[NSW] Free Sydney Shipping @ Blue Dinosaur


This is the cheapest I've ever seen these bars, great all natural snacks and some of my favourites. I got hit with one of the ads and couldn't believe it. They're also doing free shipping in Sydney which is ridiculous with these prices, enjoy!




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Blue Dinosaur
Blue Dinosaur


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    I got hit with one of the ads and couldn't believe it.

    Wow I can't believe it either, amazing!!!

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      I cant believe this post is still up…. :D

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        ya'll are jaded afff lol it's 10 bucks with free delivery

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          Hey rep, does it stack with the 15% 1st order?

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    You can afterpay a $9.99 purchase of bars haha, what is this world coming to?

    • Bankrupcy

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    $10 for 3 is that the bargain?

    From the many threads on this, the bars taste disgusting we all got them for free.

    • Can confirm, got for free, not nice.

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    at clearance section at Coles for 50c lol

    • After trying them I'm not sure I would buy for 50c, would depend on my mood.

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    The protein bars are so bad I do not even know how they keep selling them, very bad taste as well as them being so hard you will have trouble eating them. We threw all of ours out.

    However the snack bars are nice, I have bought them a few times.

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    Yes - love these deals - As I love reminding people how Sh_t these taste and how fake all the reviews are.

    Posts like this show the marketing team is getting real desperate…..

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    What's so special about these that make them cost $10 for 3…..

    Also deal posted 4 hours ago, member since 4 hours ago…. They must be really good you made an account just to post this deal lol

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