Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Stick Vacuum Kit $349 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in Store/ OnePass) @ Bunnings


Black Friday while stocks last

$349 for the kit, good deal since tool only $379

  • Suitable for cleaning rugs, hardwoods, hybrid, tiled and carpeted floors
  • HP™ brushless motor for enhanced power and performance
  • Removable 800ml canister/tank and washable filter
  • Crevice tool, brush tool and wall mount bracket included
  • Self-standing design great for storage without using a wall mount

Clean your rugs, carpets, hardwood and hybrid flooring, and tiled floors thoroughly with the RYOBI 18V ONE+ HP™ Brushless Stick Vacuum. This Kit also includes an 18V ONE+ 2.0Ah Battery, 18V ONE+ 1.5A Charger.

The Stick Vacuum’s combination of an HP™ brushless motor delivers strong suction for picking up dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris. While the cyclonic filtration system greatly reduces the amount of dust returned to the air. It utilises RYOBI’s 18V ONE+ battery system for power and delivers up to 28 minutes of runtime with an 18V ONE+ 2.0Ah Battery connected.

Its lightweight and compact design is highly manoeuvrable for getting around furniture and other household obstacles. Maintenance is simple with a roller bar that clicks out to remove debris. A self-standing feature also prevents this model from tipping over and provides an easy option for storage.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Any easy way to check other Ryobi BF deals?

    • I think this one is the only Ryobi deal, website has all the BF deals on there

    • Nevermind, also a wet/dry vac

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    If this is comparable to Dyson V8 (and I believe it's not that hard to reach that level), then this is great - similar price and you get swappable batteries that might be working with Ryobi tools too.

  • +20

    Have one of these and love it. It's honestly as good as a Dyson, and more convenient with the Ryobi batteries.

    Only downside is that it's rather top-heavy, compared to a Dyson, due to being designed around the battery. It's fine for a stallion like myself (6ft, 100kg, 6%BF, bench 220, tan) but my girlfriend has complained about it.

    • +8

      How much does your girlfriend bench?

      • +13

        She can handle the whole kitchen bench 😂

        Please don't tell her I said that 😳

        • +1

          The images in my head

    • +5

      Time for a new girlfriend

    • +1

      What Dyson is it as good as that you’re comparing it to? Thanks !

      • +1

        It's a V7 🤓

  • I really like it i bought non kit one for$350
    Has that blue light see the dust and pretty easy to empty, works well in shed and car on all the wood shavings and chunks

    Not sure about very light household dust

  • +1

    I get "This item is no longer available to buy online or in-store.". Maybe not available in WA?

    • Same. Doesn't seem available on WA

    • My local store has plenty on the floor. Website shows as out of stock

  • HP Brushless Stick Vacuum Kit $349

    I hope it is better than the Asus one.

  • +2

    Suction stats from the manual, thank me later (and not the OP for missing such a critical detail :P )

    Air watts 90 AW
    Suction 20 kPa

    • <3

    • (Relatively) impressive if true.

  • +1

    Seems to be pretty average in performance as reviewed by Project Farm compared to the competition. Probably be good for those with existing Ryobi batteries and bought into the Ryobi ecosystem.

    • That's not the same vacuum tho…

      • Isn't it though? It's visually the same and listed as Ryobi One+ HP by Project farm. The only difference is he used a 4.0A battery. This is only 2.0A.

  • the problem i have with this vacuum, is the button on/off depending on how u hold the unit..easy to turn it off during vacuuming if u hold it wrong

    • Is there any way of getting used to hold it right?

  • +1

    any idea how to get this in wa

  • I've been looking at the Ryobi line for a few months waiting for a sale. This is a "deal" as it gives you the battery. The tool only without battery is $379

  • Why no WA stores have stock? Seems pretty sparse over east too in the few areas I've checked.

  • Just checked with online chat Armadale is the only store in WA with stock they have 60 there at time of posting if this helps.

    • Can't buy online and website says out of stock on store for click and collect and delivery not an option.

      Besidesy local, Armadale is probably next closest store….kinda

  • Thanks, got one.

  • This is terrible rubbish. I got one and returned it the next day because it leaves dirt and dust behind. My 3 year old dyson seems to do a better job, so perhaps I will just stick to it although its battery is quite weak (the only problem with the dyson).

    • What's your 3yo Dyson? My 3yo V8 leaves lots of dust and has had poor battery since unboxing.

      This Ryobi is cheaper and you can use extra batteries. I haven't tried it, but would be tempting to replace the V8.

      • Mine is a v8 as well, but it does a better job than the brand new ryobi. I don't think extra batteries will help the ryobi as it fundamentally appears to be doing a poor job at vacuuming.

        • Damn, it must be a terrible vacuum then.

          • @pizzaguy: The battery made it even more insulting as it ran out of juice just after completing a couple of rooms. The dyson used to let me clean up a couple more rooms when it was new. I don't know why they decided to include a 2Ah battery as it seems woefully inadequate, even if I were to pardon its poor performance.

            • @CocaKoala: What made you get the ryobi if you already have a dyson?

              • @Torch000: I thought I mentioned it in the first message. The Dyson battery has become very weak and lasts only for 2 to 3 minutes and needs replacing.

  • Got one of these. excellent vacuum. Got it as replacement for our second dead dyson.
    The light in ryobi is awesome.
    only down side is 2an battery at high power lasts only 10 minutes. so planning to get the 4ah battery.

    highly recommend it

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