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Dell S3422DWG 34" Curved Gaming Monitor $473.43 Delivered @ Dell


1st time posting…this should be the lowest price so far..hope this helps..
shows $499.40 and use AUAFFILIATES5% to drop it even lower to $473.43.

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  • Priceintitle? :)

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    Tell em the price son..

  • Please read the posting rules. You need the price and store in the title.

  • Price anywhere!

  • About to get rekkkt

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    sorry sorry, 1st time doing this…been looking at this monitor for a while and was so happy it's on sale.

    • That's a great price… Got my two dual stacked & paid $534 each a few years back… I really like them

      • What monitor arm do you use to dial attack them please?

        • I don't they're attached to the wall… My Mate had to make a bracket for the VESA mount to attach to the wall mount

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      Not an issue with the response times this one has. Against IPS, you're trading powdered smearing for some dark smearing and get a lot more contrast… you're also typically paying $100s less.

      • The main issue for me on VA is that on most models variable refresh rate is not usable. You get brightness flickering anytime your framerates drops, which can be a fair bit in some games (especially inmenus).

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      It’s a fair call out though.
      In monitor posts I’d like for a few things to be mandatory:
      - thunderbolt / with power delivery
      - refresh rate
      - resolution
      - panel type
      - size

      For me, thunderbolt port is most important because single input display and power is super useful.
      And in response to any downvotes, I’d like to preface any of replies by saying Mac is better than PC.

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        The number of monitors on the market with thunderbolt is pretty much zero. USB-C is more realistic to expect on monitors without going for specialty models designed for mac.

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    You can add the product code as a tag and get the product history that's already here, along with a bunch of other suitable tags.

    Very hard to justify this one given some of its competitors are on sale for $50-$100 less than this.

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    Upvote you for first post and a decent price on this good ultrawide screen monitor.

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    Nice work new kid

    Better price than in August and that deal got 51 upvotes.

  • What about their compatibility with PS5?

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      No, PS5 no likey WQHD ultrawide resolution.

    • VRR not supported with PS5

      • There are articles online suggesting the PS5 started supporting VRR last year.
        I’m after good monitor and by comments of people I understand that WQHD is not good option.

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    If you have student email address (doesn't have to be a .edu.au - my kid's school's .net address worked) then sign up for the Student Purchase Program for a 7% off code. Can't use with the OP's affiliate code but it does stack with Shopback, Cashrewards, etc.

    • Actually, I just checked and monitors are excluded from Shopback cashback and only get 1.5% on Cashrewards and Topcashback.

      • Anyone have a 7% code they wouldn't mind sharing? My kids don't have an email address yet and my business code expired :(

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    Good first post Vinnie

  • I have one, paid 100 more than the current price, not bad.

  • Thanks was just looking at this

  • I got the 32" refurbished (looks new) for low $300 in May. Looks good, games well

  • Great price! I was hoping the G2724D would drop a little more too.

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    This is good. DWC model has USB C power delivery for about $40 more

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      Can vouch for the versatility of usb-c monitor

      • Apart from the benefit of charging via USB C, is there any other advantage?

        My work laptop needs more power than the USB C can provide, so I'm trying to decide if it's with the extra cost for me.

        • Charge your phone, wireless headphone etc.

    • I've been eyeing off that monitor for WFH, but my work laptop needs 130W…

      Do you reckon there's any benefit in getting the USB C one if I can't use it for power as well?

      • well, monitor might be easily compatible with other devices, like the new iPhone and iPad as well.

        • Ha!

          Thanks, but I can't see myself driving a 34 inch monitor with an iPhone. :)

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            @LambChop: me either :D point is about compatibility when everything is going USB C (even if its a surface tablet or android etc)

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        USB-C carries USB traffic as well as DisplayPort, giving you a single cable if you use the USB ports in the monitor.

        Sometimes monitors with USB (e.g. the S3423DWC) will give you both USB-B and USB-C so you can use the monitor as a KVM. Connect USB-B + HDMI/DP to one computer, USB-C to the other.

        I believe the DWG has higher refresh rate though.

        • Thanks.

          I ended up getting the 32" 4K LG that's currently on sale instead, which also has USB C.

          After setting up today, I already appreciate the single cord for display and data.

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    Anyone go from 2 x 27 to one of these, and end up going back?

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      Nah, one 34 is good.

    • 34 + 27 is where its at

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    So is the 34 inch or the 32 inch better?

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      Also wondering this. My understanding was that IPS was better than VA?

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        It depends on the response times of the VA panel. The slower the response times, the more prone it is to ghosting. VA has better contrast/blacks and IPS panels are typically brighter but the blacks can look greyish in a dark room. Best to compare the RTINGS reviews to see which is best for you.

