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Samsung Odyssey G55 34" WQHD Curved Freesync VA Monitor $399 + Delivery @ Scorptec, Umart, PC Case Gear, Mwave


Samsung have dropped the price on this for early Black Friday, much like they did the 32" Odyessy earlier in the month. It's now $399 at a bunch of retailers (note - StaticIce has yet to update pricing at the time of posting).

Screen Curvature 1000R
Aspect Ratio 21:9
Panel Type VA
Resolution 3,440 x 1,440
Refresh rate 165 Hz
Response Time 1ms (MPRT)
FreeSync Yes - FreeSync Premium
Power External brick
Inputs DP 1.4 x 1, HDMI 2 x 1

Note: no speakers, no headphones, no USB hub.

Also consider the 32" at Amazon for under $300

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  • -1

    1800r thats a lot of curve. Is it to much curve.

    • +2

      Says 1000r everywhere. Yeah it's alot

      • It's really not. I have had 1800r, 1500r, and 1000r 34" ultrawides. Personally I find 1000R to be best, waiting for OLED options before I change again.

        The marketing comparison diagrams greatly exaggerate the curvature and difference. 1800R might as well be flat.

        • I have owned one and thought it was alot, but it wasn't an issue. This was only on a 27" too.

          It's subjective.

  • 165hz refresh rate

  • Oops my bad, 1000r it had 1800r to compare in the pic.
    I am hoping for 1 with around 1500. Thanks.

  • +1

    Thanks got 2

  • Not good for pa5?

    I need a screen which is good for ps5, but also like music production and basic work haha

    • Think I tried mine with PS5 when I first got it. Can't remember if it was the PS4 or the PS5 I had troubles with, but should be able to do a quick google to identify.
      It worked but the resolution wasn't quite where I wanted it.

      • Think PS5 needs HD? But they're way more expensive

    • Different aspect ratio so no point. This is ultra wide.

    • Terrible for a console. Consoles don't support the 21:9 aspect ratio at all.

  • +1

    Recos for Best screen sub $400 non curved?

    Thought I wanted curve but now maybe not… seems really curved

    • +1

      1000 is perfect imo

    • it's not. even 1000R is barely curved IRL.

      • What? lol

  • Any downsides for this price point apart from VA?

    Going to OLED would be $1330 for the AW3423DWF, at that price I’d rather get the LG 42 C3 for $100 more

    • Someone said in last deals the panel is very old so subject to smearing?

      • Is there a VA out there that isn't subject to black smear?

        • Only VA panels that don’t smear are the Samsung G6/G7 and above

  • Omg.. should I throw rock to my 34 Philips…

  • +1

    I need a new 34" but the curve is too much on this for work and gaming.
    Free delivery on the Samsung website plus $50 newsletter sign up

  • This or the Dell S3422DWG for FPS gaming?

  • Good monitor for flight sim?

    • +1

      the smearing effect might help with the look of clouds in that simulation… :p

  • they just don’t want to give you 4k at a decent price make you upgrade later lol

  • +1

    My Xiaomi 34" recently suffered from the "Black Screen" issue. Looking to get either the Samsung Odyssey G5 or AOC CU34G3S. The G3S is supposed to be the replacement for the G2X which is well reviewed, however I don't find many reviews for the G3S. Any feedback between the G5 vs G3S? TIA

  • Will this be okay for office use?

    I have a HP USB C dock that connects to my laptop. Two monitors and devices connect to the USB C Dock that has two display ports. Dell laptop, some inspirion crap. Will it be able to power this?

    • Yes, connect monitor to the USB-C dock's display port.

      It's designed for gaming, not office use. Also very curved which may annoy or not suit if you want to pair with a second monitor.

  • this or viewfinity?

  • Bought this earlier today. Can't be worse than the xiaomi one surely and I had no issues with that while I had it, absolutely adored it

    • Coming today… Holy moly two business days to my town is insane. Mwave is kinda like what PCCG was ten years ago, maybe I should shop there more

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