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Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router System (3-Pack) $535 Delivered (Was $699) @ Google Store


Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 3-Pack + Delivery $535 (Was $699) - Black Friday Sale @ Google Store


Nest WiFi Pro 3-Pack is on sale from A$535. Offer valid starting on November 17, 2023 at 12:00am AET and ends on November 27, 2023 at 11:59pm AET. Offer available only to residents of Australia aged 18 years or older with shipping addresses in Australia. Offer cannot be combined with any promotional codes, or with other offers running at the same time. It is non-transferable, and it is not valid for cash or a cash equivalent. Purchase must be made on Google Store Australia. Available only while supplies last. Limit to 2 per customer. Void where prohibited.

Eligible for Google Store credit via Google One subscription:

Google One members with 200 GB plans: 3% back in Google Store credit
Google One members with 2 TB, 5 TB, 10 TB, 20 TB, or 30 TB plans: 10% back in Google Store credit

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Do these have the issue like gen 1 with speeds getting capped?

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      No but it has other issues. One of my satellite points kept freezing and would need a power cycle to recover. I had to hook it up to a bunnings powerpoint timer, to force power cycle at 3am every day. Then I just returned it because i shouldn't have to do that!!

      Parental controls are no good either, if you have kids

      • "Parental controls are no good either". What are you on about?

        It has Family Wi-Fi which is has plenty parental control features
        1) pause wifi on demand
        2) schedule internet time outs
        3) allows you to group devices in groups to control
        4) blocks adult websites

        • Yep, it can group devices (eg. all kid's devices), block or pause internet access (yes / no internet), and schedule times.

          It's useless for anything else.

          Their 'safe search' settings are determined by Google, and is as watertight as a sieve.

          I set it up, and hopped on my kid's ipad. Pron / adult / gambling sites not blocked.
          Tried to blacklist / whitelist sites and… found out you can't do that.
          You can't customise and block specific sites or types of sites.
          That's an old link, but in my experience with Google Nest Wifi Pro this year, it still fails the test.

          If google's 'safe search' deems ladbrokes betting is an ok site (which it did), then you have to agree (you can't modify that list, or add or blacklist sites).

          Social media : you can block all social media… but it has to be WIFI-wide (ie. not just on your kid's devices).

          I bought the Nest Pro expecting good parental controls, and was disappointed.
          But I guess it's great if your household is childless, and you don't care about parental controls (and don't mind regularly power cycling any dud satellite stations).

          Do you have a Nest Pro? Give the parental controls a go on your own device : would be interested to see if you can open gambling / adult sites etc.

          • +1

            @dangerdanger: I do have it, and I'm yet to find an adult website I can access through the family wifi group. I have no need to block specific sites.

            I accept that it might not be perfect, in the case of not being able to specifically block certain sites like you have said (which seems to me is an easy software fix from Google's side), but saying "Parental controls are no good either, if you have kids" is not very helpful to future buyers at all, especially if you don't go into any details about why you say this. This comment will wrongly put most parents off the device, when in fact, it is actually pretty good.

            Just saying, "ahh it's bad" with no context or explanation is an absolutely useless comment you shouldn't make. Back it up with examples/facts if you are going to make claims like this

            • +1

              @hoosier daddy: See my examples above.

              On the contrary, I think most prospective parents would love to hear everyone's opinion, even yours, and make up their own minds

              • @dangerdanger: I was referring to your very first, useless, comment: "Parental controls are no good either, if you have kids".

                Your second comment, with all the examples, should have been your first comment. Yeah? Would have avoided this whole back and forth with me and saved everyone a lot of time

  • Are these essentially just three standalone routers that you can connect together?
    What I'm saying is, if you and two others wanted a Nest Wifi Pro, could you chip in $178 each and all get one for cheap?
    Because if so, I would be very interested…

    • +2

      Any of the units can be the main router. So I guess you can split them up to gift to family and friends. Happy to be corrected by others

      • Awesome. Don't really need more than one myself, so that would work well. Saw the Student Beans deal which is even cheaper - time to go back to school! Haha.

  • Brand new model in Oz but has taken a year to get here. I guess we can thank ACMA for that.
    Have been tracking price and was waiting ages to update my gen 1. I stupidly bought it on release here in October at 10% off Rrp at JB with ultimate gc.

