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Seiko Prospex King Turtle Special Edition 'Save The Ocean' Divers Watch SRPE39K $420.75 Delivered @ Watch Direct


15% off sitewide with the code

3x Bruce Lees left: https://watchdirect.com.au/products/seiko-55th-anniversary-b…

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +19

    Could you please make it 6 cents cheaper

  • +1

    Ayo GAB2100C-9A

    $186.15 like last time again

    Will it look good on me? Cbf writing a deal post on it.

    @G-rig 😮‍💨

    • +3

      Will it look good on me?

      I'm sure anything would look good on you king

    • +1

      I bought one last time just for the module for my 'project'.

      It has BT and solar and it's $180, just buy it

    • +1

      Cheap, do it.
      Has the good module with DD-MM format, solar and BT great. Is also one of the few colorways that is easy to read the time.

    • +2

      I bought one when DJ had it for about the same price a few months ago. No regrets, awesome weekend watch, just do it.

    • +1

      I got this during the DJ sale too, been wearing it everyday for about a month and a half, becoming my favourite every day beater watch.

  • +2

    Bruce Lee's were $600 at DJs a couple weeks back, cracking deal on the turtle.

    • Saw that, but they only had 3 in stock so didn't post

    • I want that Bruce Lee but can't afford right now.. 😪

    • -1

      That's still an insane price for a 5KX

  • +1

    The Noosa for $760.75 with code seems like decent value. all time low?

    • I paid $779 at Starbuy in Aug

  • +1

    Lovely dial, picture doesn't do it justice.

    That Bruce Lee is a banger

    • +1

      The strap is stiffer than a JW Blue & RC cola mix, needs a lot of breaking in.

      • The… Steel link bracelet?

        • The Bruce Lee comes with a black leather and yellow nato strap.

  • Why is brue Lee a thing with watches ? Please tell me Seiko hasn't released a theme watch honouring him now 😱

    • … a 55 years 'Limited Edition'

    • +1

      Arguably overpriced "Limited Edition" Seiko 5's aside it is a thing with obsessive collectors at least. One of the Seiko 6139 chronographs from the late 60's/ early 70's is nicknamed the Bruce Lee because he wore one. Legend has it that he even used it to tell the time and not as some weird and tasteless way to channel the spirit of a dead celebrity.

    • Yeah special edition. I've resisted it ha.


  • Seiko Alpinist SPB212J $722 with code. The system wouldn't let me post another deal with the same coupon.


    Also the bracelet+black dial version is the same price but if you prefer it over the green you're wrong.

    • SARB Alpinist is best Alpinist

      • I don't disagree but it is two grand second hand

        And the new one isn't so bad.

        • i think I paid around $350, but I agree the new prospex ones are not bad compared the the other SARB presage replacements which I hate

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