Wagner W100 Wood and Metal Paint Sprayer $59 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass) @ Bunnings


Another Bunnings Black Friday deal

Normal price $104

Bought a few months ago and have been happy with it so far. Takes a bit of practice to get the settings right and paint dilution ratio correct but speeds up painting uneven surfaces a lot.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Can I paint my house with this or is that a different type of paint sprayer?

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      You most definitely can. Just not too sure if you will like the results.

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      My experience is that once you’ve used one, you’ll understand why painters generally use brushes and rollers

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      No, it would take forever and the results would be poor. If you want to spray the outside of a house you need a decent airless sprayer (from the likes of Graco or perhaps Wagner).

    • I have the Wagner 585 which has a wood attachment (similar to the listing). While you 'could' paint your house, the reservoir is quite small such that you'd be stopping quite frequently to re-fill.

      Wagner have larger units with bigger paint storage which you should consider. I've used my 585 (now replaced by 590) one three houses and the results are great. Prior to using this sprayer, I'd use roller and both methods have pros and cons.

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    I tried this model recently based on the recommendation of the Bunnings Paint kiosk guy and it was terrible. Would not recommend it.

    The Ozito model is heaps better and did an excellent job painting an outdoor fence.

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      Which Ozito - Bunnings has two?

    • Bascially advices from Bunnings staffs are 99.9% of time will point you to the most expensive option available.

  • Is Wagner a Bunnings home brand like ozito?

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      No, it’s a Russian Brand like Blackwater.

      • You misspelt Russell Brand

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    Didn't the general that owns Wagner die in a plane crash. Or did he just run the mercenary side of the business.

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      The troll farm and paint sprayer businesses were sold off.

  • Dammmmiittttt - I am looking at/wanting the W350 model - anyone have an experience with this one? or where it might be on special ?

  • I have this gun, used it to do my fence. It’s great and I’d recommend it.

  • Can also use this for chocolate

  • We have "its great" and "Its terrible" from people that have owned this unit.
    Not sure what to think…

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    I have this one. Dilute your paint correctly and it will spray beautifully. Highly recommended

  • I got one last week to paint the inside of a besser block shed, works a treat

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