Meta Quest 2 128GB $439.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Obviously the new quest is out with a load of new features, but this is a remarkably good price for basic VR.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Now just need $100 promo credit to this price to make it a Black Friday deal

    • and stacked with an upsized amazon cashback

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      So only $40 cheaper than when it came out 3yrs ago at $369 after $100 Amazon voucher. What a bargain….

      Sorry, I'm just bummed about all the price hikes over the years.

      • $100 voucher for black friday is live now

  • The new quest has been out for about a month now. Decent price though.

    • good point!

  • Will new games be backwards compatible with the old headset?

    • Should do for quite a while. It's only been pretty recently that some quest 2 games won't work on the quest 1 so i think you'd be right with this headset for a few years. Only thing is there should be a few good mixed reality apps and games coming to the quest 3 which will work with the quest 2 but the quest 2 has terrible mixed reality only having really low res black and white cameras. So if mixed reality is something you're interested in definitely go for the quest 3

      • +2

        It's been at least 2 years of Quest 2 exclusives that don't work on the Quest 1.
        So I wouldn't count on every game working.

      • What about the PICO 4?

    • For now they’re requiring store games to be compatible with both — seems likely it’ll continue that way for a year.

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    I got this for $419 ages ago

    • +2

      128gb model?

      • +2

        I got my 128Gb model for like $400 after cashback a few years ago. Lucky combination of generous cashback and just before the price hike.

        Just double checked: $431.14-$25 cashback, so $406.14, December 2021.

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    Okay so I’ve just started looking for a quest 2 a couple days ago, and because of the fact that its like $350aud on the used market atm (most coming with accessories too like a battery strap). Now I see this, do I just completely abandon ship and get this? It would avoid the used headset dilemma… but then again I’d have to get a bobovr m2pro battery strap off Amazon for about $100 etc… any advice?

    Edit; another thing I just realised is that I’d get the $48 store credit here whereas i wouldnt buy getting it used

    • Where you get the $48 credit?

    • +3

      Update: the fact that I’ll be getting the $48 store credit has pushed me over the edge and I ordered it!

      • It's just enough credit to get beat Saber ;)

        • Ug…..assuming one likes Beat Sabre:-)

          Buying new gets you warranty unlike if 2nd hand so better choice I reckon at this price.

          • @Borg: Yeah that in combination of the $47 credit is worth it imo especially because the price is somewhat similar to buying used which is awesome

        • +1

          Beat Saber used to be free with the Quest 2, at least when I bought it it was and also the $48 credit.

        • +1

          Yes that's the plan :)

      • Enjoy. Remember you can also get 25% off games as well via referrals.

        • Yep! I've already bought some a couple weeks back when they were on sale 😅 wont be able to refund those if i dont like but i know i will aha

    • Avoid used, hygiene reasons plus when I had my quest 2 I had to go through 3 of them until I find one with stuck pixels.

      Getting replacement from Amazon was Flawless.

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    anyone had quest 2 and now own quest 3, can you confirm if you had massive headache on quest 2 when playing red matter, flying games, roller coaster, etc.(but fine playing beat saber)
    will you still get the same issue with quest 3?

    • +1

      Never had headache but those types of games give me motion sickness. Games like beat sabre where you stand in one place are fine.

      The motion sickness is the same for me in Q2 and Q3. My kids don’t seem to experience it at all tho on either.

      • Oh yes I meant motion Sickness. Headache, almost vomit, and probably fall to the floor if not quickly lying down. Yeah that bad.
        Oh well.. back to my Nintendo switch then…

        • +1

          Ha ha. No worries. Knew what you meant. Apparently you can get your VR ‘sea legs’ over time but I’m not really a gamer so I don’t really mind. Think it’s just because I’m old. My kids can handle it all with ease. I’d be like you, throwing up.

          • @mooney: I read we need to eat ginger candy while playing. Didn't try as I have sold quest 2 by then.
            I really like beat Saber but at the end just give up completely

            • +2

              @CyberMurning: Trick is to stop playing the second you start to feel sick. Then after a while it gets easier

              • @Fishesass: That and apparently having a fan blowing at you… I've not had issues, so can't comment.

                • @kwchaz: I'm a good player, but don't have any fans yet.

    • Apparently some people found the pancake lenses fixed their headache problem, so it’s possible it could help, and I guess you could return it if not.

      Also make sure the IPD is set appropriately. Incorrect IPD can cause headaches.

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    Any Australian retailers that have these, either 2 or 3, available to try on?

