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Roborock Q Revo Robotic Vacuum with Multifunctional Dock + 3 Years Warranty $1599 (RRP $1999) + Delivery @ Partner Retailers


Roborock - Black Friday sale 2023

Roborock Q Revo Robotic Vacuum with Multifunctional Dock + 3 Years Warranty $1599 - RRP($1999) + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi/Other Stores

I price matched it in JB with Amazon for $1499. I also bought the extend warranty for $225 I think.

Edit: But it's not longer available in Amazon.


The usual warranty is 2 years.

Specs here

Partner retailers

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • I bought the Costco s7 Max Ultra deal for 1599 the other day. Which one is better?

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      Basically identical in features and performance. Q Revo dock was easier to clean. It also used slightly more water when mopping.

    • -2
      • -2

        Literally just marketing speak in that response. They're basically the same when reviews are compared.

        • Disagree but that's ok, everyone's entitled to their opinion. But regardless of opinions, paying same price in Australia for a model where the American RRP difference between the two is US$400 sounds wrong ;) tbh it is so weird how much more expensive robovacs are in Australia compared to US. Like the Q Revo RRP over there being less than the cheapest discounted price here. Like seriously who thinks of that pricing model? At least that's not the case for the Max Ultra.

        • At least Max Ultra has 3 tanks which is one more than Revo? (Presumably for dirty water)
          Looks like both lacks camera thing unlike S8 tho.

    • How did you get this for that price? on their site it shows $2k.. which costco

  • Now I just need ultimate gift cards to offer 15% off

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      Is there a deal atm ?

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    If you want this vac, then you should try to wait for the actual Black Friday date. This was only $1533 + $10 shipping last week - from Dick Smiths on eBay. (deal has ended though)

    Right now I would recommend (& just bought) the Dreame L10s Ultra for $1499. It has more features than the Q Revo. Q Revo should be $150-200 cheaper than the Dreame to make it a worthwhile downgrade, imho.

    • What do you prefer about the Dreame?

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        Assume you are asking what do I prefer "about" the Dreame..

        • auto-dosing of cleaning fluid - most of the time I want to fill the clean tank with hot water
        • onboard camera for better object avoidance & live feed
        • the Dreame base station looks better

        Otherwise they are pretty similar. There are YouTube videos specifically comparing these two.

        There is an upgraded Q Revo (P10 Pro) available in China that looks equivalent to the Dreame L20 Ultra too.

        • No, they were asking what you prefer ABOUT the Dreame.

          • +1

            @thurston4pm: They edited their comment to fix what I was clarifying. :-)

            • @frontier: Thanks for the feedback! I had some autocorrect typos earlier haha :)

        • how's your L10s experience so far? I might pull the trigger as well if it drops to $1499

        • +1

          i would still wait for revo although dreame has more obstacle avoidance and the auto detergent feature. the revo has easier dock cleaning, you can take the whole compartment out from the bottom and give it a good clean, plus the software is apparently much better with roborock. (less glitches and faster) oh also 3 year warranty

    • as per this video they are pretty much the same - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X26jtJk7KY

    • I'd prefer to spend the extras $100 and get it from a local store. In case something goes wrong etc. Take it back rather than deal with shippers.

    • I was looking at the L10s and saw many people mention the mop pods coming off easily. Also reviewers always recommend roborock app over anything else.

  • Am I missing something? All the links to retailer websites has the item @ $1999?
    How do I get it for the $1599?

    • Deal will start in 5 days

      • Apologies, apparently I am blind!
        Thank you for the post, been looking for a replacement for my Roomba i7 :)

  • They seem to have taken down the offer page. Maybe they released the offer details by mistake or they are updating the deals.

  • The S8 seems to be good value at $999 with the coupon. It's been $899 before though.

    • Where?

    • I may be getting my models confused. The Q Revo has better obstetrical sensors.

  • +1

    By downloading the ozbargain thumbnail and squinting at it, it seems the s8 pro ultra will be $2400 in the Black Friday sale.

    The extended warranty, while OK, is still pretty meh. My experience with roborock Australia is that they are fairly useless in dealing with warranty claims. I had a s50 which wasn’t docking properly and they just sent it back saying unable to reproduce. You are better of pressing your rights under Australian consumer law with JB Hifi.

    Also note the s8 pro ultra is $2220 with jb hifi commercial at the moment. I’m considering getting jb retail to price match jb hifi commercial.

    • I won't buy the Robot from Roborock. I will buy it from JBHifi and also with extended warranty. The product is good. But if I am going to spend $1600, I want it to last at least 5 years. My roborock s5 max died within 3 years.

      • is there a deal where you can add the extended warranty for free (if you haggle) or did you just pay full price for extended?

  • How long would the deal go for? Only one day?

    • My guess is at least a week.

  • +2

    Hot tip: don't need to wait until tomorrow, Roborock Australia website already shows bonus 1y warranty (total 3y). Also you can use the code 'welcome5' to get a further 5% off taking the price down to 1519. Just bought mine now.

    • Which website ? Roborock website says $1999

      • Sorry - it's available from roborock's partner store (authorised reseller) roborockonline.com.au (tech sales). They're the second last reseller listed in the OP's dot points above.

        They looked exactly like roborock's own website, but I later realised they're a reseller.
        My apologies.

        • +1

          That reseller had also setup an eBay store with the new price as well.

          It does have zero feedback but seems legit, just new.

        • The Customer must buy the product from Roborock Authorized Retailers and Resellers.

          So any of Amazon, JB hi-fi etc?

    • Thanks, amazon is $1499 but it doesn't mention the extra warranty. So this is one is the way to go.