    • Well the 32 inch is taller, which put me off, I returned it and got the 34

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    Wish it was 1000R then 1800. Great post OP ✌️

  • Resolution in description would be good

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    I upgraded to this 1 month ago after my 27" monitor died. I looked everywhere and this was definitely the best bang for buck monitor there is amongst all 27" and 34" monitors I looked at. Got a good review on Rtings too. Prefer this greatly over IPS, the colours are significantly better and it also has a good refresh rate.

  • This or the AOC Gaming CU34G2X 34 inch for $497?


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    I just bought this yesterday when it was $555 - the 7% edu discount. Sucks for me I guess. You can have an additional saving with amex cashback for 10%.


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      Sounds like you'll be eligible for the 30-day price guarantee:


      Sorry, tried to make the hyperlink work and failed…

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        Looks promising, thanks! I'll have to try this when I get the invoice in about 3 days.

  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 upstream
    3 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream

    What are they? Sorry noob.. up and downstream for what?

    • I guess there're good for laptops?, for desktop you just need display port

      • So it's like having built in USB hub? We plug in charger to the upstream and we have 3 ports to charge mobile phone etc?

        • Yeah, it's got 1 input port to connect to your pc, 3 output ports for devices, and an extra output port for charging devices.

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    i own this, paid more last year. great monitor!

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      Any cons?

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        None really. big fan. might have been nice to have inbuild speakers, but not a big deal for me.
        Also, I have come to realise I probably didn't need a 144mhz monitor. I don't game much and most games i do play don't hit those frame rates anyway. I did buy a few games just to test it, but i can't really tell that much of a difference in the high frames, only when i'm specfically paying attention to it.

  • I literally bought this two weeks ago for $520 I think.. first time owning an UW and been loving the experience on single player games.

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      In case you didn't see my comment above:

      Sounds like you'll be eligible for the 30-day price guarantee:


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        I have not, apologies.

        Thank you soooo much!! Will ring them.

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    I bought two of these a few years ago & run as a dual screen setup… I really like them & have had zero issues with either

    • For work or play?

      • Mostly work… I'm 55 so don't do a lot of gaming anymore other but enjoy GOW & the graphics look really good to me

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          Thanks mate. I'm thinking of getting this as a 2nd monitor for the OH.

  • Does anyone know how to stack two such monitors vertically? Is there a monitor arm that can hold 34 inch? Or how did you setup two 34 inch monitors? Side by side wouldn't be too wide and need a big table?

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      These are curved so not sure that would be any good vertically

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        Think OP isn't talking about orientation, but placing one on top of another? For me, this would be too tall to be comfortable. I'd always thought the rule of thumb was that the top of monitor should be at eye level?

    • I've double stacked my two but they'r mostly for work

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    I just had this monitor delivered a few days ago, paid $509 oof, replacing my asus tuf 27" TN monitor that died when moving home.

    Its…serviceable but a bit worse than i was expecting
    Rtings rates it highly as a great budget ultrawide and it is, but the black smearing is really noticeable.

    After googling heres my advice.

    1) Run Windows cleartype text tuner
    2) If you use the dell software, run the sports preset
    3) up the brightness on the internal monitor menu

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    Great monitor. I have had it for years. But I really recommend a OLED if you can afford it.

    If you have a dope PC you will bottleneck yourself.with imagine quantity. Especially if you use upscaling.

    I have a 4080 and 5600x3D and regret getting this panel, but it was good for what it was and cheap.

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      Second this, once you go infinite contrast black, you never go back…

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    Stacks with Amex deal 10% off up to $1000 cashback - so $426.09

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    I got one back in 2021 for $499 (with discount and student promo). It's an excellent monitor and even in 2023 it's holding its own…

  • Dooted upwardly….

  • No Speaker?

  • this 34" or 2x 27" for productivity + light gaming

    Based on the comments here, I'm very temping.

  • So the BIL bought a Prism XQ340 Pro https://prismplus.com.au/collections/monitors/products/prism… he highly recommends. At the moment I'm tossing up between that and now this, which is $100 cheaper. Really on the fence atm

  • I can finally ascend!

  • Just received the monitor. Going to take a while to get use to it coming from a dual 24" set up. Hopefully my 3080 is up for the task

    Anyone recommend a monitor arm for this monitor?

    • What are your thoughts on it so far?

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        Colours are super vibrant! Make sure you use the rting icc profile here:


        It was a bit to get use to but for someone that work with spreadsheets daily, the extra width worked

        My 3080 was able to provide max fps in COD MW3 which was surprising.

        All in all been an awesome upgrade. Can’t see any black smearing which is notorious with VA panels

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