    • Don't think so. There are places like Freak or Zero Velocity that do VR game experiences but they dont use quest.

      The refer a friend credit is meant to encourage people to go to the effort of showing others, so you could probably find a friend of a friend incentivised by the chance you will use their referral.

      Or just buy used, try it, can sell for a similar price after you've had a go. Even buying new then reselling is not too bad compared to the hourly rate at VR places

    • Your local library might have one you can try (I doubt would be a Q3 though)

    • +2

      Just buy it from amazon and if it makes you sick using it etc just return it .

    • +8

      air link is built in and you can connect to your PC wired or wirelessly to play steamvr games

      • +9

        yeah i'll admit i'm wrong there, looks like air link came out after i gave up on it all

        • +7

          admit the fault is so rare and golden

      • +1

        air link not without its issues.. bandwidth and latency requirements mean your router has to be top notch, limit the devices using wifi at the same time and PC needs copper wired gigabit straight to router..
        and even then - I'd lockout the microwave while you're playing

        • you can use a wired connection in that case

          • @bldragon101: perhaps, but the idea of an umbilical cord to my head.. just seems like it would subtract from the experience quite significantly

        • +1

          air link goes via router, not from Q to PC? Wouldnt that Slow down the whole house network

          Does that mean you don't need need to be the same room as the PC?

          • @furyou: yeah he meant not to use air link.. and no it doesn't slow the network so much, it's more that the quest air link experience is far more susceptible to corrupt packets & high latency (think >40ms = puke)

            • @Jaspa7: Oh, i was looking into these for wireless pcvr. Not a good solution then?

              • @furyou: its.. okay. when it's working - fantastic.
                getting it set up is a little annoying every time, and it's not always 100% reliable.
                I end up using it for pcvr very little now. just playing standalone beatsaber etc.
                Maybe the updates could've made it better by now, but at start of this year it still seemed too glitchy

          • @furyou: If goes to whatever WiFi router/access point/card you’re using, not over the Internet. It doesn’t need to be in the same room but you need a very good connection, so ideally in the same room with the WiFi device or thereabouts, and the WiFi device should be connected to the PC via a network cable.

            • @Sven Viking: yeah originally I thot there's some dongle in the PC like a mouse.
              It seems a lot to push thru a network?

              I heard of pico too, do they do the same?

              • @furyou: There are some USB WiFi dongles that work OK including an official “D-Link VR Air Bridge”, though they may not have the best price/performance. Yes, Pico also works over WiFi. (You can also connect Quest via USB or, with particular Pico devices, native DisplayPort.)

                Earlier PC VR wireless solutions usually had their own wireless system with better bandwidth and lower latency than WiFi, but WiFi and software have improved to the point where some people don’t notice the difference with a good setup. Unfortunately some WiFi devices work a lot better than others. The Virtual Desktop discord can give advice.

    • +1

      There is open source app called ALVR that you can sideload that works good

    • +2


      Meta CTO stated they will keep supporting quest 2 for 3 years after they stop selling it, so you will get support for at least 3 more years.

      This was the first headset they sold a lot of (15 million+, previous models were < 2 million), and a lot of them were sold at a loss. So its in their interest to keep people using them.

  • 256GB is also on sale best ever price $499.99.

    I'm pretty happy with mine, just waiting on the BoboVR M2 to M3 retrofit kit to be on Amazon before I consider buying a Quest 3…

    • Is this one good?

      not how that is different from:…

      Both fit the Quest 2?

      • Yup M2 series is for Quest 2. They're the same strap, but the plus kit has the extra battery (approx $55), as well as the magnetic battery charging dock (normally $59, now $54). So if you were buying now, I'd be getting the kit that has everything.

        EDIT: and yes, it's my top vote for aftermarket straps, I had the vivaforte (this was good, but built in battery), Kiwi design Comfort (comfortable, but only battery option was a velcro strap and light powerbank). The Bobovr is far more comfortable and the hotswappable battery is excellent - I have their C2 carry case as well, and that has room for EVERYTHING.

        • Thanks, so the plus kit has extra battery and charging dock.
          I don't play much VR or play it for long, so the would be exactly the same strap? But with one less battery and charger?
          The cheaper one might be better for me.

          • @congo: As far as I'm aware it's otherwise the same product. Up to you, really. I like the charging dock thing as it means it's an atraumatic way to charge the battery without risking damaging the port.

  • So do you get to have legs with this one?

