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1/2 Price - Connoisseur 1L Tubs $6 | Haagen-Dazs 457ml Tubs $6.75 | Vitasoy 1L Oat Milk $1.65 @ Coles


From the upcoming Coles catalogue sale starting 15/11. It wouldn’t be summer if there’s no ice cream.

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    Haagen Dazs Strawberry ice cream is the best!

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    Vitally oat milk tastes like balls. Aldi has Barista quality oat milk for $1.79.

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      You can’t milk an oat

      • G

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      Interesting. Tried oat milk coffee for first time recently and really liked it. Will give the aldi one a try.

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        Yep had to switch to Oat Mjlk after developing lactose intolerance. I prefer it now.

    • Is this $1.89 the one you're referring to?. I tried it a year ago but didn't rate it then. Maybe they've changed supplier since.

      Aldi's barista version for $2.99 I haven't tried.

      • Nah that 1.89 one isn't good for coffee.

        That $2.99 one is what I buy but it's only $1.89 here in thr ACT.

    • Try the Minor Figures Oat Milk. Really good, half price at Harris Farm $2.49

    • Mmm porridge water

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    This is the normal price for Connoisseur. The other price is a 2x markup.

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      Agree, $12 for 1L of this is an absolute joke.

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        What do you think of $29.50/L for Haagen Dazs? I've never tried it. Even half price it's almost $15/L.

        2.5x the price of Connoisseur, I would hope it's at least 2x as good.

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          Don’t think of the price per litre —think of the price per millilitre. Even better, the price per serving

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            @tharlow: Sorry bud, if that's humour I don't get it. If it's meant to be logical, I'm fairly sure it's not sound logic!

        • Refrigerated trucks and container ships from the city of Haagen Dazs in Denmark can't be cheap.

          • @AustriaBargain: Its an American brand and the ice cream is probably made in France.

            But my question is, is it so good that it's worth paying for all that refrigerated freight across the world?

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              @realJuliusCaesar: Our domestic ice cream market seems to be really weird, with foamy hydrogenated or whatever cheap ice cream being the norm. So probably is worth paying a bit extra to import better stuff imo. And a smaller tub is more sensible nutritionally.

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          If you're going to indulge you might as well do it properly. Haagen Dazs is streets ahead Connoisseur.

          • @Pete Gabitas: That's kind of a good point, but a bargain site is the wrong place for it :)

            I'm getting interested. I might try it and see if it I really do get 2.5x more enjoyment.

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              @realJuliusCaesar: Haagen Dazs might or might not be better…

              but personally if I am up to spend extra $$$ for extra indulgence I usually treat myself to a take-home box at my local gelato place

    • Absolutely agree this is the RRP. The discount is only when its sold for under $6. This ain't no discount by any means.

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        I'd be interested to hear of another icecream with an RRP of $6/L that is as good or better

        • We pick up the Murray St tubs when reduced. I think they get to the same price roughly. In my opinion they are nicer, especially vanilla - noticeably creamy and has vanilla seeds all through it.

          Hinterland, only at Woolies, is on par with price and is better.

          Even the fancy home brand tubs that are similarly priced are as good if not better.

  • The worst Connoisseur flavours are the vanilla brownie and mint cookie, they both have a weird fluffy texture that the other flavours don't.

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      Peppermint, the only good flavour other than Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry, was cancelled.

      Everything else they come up with is a disaster. Their marketers are clearly busy diluting the brand, but not so much the factory workers where orders for new flavours just dribble through when there is a price reduction at ColesWorts!

  • had the peanut butter crunch flavour tonight. rate it.

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