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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: 256GB $1499, 512GB $1799 Delivered (Save $450) @ Telstra


Samsung S23 Ultra $450 off from Telstra, can buy outright with an Telstra account. Not the cheapest deal ever but might be good if you're in the market now.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Wait till Black Friday, definitely you ll get a better deal.

    • What price do you predict for black friday?

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        • Didn't happen.

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      Best deal I can remember I only paid $448 for my S23 (non ultra) back from the JB deal
      Phone cost $798 then sold the galaxy watch that came with it for $350 making the total $448 for a new S23 128gb some people even got a $100 gift card on top

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        I think this was the best deal for a 128GB S23 at $339.10.

  • Had same $450 off green colour at JB for a while, I bought one but returned. Was still too expensive, couldn't justify lol

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    Still can't get over I got this phone for $850 a while back thanks to Ozbargainers.

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      I payed $580. 🤣

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        I highly doubt that.. - where did you get it for $580?

        • Samsung. Go through the deals for the Fold 5 with buds 2 or SD cards. You could also buy the S23 Ultra with the buds or SD card to get the similar discounts.
          256GB S23 Ultra was less than $590. 512GB S23 Ultra was $7xx.

        • Don't doubt anything in this lifetime !

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    These kind of comments don't help anyone, no one cares.

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      Yeah this ain't OzBragain

  • Compared to launch specials, the discount off seems wrong.

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      Its almost always the cheapest to get it when launch, the usual includes

      $50 Newsletter
      10% Loyalty voucher
      $600 Trade in credit bonus
      ~$200 Worth of freebies
      Free storage upgrade
      Free Samsung care

      Then Samsung usually have another super low sale close to launch discount at Black Friday or Christmas (For some reason this years it happen at September. I asked some friends in channel and they were surprise by that too). So for those holding out for black Friday this year, it may not happen or not as big discount as you expected.

      Then you will have to wait for the Feb new mofe launch and the current model will drop to 3 figure price middle of the year.

      • S21 had a bigger discount than launch in May that year so i dont think it is consistent.

      • So in feb when s24 ultra launches will be the best purchase time?

      • That trade in value seems high. I only have an S10 to trade. Wouldn't get that value.

        • that is a trade in bonus, as long as your can generate a $1 value from the trade in app, you will get the trade the bonus on the promotion and launch promotion for the Ultra model is usually between $500-600

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    If the telstra store has stock you can just directly buy from the till/pos now.

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      Provided you have an existing plan with Telstra.

  • It would be $1403.20 through samsung if you make a $1 headphone trade to get the $200 trade in bonus, 10% loyalty discount, $100 loyalty discount, $50 newsletter. Could be another $175-195 cheaper if you have the 10% discount for first order through app to make it about $1208-1228.

    • What do you mean by $1 to get $200

      • Look at the samsung website for the trade in offer or search the recent deals where it has been discussed a lot.

    • Asurion removed earbuds/earphones from the Samsung trade up app

      • Still showing up on my app

        • In that case don't update it! haha

      • Course they did after getting flooded with kmart headphones

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    Just two more months to S24 announcements. HODL imo

  • I just tried buying but you need an existing Teltra plan for you to buy it outright, which is a bummer

    • Buy a Sim , and ctivate it .

      • The description says you need an existing plan

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      Minimum cost is $1499. If you already have a service with us, you can buy outright without adding a plan. Plan price may increase by Consumer Price Index annually in July.

      • What about Boost? They use Telstra network. Probably not :(

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          Worth trying, I think they migrated all boost accounts to Telstra anyway.

  • Trade in bonus. What do you guys trade in to get the entire bonus?

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      Wife and kids.

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        You wish you can do that every 24 months right 🤣🤣

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