the BPC courier of choice

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      Had both Dell and AOC. The 2 Dell 24 inch monitors I've got have both been great, no issues. The 2 AOC monitors the kids have - I've had to return 1 due to dead pixel and it also developed banding after about a year. Having said that, the AOC return process was pretty smooth, they replaced with a new identical monitor. Only other thing I can see with the AOC you've linked has no height adjustability, which the Dell does have. And the Dell is 75Hz, whereas the AOC is 100Hz, which isn't as important if its mainly gonna be used for office work. 100Hz more important if using it for gaming.

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        AOC one also has a external PSU, which IMO is pain in the neck!

        • that's a good point especially if VESA mounting on a sit/stand desk..

          • @mochariffic: or if you have a cable management tray mounted underneath the table top, that bulky brick is always unfriendly…

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    amex 10% off + shopback, thanks!

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      Shopback is 0% for monitors? Right?

  • Now or wait for Black Friday? 😬

    • From what i read Dell have 15 day return policy if for personal use, so should be able to return.

    • Dell also have a 30 day price guarantee after purchase

      • does that inlcude coupons/discount codes?

        • No idea… you could try your luck I guess. Link with terms:

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            Price guarantee cannot be applied during special seasonal prices including Black Friday/ Cyber Monday/ Boxing Day/ EOFY promotions.

            • @Kerorooo: Damn! I bought this two weeks ago for about $301.

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    Just got a 4K 32" Dell U3223QE monitor - and completely regretting it. Font is too small for my old eyes - and scaling on Mac has a performance hit.

    I reckon the QHD (2560 x 1440) at 27" is perfect.

    One nice thing about the U3223QE though is the built in KVM switch functionality that allows Picture-in-Picture for two connected computers (to share the one screen and one keyboard/mouse).

    • +1

      Zoom in

    • and scaling on Mac has a performance hit.

      Wait, how so? I have never experienced that, what kind of Mac do you have?

      • Yeah it is really noticeable on the older Intel Macs. It is not too bad - when going with a direct multiple -
        e.g. 4k (3840x2160) to 1080p (1920x1080).

        Bug going from (4k) 3840x2160 to say 2560x1440 or 3008x1692 or 3360x1890 - I can hear the fan on my 2019MacbookPro always kicking in.

  • If you have a Mac, I'd steer away from this monitor. After ~1 year, I had weird screen flickering and random intermittent screen burn happening. Contacted Dell and they sent me a refurbished replacement. This has had the same thing happen as well. The screen flicker/burn will come and go randomly, and it's quite frustrating as there's nothing about my usage in particular that seems to be causing it. Seems to be an issue with Mac and this model (or series?) as I've heard of multiple others having the same problem.

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      Have this monitor and use it with a Macbook Pro M1 Pro a lot. Mac's HDMI port works okay with it. I did recently change the HDMI cable. Before, I was using a cheap cable and it did cause occasional screen flicking. Now, I have excess HDMI cables which support 4K/60Hz so I used one of those for this monitor.

    • Happened to my S2721QS after a few weeks. Got it replaced

  • +1 for QHD and +1 for integrated speakers!

    • -2

      No integrated speaker on the config linked.

      • +1

        It has a speaker. I have this exact same model (just purchased a second one) and it definitely has a speaker.

        Also, if you look further down the product page, it says:

        Height Adjustable Stand/ Built-in Speaker is applicable to *selected models only.
        Height Adjustable Stand: S2721DS
        Built-in Speaker: S2721D, S2721DS

        • +1

          yes, S for speaker in Dell model monitor numbers.

  • If the native resolution is 2560 x 1440 ,
    can this run "larger resolutions" without blurriness ?

    I ask because I need a decent monitor like this one,
    for an elderly person, but afraid the 2560 resolution
    in Windows might make everything too small.

    ( I can increase font size, scaling, etc… in Windows settings,
    but just wanted to know about the resolution aspect )

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      You need to use operating system's display scaling and that should be fine. If you use native 1080p resolution, these 1440p monitors do a decent job, but that's still not native so monitor's interpolation does happen and it is not as sharp as 1080p 27 inch monitor.

      • -1

        Thanks for highlighting that to me.

        The elderly person's PC is an old Lenovo PC (small footprint)
        with a DisplayPort output, so it's most likely 1080p.

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    The code isn’t working for me. Do we need to be signed in for the code to work?

  • I got two of these, perfect for work. Coding / emails / spreadsheets. Work well in brightly lit rooms too.
    One of them had an issue after two years, Dell shipped me a refurbished replacement in two days.