  • Not seeing any stores having this on sale yet

  • +3

    These are now available at JBHIFI for $1594.


    (you might need to be logged in with perks, YMMV)

    • Got one - happy wife……

    • +1

      do I get the bonus 1 year warranty if buying through JB?

      • 2 Years warranty with JB plus 1 year with Roborock direct.

    • JB Hi-Fi will price match Amazon and bring the price down to $1499.

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    Roborock Q Revo - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0CDC5KDV9/
    Dreame L10 - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0B8X43GQH/

    for $1499 now

    My choice would be Dreame after watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPtqfMa7bz4 due to better obstacle avoidance.
    Tho it seems like Roborock does a bit better for cleaning itself.

    • We only ran a few tests since getting it. So far its been ok with obstetrical. Gets a but stuck on one of our bath mats - which were were going to get rid of anyways.

      Also does not do corers well and wall edges. But to be expected with a round robot.

      • The review video above has pretty good test results in it, putting on various objects and how it behaves. Guess it really depends on having/not having camera feed which makes sense. Clearly some people sees it as a privacy issue so that adds up too.

  • Does anyone have idea on the shipping time for this? The roborock website says about a month, I'm hoping theyre under-promising.

    • 28th Nov from Amazon

  • With JB HIFI deal can reduce the price to 1571.00

    • They got to 1519 for me after some haggling.

      I walked, determined to get sub 1500 + 3 year warranty.

  • +1

    I price matched it in JB with Amazon for $1499. I also bought the extend warranty for $225 I think.


  • Trying to justify an upgrade from the good old S5/S50

    • +1

      I just did exactly this, and it’s a substantial upgrade especially the mopping. The obstacle detection is a huge upgrade as well.

      If you are looking for a reason consider spare parts. I had a wheel/motor go on mine and you can now only pick up refurbished parts off of aliexpress, not new ones. Accidentally ordered new s 5 max wheels instead, so I was starting to throw good money after bad and threw the towel in to get this instead.

    • +1

      Same boat, S5 that was purchased years ago. Has 900hrs of cleaning time on it.

      Deciding between the Revo Q or L10s.

      • I don't have pets so obstacle avoidance isn't a major concern. Better mapping and navigation tech is what I'd want, so of the two I'd probably pick the Q Revo on the basis that the vacuuming and mopping capabilities are similar.

        • I don't have pets either, however what I saw was the L10s doing a better job at cleaning high pile carpet and being quieter. I do however prefer the software and app of the Revo.

      • I went from a S5 to the Q Revo and it's a good upgrade, the mopping is the stand out feature here, obstacle avoidance is good I especially like that it doesn't bash into the skirting boards like the old S5 used to.

        I do think we're starting to hit diminishing returns on these robots as dust cleaning is overall pretty similar and until Roborock and others start implementing the 2 brush rollers system (which until recently was patented by irobot) into cheaper bots it always will be.

  • +1

    $1394 on kogan ebay with code

    • Authorised retailer?

      • I don't think so

  • Do you have to do anything special to get the 3 years warranty? i purchased from JB-hifi

  • Rip you got scammed by buying extended warranty…

    • Why do you say so ? Roborock offers 3 years warranty. JBHifi offered 5 years warranty. They have a replacement cover if it can't be fixed in 10 days. My last Roborock lasted only 3 years.

      • $239.10 for extra 2 years warranty (total of 5 years)… I think it's okay for a $1,594 device considering they're covering years 4 & 5.

        • Because ACL/ACCC would have covered it out of "warranty" anyway.

  • +2

    Hi All,

    Is there any other website that I can price match with JB?

    Amazon deal is over before Black Friday 😭


  • Asked in store at JB - best price he said he could do was $1570, unless I got the extended warranty, then he could do another $50 off..

  • I was able to get Bing Lee to price match Amazon for $1499

    • How'd you get them to price match when Amazon had already sold out?

  • I managed to get this including extra care for $1493.85 @ JB Hi-Fi.

    Roborock $1,299
    Extra Care $194.85
    Shipping $9.99

    If anyone is interested, I asked JB Hi-Fi on live chat for JB Deal and asked if I could get a discount if I ordered the extra-care. Pretty happy with the discounts they gave me.

    Edit: There seems to be a long turnaround time, ETA just before X'mas. Not really an issue as long as it gets here.

    • That's insane deal. Nice. Almost $300 cheaper than advertised price. Can you please PM me a photo of receipt

      • +1


        • Thanks mate

    • Oh I used my stash of old GC's(15% off) as well, so overall is $1,278.84.

    • Great deal. Can you PM me the photo of receipt?

    • Hi,
      Can you please pm me a photo of the receipt too? Thank you!

    • Could you also send me the receipt?

    • Can you also PM me a receipt? I would really appreciate it!

    • Could you please PM me a copy of your receipt, thanks.

      • DM’d all the above.
        Let me know if you haven’t received and how did you go.

    • me too plz

  • +3

    Managed to get this from JB for $1220 through online chat.
    Super excited as it’s our first robo.

    • +1

      Just $1220 with no extra warranties? That's a great deal if so. Do you mind DM-ing me your receipt?

    • DM me too please

    • Can you share the receipt with me as well?

    • May you please DM me too please?

    • Can you DM me the receipt too? Thanks!

    • Can you please DM me the receipt as well? Thank you!

    • Can you DM me the receipt as well please? Thank you!

    • Could you DM me the receipt too?

    • Hi, can you (or anyone here) also DM the receipt pretty please? :D

    • Please DM me a copy of your receipt as well, if possible. Thank you.

    • Please DM your receipt as I am looking for one too… Thanks and appreciate your help!

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