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    $465 with student beans

  • +2

    This or Deco x75?

    • My vote : Deco any day over google nest wifi pro

    • +1

      Deco X75 here and loving it. No issues here whatsoever. On 1000/50 connection too.

    • Google all the way.

      The Deco is ugly AF. I have the Google wifi pro (3 pack) and the nodes blend in pretty nicely with the home decor, 4 bedroom brick house, and it also works a treat. I have Optus 600 Mbps HFC, getting 600Mbps+ on speed test anywhere in my house. I get 300+ Mbps from the garden/road. It's rock solid.

      On a side note, for the comments discrediting the Google wifi on performance (or any mesh wifi system for that matter), I'd be willing to bet they have not been set up correctly. Wifi interference is a real thing, I'd be surprised if their ISP router wifi has not been disabled to let the Google mesh system be the only wifi. If your ISP router's wifi (the 2.4 and 5 Ghz) are still enabled, it will interfere with any mesh system you put next to it

      • I have wired backhaul, the wifi coverage of Google Nest Wifi Pro = TP Link Deco X68. So I agree : coverage is good.
        I'm not a gamer so don't need speed, just need stability (and the above parental controls).

        What annoyed me was the periodic unsyncing / freezing of one of the google nodes / satellites. It would happen weekly. Maybe I got a dud unit but as I bought it from Amazon UK, I couldn't be bothered trying to fix / exhcange. I just got it refunded and bought a to TP Link and never looked back.

        Ideally Google should have a setting to automate power cycling. I had to buy a powerpoint timer from Bunnings. lol.

        TP Link doesn't periodically unsync their satellites. TP Link also has a power-cycling function, so I power cycle at 0300am once a week anyway.

        Oh, and I keep my units out of the way so I don't care if they look ugly AF.

  • +1
    • Hard to price match without the product code/SKU present on the page, some OW are strict on that. YMMV

      • A retailer, perhaps, but I would be very surprised if they refused to PB the manufacturer.

        • The response I've had in the past was, no part number so we don't know if it's the exact product or not. (Even though the picture, and product name is exactly the same and they only have 1 type of nest wifi pro 3 pack)


    • +2

      It's $499 right now on OW!

  • +1

    Good price for 3x mesh wifi6e especially if you use student beans for 10% off.

  • I've still got the 1st gen Google Mesh, which seems to go okay. Is it worth upgrading to these new models?

    • +1

      Keep in mind that new model is not compatible with older models. So, the upgrade would be replacing all your points.

      Nest Wifi Pro is not compatible with previous generations of Nest or Google Wi-Fi routers or points.

    • I have done exactly this. Now making full use of my 250mbit connection. Easy set-up

      • Was your old ones capped?

    • +1

      Keep your Gen 1, especially if it's working and you don't need new wifi 6 / 6e speeds!

      My Gen 1 was rock solid, but then died, tried Google Pro and finally settled on another brand.

    • +1

      I am in the same boat. I have 5x google nest gen 2s around the house. I like to use as many as possible to ensure fast connection. All working fine and connected with an ethernet backhaul.

      Will have to grab 2x of these packs and then sell one to do a full replacement. makes it costly and doesn't allow me to slowly upgrade over time. Also not sure if i will any performance jump and if its just a pure future proofing story.

      • +1

        Unless you need the 6/6E speeds i wouldn't bother. Would wait for next gen Wi-Fi 7

  • +2

    These now look to be $499 at Officeworks. Come on Amazon,price match please to save me going out in the rain!

  • Not a great review: https://dongknows.com/google-nest-wifi-pro-review/

    In fact, it’s decidedly the worst among over a dozen Wi-Fi 6E routers and mesh systems I’ve tested. And that’s virtually all 6E options out there, other than the eero Pro 6E.

    • +1

      Year old and biased review plus most cannot get gigabit nbn here.
      This is a good plug and play option. Tinkerers should look elsewhere.

      • Planning to get 1000 down nbn on the fttp upgrade. Are there any other comparable Wifi 6e meshs around $465 for 2-3 routers?

        • Nothing even close. Best bet for gigabit would be tp link xe75 from good guys commercial

          • @Kanjus: I was looking at decos, might be worth the extra just gotta check with a mate who has tgg commercial. Thanks for suggesting!

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