Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 2024: US$59.99 (~A$94.31) Each or US$89.99 for Both (~A$141.47) @ Amazon US


Had been looking out for both the new version which usually comes out around this time of year, and any possible deals for this.

On a whim thought I'd check Amazon USA and they've got not only the new version out, but you can get both the Elements programs for just under what it costs to buy either of them alone in Australia.

Unlike the full version of Photoshop and Premiere, these aren't subscription products and are one off payments. You can install each on up to two computers.

These are available as a digital download. It says it's only available to US customers, but I have an Amazon US account separate from my Australian one in which I have the address of a friend who lives over there as the delivery address (although the payment card I use has my Australian address as the billing address which it didn't complain about), so you might need to have a separate account from your Australian one for this to definitely work.

I also wasn't charged Australian GST or US Sales Tax - whether or not that's because it's a digital product so sales tax doesn't apply, or because the address I have on file for my friend is a Montana address (no sales tax in Montana, so pick an address there if you need one, Missoula is a lovely place) I'm not sure.

I just purchased before and have been able to convert the Activation Key from Amazon into Adobe Serial Numbers, add them to my Adobe account and install and activate them OK despite being an ocean away from the US.

Note that these are OS specific, so you need to make sure you pick the correct version based on if you want to install on a Mac or a PC!

PC Versions:

Mac Versions:

To purchase and activate (the process of which seems to be the cause of the negative reviews on it!)

  1. Log in with or create a US Amazon account.
  2. Add the item to cart from the links above and checkout.
  3. It took less than five minutes for me, but either check your email for an email from Amazon with the Activation Key in it (this will be separate to the order confirmation), or on go to Your Orders, find the order with the purchase on it, and click Go to your Software Library.
  4. Copy the Activation Key (should be six groups of four alphanumeric characters) and go to
  5. Create an Adobe Account or sign in with an existing one.
  6. Paste the Activation Key into the fields onscreen (dashes are removed automatically) and click Redeem.
  7. You will have your serial number(s) displayed along with Download links. Save the serial number(s) and download the installer(s).
  8. Run the installers to download and install the program.
  9. Upon completion, open the Editor and follow the onscreen steps to activate each product using your serial numbers obtained above.

Optional, but recommended (and isn't done automatically for some reason?)

  1. Open a new tab and go to
  2. Copy and paste the serial number in the Serial number box (remove any spaces or dashes) and click Register.
  3. Repeat for the second key if you have it.
  4. The product(s) are now saved into your account, and you can now access them again in the future.
  5. In Adobe Photoshop Elements, go into the Editor Workspace, click Help > Install Adobe Camera Raw (if you will be editing Raw photos).
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    Great if you want to own the software in perpetuity i guess, but for $140 i can get 4 and a half years of the PS/LR CC sub from Turkey.

    imo Elements sucks - you don’t get tools like magic eraser, lasso etc, plus any of the generative AI tools

    I normally hate subs but with AI tools improving so quickly I’ll pay the ~$30 per year to get Adobe’s latest.

    • +1

      Oh man, I didn't do any research (or wait for comments) and I bought this. I really wanted to play around with the generative AI tools.

      Thanks for the post OP though, especially the detailed instructions.

    • Oh how I wish that would work for me!

    • +1

      Any trick to the Turkey subscription? or just simply use a VPN?

    • Posting here because a few people have PMed me:

      Deal can be found in the comments here:

      Photography bundle comes with full Photoshop, Lightroom and 20GB cloud storage. Also access to the apps which is a huge perk imo

  • +2

    So Elements basically offers the same tools as most free mobile photo editing apps and slaps an Adobe price tag on it? Nice.

  • Is Kdenlive an actually decent alternative to Premiere Elements? I need to edit a lengthy but simple video and I have Premiere Elements 2019. Got told to just get Kdenlive to get the latest features but I'm fairly proficient in Elements already.

  • +1

    I like your detailed description. Photoshop Elements, despite the name, isn't just Photoshop minus some features. The user interface and workflow are somewhat different from 'Pro' Photoshop. For the moment I am sticking with m0nkrus Photoshop since I occasionally use some of the Pro Photoshop tools. Mostly I just tinker with painting images, digital art and textures from Bethesda games, improving or fixing things. I am very much a hobbyist dabbler.

  • Differences between Photoshop ans Photoshop elements:…

  • +3

    I've been using recently, which is an amazing (and free!) web based alternative.

    • Agreed. Its my go-to for my once-a-quarter need to edit some graphics. Its basically the full version of photoshop (at least from the capabilities I use) online for free.

  • Thumbs up to Missoula and Bozeman. Spent a lot of time there - amazing place on earth.

  • Is this the one that’s designed for under 10 and over 60? Or is that “express”?

  • Does anyone have a very cheap or free light room alternative which can load their catalog files?

    Much thanks.

  • How does Photoshop Elements stack up to CS6? I've been using that for a decade to avoid subscription fees.

    • Still missing too many features.

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