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Unstable Unicorns Base Game $14.79 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Looks like a bargain for some holiday family entertainment. Down from RRP of $39.95. Enough said. Enjoy!

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    I had to click the link, thought it might be some dark humour crypto ponzi business type game…but no.

  • Bugger, paid $17 for this last week after I missed the Exploding Kittens deal.

    • +1

      Thanks for your sacrifice in allowing the rest of us to pay even less.
      Enjoy the game with your family and/or friends and/or enemies.

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    Age range - 168 months to 1200 months 🧐🧐

    • Was just reading a review that said should be fine for 8yr plus rather than suggested 14yrs

      • +1

        My kids have been playing this since 5 and love it.

  • Any good?

    • +9

      Very. Haven't played with kids, but many friendships lost in 3 work places so far 🤣

      • I played exploding kittens once and enjoyed it, looks like the same game box with different decals

        • +2

          I think it's made by the same guys but it's not really similar at all besides that you use card to play.

          • +3

            @ginormousgiraffe: The boxes do look similar, but Exploding Kittens is from the author of The Oatmeal webcomic; Unstable Unicorns is by TeeTurtle.

            I haven't played Exploding Kittens, but my impression of Unstable Unicorns was that the playing experience was somewhere in between UNO and Magic.

    • +1

      I really like it and so do my kids. Its silly without being crude and still fun for adults.

  • +1

    We love this game, the kids 9 and 11 also join in. We do have the NSFW addon pack which is also great for when its just adults.

    • +1

      The nsfw is definitely not for kids 🤣
      I think they've cleaned the base game a bit too (some cards from the original aren't in the new version)

  • +3

    Played this before, it was fun at first once you figured out the rules but then the game dragged out. Went on for hours.

  • +3

    The NSFW version is also on sale at $22:


    • Any fun with that

  • $12 on temu for both regular versions, +cashback

    • +13

      Not sure I trust Temu over Amazon.

    • +7

      I'm guessing they are fakes?

  • Eh my 6 year old will love the stuffed toy on its own..the rest is a game for family, can't lose!

    • +1

      I'm unsure if it comes with a stuffed toy

      • Oh noooooo

        • received it today and unfortunately no stuffed toy

  • Will this make a good gift for kids in year 7?

    • Been playing with my 7yo. Good entry way into these type of card games which requires some wrangling and negotiating/tactics.

  • +4

    I have very mixed feelings about this game.

    It has a great concept and cool artwork, but it just has way too many varieties of cards that you basically stop the game every time someone plays a card so that everyone can figure out what that card does. Even after we played a few times and got more familiar with the different types of unicorns, the game just takes forever to finish.

    So it ends up being in this weird in-between where it just takes too long and isn't really good for fun casual game nights, but the mechanics are too simple for more advanced gamers looking for longer strategic gameplay. As such, it has no replayability and just never gets played.

    Just my two cents. It is clearly very popular so you may have a different experience.

    • Gotta completely disagree but each to their own. It's our first game to kick off every sibling game night - looking at a half hour session most times and have found no issues on the variety side of things as after a few sessions people remember the majority of the top used unicorns so only some clarification every so often.

    • We'll have to agree to disagree .

      If you've played it 2-3 times, you'll know what the cards do. We usually play it with new people joining, so it'll be slower, as we do read out the cards / effects for the new players benefit, but most times you can wrap the game in 30 minutes.

      We had a game that went well into the 2+ hours, but nobody was in a rush, and alcohol and pizzas were consumed, and laughs were held …so … nobody could complain.

      It can get into situations were 2 players will gang up against a third, making it hard, but with 4 people it's not as bad.
      It doesn't have the same depth as Dominion for example, but there are much more laughs and cursing as people steal unicorns, and stab people in the back (which is what the rules of the game suggest :)

  • Thanks op!

  • Thanks OP, free international shipping with Prime is great.

  • Received it today but no unicorn stuffed toy :(

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