    • You mean full body tracking?
      That requires stuff like SlimeVR

      • Quest 3 is getting an update soon with optical upper body tracking plus AI-estimated legs.

  • +4

    Pretty sure I got this for cheaper in 2020.

  • Very tempted by this, I want to try to get into the fitness side of VR and lose some weight.

    Anyone upgrade to the Quest 3 and feel like the extra ~$400ish dollars is worth it? The mixed reality seems cool, but with the battery lasting like an hour I feel like it wouldn't be worth it.

    • With battery headstraps you get a lot more than an hour, and many folks get too sweaty to play that long anyway.

      I haven't used my q2 enough to justify upgrading yet.

      • Oh right, that's good to know that those options are out there. Thanks!

      • Yeah this is my situation, I haven't used q2 nearly enough to justify it.

        I don't even care about MR, all I want is pancake lenses, I just really hate not being able to look around with my eyes clearly.

        When they make the headset significantly smaller (more like the bigscreen headset) and have super clear glass, that's when I'll upgrade.

    • +3

      VR was a big contributor to me losing a tonne of weight this year. Go for it. Fit XR and Les Mills are both great.

      Thrill of the fight and Beat Sabre also help.

      • +2

        Thanks mate, that's awesome to hear (and congratulations). Do you think Quest 3 is worth it? Or Quest 2 would do the job?

        • +2

          I used Quest 2 for most of my exercise. Worked perfectly. The 3 brings opportunity for mixed reality (Les mills already does it) but I haven’t tried it yet. That’ll be good if you’ve pretty tight space.

          The biggest difference for me is the 3 feels more comfortable. They’re very similar in weight but the 3 sits better on my face (YMMV) so when I take the headset off I don’t have red marks.

          So TLDR: both are perfectly fine, Q3 is more comfortable is future proofed.

  • +1

    I bought the Quest 2 on FB marketplace for $250 but I bought a new face guard.($50) For hygiene reasons.

    I didn’t buy the Quest 3 because it’s almost double the RRP for better mix reality features, being slimmer(same weight), visual quality and stronger processor.

    I think those upgrades are not worth it if you’re planning to use it for PCVR. As a stand-alone device, I couldn’t justify getting the quest for x2 rrp for quest 2.

    I feel VR is still in its experimental stage and I also didn’t know if I was going to use VR on a regular basis as I had some friends who bought and never used it again.

    • I think you made the right choice!
      I have a q2 and personally the only reason I would upgrade to a q3 would be for the pancake lenses. Which aren't worth 1k it'll cost me haha.

      I just dislike the fact that there is always a bit of god rays or blurriness on my q2 simply because of the lenses.

    • +1

      Apparently its WiFi hardware makes wireless PCVR smoother (not just on 6E) as well as the visual upgrade, if that matters.

    • Thanks, i was on the fence weather to buy Q3 or Q2…Now its decided Q2. Its for my 12 yr old nephew.

    • The strange thing is that used sets are almost as expensive as this new price as far as I can tell. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there an explanation?

  • Great for training device

  • Apart from games, what do people use these for?

    • +11

      I use mine to collect dust in the cupboard.

      • +2

        me too!
        I have a cupboard full of ozbargain stuff never opened

      • My threadmill is a huge dust collector for living room.

    • +3

      Exercise. I use it exclusively for that. Don’t know why they don’t push this angle more honestly.

    • +6

      Of course, Linux distro

      And exercise. Well it's kind of game but exercise really make you sweat with this. Seriously. The boxing, table tennis… So real.

      • Are they even any good for watching the old hokey pokey?

  • ’m thinking of getting the quest 3 for daughters Xmas, been watching you tube vids and seems quest 3 is better all round apart from it’s price and worst part only 128gb and 512gb. Where are quest 2 had one in between.

    It’s also mentioned these games can soon add up in gb and more and more games will get bigger more so the power of day quest 3.
    People say you can delete them but once you delete them are they lost or stored somewhere to use again?
    What are prices of games I have no idea? I believe there is some free games and ones to try but what is average costs?
    Also I believe there is a subscription what does this cost per month or year?

    I’m also lead to believe that if you have games pass on Xbox you can use this from September it seems there is an app third part that allows you to do it now but official one available december.
    Does it work on Xbox one as don’t have the Xbox x.

    It’s mentioned on here cheaper games with referral is this still active?

