25% off All Car Keys Replacement Shells/Cases (Most from $15) + Free Shipping @ Remote Pro


Hi Ozbargain, Happy Black Friday from Remote Pro!

We have 25% off all Automotive Car Key Shells & Cases on the site & free shipping Australia wide starting today through to the 9th of December or until sold out.

My name is Michael and if you have any questions or are not sure which product is right for you please comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

Even if you are not looking to buy and have any questions about your car key or remote in general, please ask below and I will do my best to answer your questions as quickly as possible!

Please note that we also have an eBay store of the same name and several of our items may be more affordable via eBay.

Also to apply the discount once you click Checkout > Proceed to checkout there will be a discount code box in the top right corner on PC and for mobile tap 'Show order summary' at the top. Simply enter the code BLKFRI2023 and click apply.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Any chance of it applying to remotes?

    • +1

      Hey donbot,

      We are hoping to post a promo on garage remotes soon so stay tuned! But I will make a not and send you a private message to let you know if we are able to do that :)

      • That'd be swell! Thanks!

  • +1

    Whats the difference between your Toyota Kluger remote vs the cheaper Ebay remotes that look the same?



    Genuinely interested as my original remote on my kluger is starting to fail

  • +8

    Hi nhutty!

    Really good question and I am not sure on the differences between the two. I have asked the team to look into this one further but they honestly look the same in terms of what model cars they will will work for so we might not be getting the best price on these.

    If an when you remote does fail, irrespective of where you get one from. The procedure to program the remote is manual which means you can do this yourself as a lot of slightly newer cars require computers to plug in for programming. The instructions for you are below.

    1. Sit in driver's seat doors closed
    2. Open driver's door
    3. Insert and remove key twice
    4. Close and open door twice
    5. Insert & remove key once
    6. Close and open door twice
    7. Shut driver's door
    8. Turn key to "On" for 1.5 seconds
    9. Remove key
    10. Door locks should cycle to confirm programming mode
    11. Press Lock and Unlock for 1.5 seconds and release
    12. Press Unlock for 1 second
    13. Door locks should cycle to indicate successful registration
    14. Repeat step 11 for additional remotes (max 4)
    15. Exit vehicle and test all remotes.

    • thanks for the quick response

      • +5

        That sequence brings me back to 90's arcade secret / special moves 😂😂

    • Wow. Thanks for the honesty re ebay items. A lot of retailers pile on the BS when questioned & try to deflect but your reply is appreciated as well as going the extra step with setup steps.

      I've brought 2 replacements thru you guys and quality is excellent. I can add service to that now also. 👍👍

      • Thank you!

  • I dealt with this company some years ago who quickly resolved some issues. 👍

    • Thanks heaps Supercool! I really appreciate that :)

    • +1, bought from them via their Ebay store

      • Thank you!

  • Hoping I can get some info. I have a Ford escape 2021 and it uses the 3 button ford remote. It does support remote start via the app and the car does come with a 4 button remote in other regions which includes the remote start on the remote. Can a 4 button remote be configured for my car or is there a more technical side to this and Ford didn't include something to allow remote starts via the remote?

    • Hi RenVilo,

      These are a little tricky. As the keys available in other markets may operate on a different frequency to what we have here in Australia. If you can send me a private message with a photo of your key and I will ask the team to do some quick research for you.

  • I need one for my Mazda 3.

    I bought a 2 button replacement remote on eBay, however the chip does not fit under the housing so I can't close the key.

    Is there any way I can see photos of the inside of the key so I know it will fit the chip?

    • +1

      Hi starspawn,

      This key shell has three different internal structures. If you would like to send me a photo of the inside case of your key, I can confirm what you require. For our products, there will be an internal photo in the image gallery but if you send me links to what you are looking at and I can confirm for you that it will work.

      • Thanks!

        I uploaded a photo of the inside of the key shell which needs replacing


        • +1

          Please follow the link below. This is the base of your key that you require. Please also note that when you are pulling away the top half of your key there is a small latch inside where the key sits when not flipped out that you must push in before you pull the two parts away from each other. If the latch is not depressed it will snap and the two halves will become loose (I have added a video that shows you how).

          Product: https://www.remotepro.com.au/products/kgmaz07

          Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZJSu4cTrrY

  • Hi, I just ordered a replacement key shell with you.

    My existing car key and case is original, but the battery enclosure broke ages ago, and so I haven't used it's remote functions in years.

    Would I be able to simply shift the electronics and new battery to the new enclosure and have it work? Or, will I need to reprogram the remote with the steps above as it's been such a long time.


    • Hi Cardorac,

      Please follow the link below. This is the base of your key that you require. Please also note that when you are pulling away the top half of your key there is a small latch inside where the key sits when not flipped out that you must push in before you pull the two parts away from each other. If the latch is not depressed it will snap and the two halves will become loose (I have added a video that shows you how).

