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Sonos One SL Microphone-Free Wireless Speaker $185 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


TGG selling the Sonos One SL for $185 (Both Black or White vailable)

I getting it today, to make it a stereo pair with my exisiting Sonos One.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • Almost committed after seeing my friends, this doesn’t have the voice control / microphone sadly (unlike their one). Great find, sound is 🤌

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      Yeh I have the Sonos One already, now is a good to add another to make it a stereo pair, and adding the SL will do the job.

      • Is one speaker good enough for a 4x4m room or is 2 still recommended?

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          It is enough, but it sounds a lot better as a pair.

  • JB also have these for the same price..

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    Torn between two of these or two Era 100's as rears with an Arc and sub. Will there be much difference in sound quality?

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      A single Era is Stereo in its own right and has wider bass and soundstage. I have both and prefer the era, I have the One SL's as rear channel speakers for the lounge theatre and work great. Im waiting to see if any Black Friday deals on the Era 100's pop up to replace a couple of other Play:1's I have.

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      Same boat here, can't decide!!! OneSL's for $372 vs Era100's for $750

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        2 x Era 100 in stereo pair hands down

      • Just watched the video linked below, tester doesn't seem to think there is a huge difference between them as rear speakers. Think I'll save the cash and go these rather than the 100's. If it was a stand alone speak I'd probably invest in the ERA 100's or 300's.


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          Using Era100 as rears - not worth it. As Stereo pair, yes.

          • @gunso: I bought the One SL's and setup earlier today in surround. Sound amazing.

      • For rear speaker at half the price get the Ones easily. You won’t notice the difference at that price.

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      I went with the 2 One SL’s to go with my Arc and I’m not disappointed. great sound for surround use and allowed the cash for me to look at adding a sub

  • How do you configure your setup? Where do you connect your TV / amp to and the rest is wireless?

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      You need a sonos sound bar

  • Advice please. ( I have tried researching but its unclear) Can i buy 2 x SL, and connect both, as stereo to the Sonos App on a tablet ? Just for music ? Or must i have a sonos one as a Master? Thanks!

    • You don’t need a master. These are standalone or multi speakers

  • Would two of these be overkill for a gaming PC setup? Looking to spend around $400 mark on PC speakers for home office.

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      No, they just won't work.

      From the Toms Hardware review:

      On the back of the speaker is a port for its power cord, and an Ethernet port just above.

      Other than that, the Sonos one has no inputs, so unless you have them connected to a Sonos Connect ($349), you can’t use them to output audio from your TV.

      I have a pair of Era 100s, and while I haven't done a proper comparison, I don't think they have better sound quality than my Edifier R1700BT speakers that I use as PC speakers.

      The Sonos speaker's main purpose is smart speaker / lifestyle audio and they are great at it. On the contrary, my Edifiers have BT, but you can't even adjust the volume over BT.
      If you just want something that sounds great you can get the same quality for a fraction of the price.

      The Edifiers I mentioned are monitors, so a pretty flat response and great for music. For boomy sound effects and movies they are still great, but there are probably better options.

      • Appreciate you taking the time for a detailed response. Looking at Edifier S351 DB or S360DB although not a fan of the 60's colour scheme and round remote.

  • Would these be better than a pair of Symfonisk bookshelf speakers to complete a rear surround setup with my beam?

    These would be $40 more each than the ikea speakers from the Black Friday sale

    • At the current pricing definitely the One XL's

      The Ikea speakers are decent and at normal retail pricing do punch above their weight but with only the $40 difference the Sonos speakers are a steal right now

      Much more discreet too than the Ikea speakers given their size, I have had a Beam 2 for a while and added some One XL's to the set-up a few months back in the study and initially my partner when watching a few of her TV shows and movies noticed the difference in sound but until I pointed out the speakers didn't realise they were there

      Obviously depends on your layout for the room they are going into as well, we have a couch with a table on either side so they blend in with what else is on the tables and the One's blend in perfectly but if you have bookshelves, etc you can get the different covers for the Ikea speakers so they blend in with the books a bit more

      You won't be disappointed either way adding rears to your soundbar but right now on sale the proper Sonos speakers are the better option IMO

      • Thanks for the reply. I ended up copping the SL's in black and I reckon they do look a lot better than the IKEA ones. You're right, for the price difference it's a no brainer and steal as surrounds!

    • Got 2 x One SLs for $320 at JB through live chat. I’m sure they can do better but happy with $320. 😁

      • how did you do this?!

        • Asked nicely in live chat. With yesterday's TGG 12% cashback, you could have gotten a pair for $330 without asking for a JB deal.

          • @zeno: Yes that's what prompted me to revisit but I already bought from Sonos store. Hoping to do a 28 deg price protection claim to see if I can get the difference back. Cheers mate

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