    My daughter is 11 yrs old has has mentioned of a vr set in past recently and I’m tempted to get the quest 2 but the 3 has the edge by what I see and I think can’t remember what it’s called this other type of reality where game is within there own world.
    The quest 2 is I believe 3 years old now but got very very popular during covid as being locked inside and lack of stocks of ps5 and Xbox x.
    So the quest 2 was a big seller and they reckon it will be here for a few years yet.
    Where as first one got killed off quickly due to the release of 2 so soon after and it’s popularity and otter reasons.

    But I have compared the quest 3 vs 2 and on what’s I see quest 3 wins, me personally if got myself I always want the best so quest 3 would be my pick and more likely the 500gb edition.
    But this ain’t for me and I’m sure the quest 2 has poor the reality where it’s within your own world ie surrounds, which i am sure would appeal to my daughter.
    Sometimes it’s always better getting the new and best tech but price??

    I’m hoping to see a deal on Black Friday for quest 2 and 3 your thoughts?

    After seeing this myself I’m tempted to own one myself but not at this time, but it is something daughter has mentioned she would love and would be a great surprise, she talks about wanting silly stuff stuff I reckon she is getting to old for and stuff that will only clutter up her room.

    But I feel she will love a be set but it is pricey.

    I reckon i mentioned it a few times on my comment but forgot what it was mixed reality I think daughter would love this part of it which is not as good on quest 2 and is going to be a bigger thing on the quest 3.

    Seeing a price cut on this quest 2 is great but it’s now 3 years old device which yrs it probably still great but it does seem 3 has the edge and it’s only been out a month.
    I was holding out on a deal on Black Friday but just noticed it’s only Amazon credit if purchased from there you get which would be fine but I rather it cost less to buy than get the Amazon credit.

    There is no saying either that the 3 will be on offer Black Friday I reckon 2 will be for sure.
    I wonder if 2 will still have this price drop as well as some sort of black Friday deal as well.

    If it was for myself I think it would be 3 as I always like to get the latest and newest but it is for the daughter who is 11 but I feel with the 2 you don’t get as good of machine.

    Then there is the extras would love to have a case for whatever i decide just so she not break it, did you guys use something else or get a case.
    Then there is a more comfortable strap which I believe 2 has options but not so much 3. And then the battery life which I’m sure we could limit her to use when battery goes flat.

    • +1

      The games are mostly $20 - $50. You can see their prices on the store.

      There are sales on games pretty regularly or you can get a 25% discount on some games using a game referral

      The games are attached to your meta account which means you can delete them and download them again later or again on a newer device.

      However it means if you buy second hand or are looking to sell yours, it's hard to sell the games unless you look into changing all the account details to the new owner.

      To keep it safe from damage the main points would be, get grip covers for the controllers, and do not let the inside lenses get exposed to the sun, ever.

      • $25 to $50 for games but plenty i believe free games and demo games yes, I will check it out.

        So you’re saying if we no longer wanted the quest ie lol price heavily reduced to say apple vr then we would be stuck with the games or offer them with device?
        Shame it’s not physical disc of some sort like Nintendo switch would you could sell separately.
        I suppose if selling you could see what you have and give a fair price.
        But obviously if you was staying with quest then can be used with future hardware.
        It would be crap though if games did not become future proof.

        Grip protectors I was meaning protecting the headset I’m sure there are cases after market ones cheaper than meta ones that are as good and hold the better aftermarket head strap if needed

        • Not sure what's around for Q3 but Q2 there were covers for the headset. It's the controllers that are more likely to get damaged since they are the bits getting flung around. Usually when they do a cover won't save them, but will protect from scuffs and maybe protect what you hit with it.

          As far as storage space goes, I have 64GB Q2s, and while it's enough to get quite a few games on there, most of them tend to be replayable or works in progress so they stay on the device. The problem with uninstalling a WIP game is that if it doesn't have cloud saves you lose your progress. 128GB would be a good minimum I think, though as games get bigger that might not hold true.

      • Can you not pirate?

  • +1

    And even the Facebook marketplace is flooded with them i can even get a new with extra strap for $280 even better deals there. Much less than amazon.
    But do you get fakes of these items as need to be carefully these days on there

    • +1

      Not sure about the east coast, but in Perth they're still sitting around $350 with an upgraded strap, all the way up to $7-800 from the dreamers.

      $200 is my hard limit for a standard 128gb. Hence why I have no quest.

    • Where do you live that you could find one with extra strap for $280?

      People in Canberra want $350 after bargaining…

  • i paid under $400 2 years ago for this, no dice

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