Proposal in Seoul South Korea

Hi There,

I'll be flying to Seoul, South Korea in December and will be proposing to my partner there.

Plan is to visit the university where we met followed by going to Namsan Tower and popping the question at the top of Namsan tower in the restaurant.

I was wondering, if anyone would have any better suggestions for a nice restaurant? And any Photographer recommendations?

Other options are also considered

Kind regards


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    Good luck hope she says yes and you guys have a wonderful life together

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    Why ruin a good holiday by proposing

    • Love the Banter

      • It’s good you see the humour in it as too many here are so uptight.

        I’ve never been to SK so can’t help but in all sincerity, good luck, hope you get a “yes” and enjoy the time in SK

  • I used to live there. Left in 2006. Near Namsan is the Hyatt and one of the best meals I had was there from their amazing buffet and the windows overlooking the city. Highly recommend.

    Plus you guys can then go to the bar next door and listen to some classy music while drinking a lovely red wine.

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    Do it in front of a large group of strangers so she'll feel pressure to say yes.

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    Are you planning on jumping off the tower if she says no?

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    Duncan I thought we had something

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      Duncan I thought you said @iforgotmysocks didn't mean anything to you

  • Hope your partner isn't also on OzB - wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.

    • Well the more we comment the higher this post goes on Google search

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    Outside in the park in the snow would be better I think, then go inside for celebration drinks or walk down the mountain alone, whatever way things go.

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