      Product: https://www.remotepro.com.au/products/kgmaz07

      Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZJSu4cTrrY

      • Thanks - though I think you may have misread my question or meant to answer someone else!

        I didn't specify I had a Mazda, I was just curious about any resetting required when transferring electronics to a new shell.

        • Sorry I replied to the wrong person! Provided that the electronics are still good then yes you will simply be able to transfer. However if it is a key and remote buttons together you will also need to transfer over your transponder which in separate for a lot of keys. If you can please reply with a photo or your key and I will tell you specifically what is involved.

  • Ordered 1 replacement shell for Holden VF Commodore.

    Looking for new key with electronics as well. will i be able to program it myself. its a 5 key layout which can start the car as well.

    • Hi alastor,

      Unfortunately this key require to be diagnostically programmed so you will need an auto key technician to code the key in for you. If you need a recommendation, send me a private message with your suburb and I can give you a few to try.

  • looking to get a flip key shell with replacement key for my honda s2000 - can you please link me this product

    • If you can please send me a picture of your key and I will point you in the right direction!

  • perfect timing….my remote was about to fall apart and this has been on my todo list for awhile. cheers!

    also where is the best place to get the key cut once chip has been transferred over to the new key / remote shell…?
    got some bunnings vouchers to use….can they do it?

    • +1

      I don't think Bunnings cuts auto keys but your next best bet will be any locksmith or Mister Minit type store. Some places might not want to cut the key for you but for the places that do you will be paying around $10-25 for the cut.

      • cheers….couple of places at the local shops, i'll try them out

  • Before buying, it might pay to ring a locksmith who will do "other keys". It's like a cartel, where if they don't supply it, they don't cut it - unless it's genuine.

    I've tried 3 locksmiths in eastern Melbourne - and they don't touch them.

    • +1

      Yes, this is correct and can be a bit tough sometimes. But again, any one requires a recommendation, I can you put in touch with a reliable and affordable locksmith in your area.

      • Hi, I actually rang your phone number on the website and the lady wasn't able to recommend anyone. Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

        • +3

          If you would like to send me a private message and I have contacted a locksmiths in the eastern suburbs that can help.

          • @RemotePro: Have done.
            Definitely don't publicise them, or the "cartel" may get on to them !

      • might do the same too if you dont mind?

  • Do you have a replacement shell suitable for a honda odyssey 2008 model? When i searched your site it says the shell is only for 2000-2003 models.

    Key snapped the shell. Everything's working have it currently super glued and duct taped together.

    • Hi nerd1,

      The years are not always perfect but if you want to send me a picture and I wills end you a link to your options.

  • Any chance you can put it on the " Complete " Key Kits

    • +1

      Also looking into doing this hopefully next week and I will send you a private message if include this category of products :)

  • Hi I have a 2012 bmw 320i with a nonfunctioning fob. A worker at the mall electronics stand showed me white corrosion on the circuit board and said it was probably short circuited. And I heard about having to reprogram a key, so I'm wondering if my chip will work in the case of electronic damage and how I could work around this.


    • So basically if you have corrosion your key should still start the car but the buttons (lock and unlock etc) will most likely be buggered. You can try contact cleaner but generally if there is corrosion it's hard to bring it back to life. If cleaning doesn't work then the best and easiest option is to get a new key with electronics. I hope that helped.

    • Hi Mercinda,

      So sorry to hear that. Our free shipping can take anywhere between 2-10 business days to arrive. Generally remote areas or WA etc will be closer to the 10 business day mark but if you could please send me a private message of your order number and I can check on your order immediately!

      • @RemotePro thanks, will send you a private message.

  • got mine last week on amazon for 11.99 with free next day shipping.

    • That's great! If you need any help swapping it over, please let me know.

  • I have a 2022 Cupra Formentor with a faulty fob. It was so stupid of me to leave the key in the pocket during laundry. The key is no longer working however, the light blinks at the press of a button. Will you be able to help me with this?

    • Hi Jithin,

      Fobs definitely do not like to swim! Generally one fobs get extensive water damage it is difficult to bring them back to life. Getting an extra key made up via a locksmith I think will be your best way forward. If you would like to private message me your location and I can provide some recommendations.

  • Hi, do you also sell the inside? Or only the shell?

    • Hi Mankinchi,

      Yes, we sell complete keys (with the insides) and are hoping to do a sale on these in the next few days!

      • I will be interested in that sales.

  • sent you a PM rep in regards to an issue im having with supplied key shell

    • Replied!

  • So does it come cut? Have an old cj lancer 07 key, in which the case a bit wobbly at the plastic and metal joint.

  • The remote of my 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander failed to lock and unlock my car. The middle LED light still flashes when I press a button but there is no response from the car. I think that it needs reprogramming. I wonder if I need to buy a new remote or a reprogramming procedure will solve the problem. Thanks.

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