  • How does this monitor pair with the Dell S2721DGF?

    • It's probably going to be pretty jarring to switch between 144hz/165hz and 75hz, especially if using side-by-side, if you are sensitive to refresh rate.

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    Have had this for 2 years now, its a great monitor. For $60 odd more I got the 4K S2721QS using the same discount code. Excellent reviews. Thanks OP.

    • @tichaonar what is the difference between the two please?

  • Anything with a webcam and a usb c charger?

  • You can regularly purchase used 4k, 27 inch Dell displays less than 3 years old with IPS for less than this on eBay, Facebook marketplace etc.

    Just keep in mind. I've swapped every display in my house and work to 4k and it wasn't that expensive thanks to cheap ones online.

    I suspect people who got one in covid and are now back to work. Good brand ones and models too

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      Second time someone has had beef with useful info, … whut?

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    I’m pretty sure qhd144hz Korean panels were like 300 6-8 years ago, is technology going backwards where do I get this time machine

    • Value of $ decrease over time due to a phenomenon called inflation.

      • it’s almost like technology goes backwards

  • +1

    Would've been a great choice if it had USB-C charging

  • These are great. Perfect resolution for this size. We have two. Good price

  • This isn't being advertised on the Dell website as part of any Black Friday sale or anything like that. There's no mention of any promotion at all. My question then is can the 30-day price guarantee apply then? I bought this two weeks ago for more.

  • I want to get this for work (+ a small bit of casual gaming) but just a newbie to monitors, I noticed it costs like 60 bucks extra to upgrade to 4K UHD, is there a reason why people are preferring the QHD over the upgrade to 4k? (I know close to nothing about monitors so that's where my confusion is).


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      4k for a 27 inch monitor maybe an overkill, if not a disadvantage? Like you might have trouble reading small fonts due to such a high resolution?

      • That was my understanding when I did my research a few years ago and went with this model.

        QHD seems to be the sweet spot for 27”, whereas 4K may be the better option for 32” and above—for office work use anyway.

      • +1

        Reading small fonts hasn’t been an issue for years due to scaling built into Windows and macOS (and Linux) which let you set whatever scaling factor you want. I usually set mine to 165% or so, makes everything big and easy to read, and it looks fantastic, no blurriness or artifacts.

        Yet the myth persists for some strange reason.
        Personally I think using a small 4K monitor at 100% scaling factor is nuts, but more power to those whose eyes can pull that off.

        I would always go for 4K if the price is right, especially for office/productivity work. The added sharpness and clarity is chef’s kiss.

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          Using MacOS, a 4K monitor scaled to 2K % is always going to look better than a 2K monitor. There's lots on Reddit about it, I'm doing it myself and it looks great.

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    Purchased two of these around a year ago when they last went on sale. Very good monitors. Use them for WFH 5 days a week and also gaming (FPS) outside of work hours. Haven't missed a beat, brightness is good, quality is amazing (QHD on a 27" is sooooo good). Highly recommend.

    • For a multi monitor setup, QHD on 27" is hard to beat.

      I have two of these 27" already and just ordered two more.

      Also have 1 4K 27" which I find is small for general use but ideal for some legacy applications that seem to take up way too much screen real estate.

  • Can anyone suggest a hdmi connector to use for dual monitor setup with laptop without docking station? I just purchased 2 now. When I look for it, the connectors having 60HZ refresh rate is reduced resolution. Is there any connector which we can use with 2 or these monitors with same native quality that these monitors provide.

    • For anyone new who is looking into like me, I finally got the Dell D6000 docking station from market place for $60 and its been great. Also got Lenovo Gen 2 usb c for 1080p monitors which I was using earlier. Look for one which also charges the laptop like the above otherwise you have to use charger and docking station separately.

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    I really don't know why Dell stopped making the S2721DGF. It's better in every regard.

  • Just got it delivered and placed it side by side. Strangely the stands max height is different for both and by 1.5cm. Not sure if this is expected. Boxes shows similar model and no difference. Any one has an idea?

  • This or This?

    • Should add.
      Mostly work, some occasional FPS gaming (PC)..and I mean VERY occasional.
      Work - ArchiCAD, Revit, AutoCAD and Sketchup, potentially some twinmotion, Outlook, excel, word and all that mandatory stuff.
      It will be in a home office so the environment is not as bright as an actual corporate office.


  • Bought S2721QS last year in a EOFY deal for less than $300, would like to wait and see if there is any better deal for S2721QS again.

  • Strange, my order got cancelled.

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