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49" Odyssey QD-OLED G9 240HZ Monitor + 980 Pro 500GB SSD $1495.29 Delivered (Loyalty Voucher + First App Order) @ Samsung App


Thanks to @XedeX
Step 1) Download Samsung Shop app
Step 2) Add monitor and 980 pro 500gb (or any other cheap 990/980 pro ssd to cart)
Step 3) Go to cart and click top right during business hours 7am~10pm or email [email protected] and ask for a 10% loyalty discount
Step 4) Checkout

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    Let the deals keep coming!

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    first time app buyer getting loyalty discount, neat!

  • Spot on @Kazusa

  • I can’t find the App in AppStore :(

    Or it’s only an Android thing?

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      Android only, just install the app through blue stack or something

  • Holy shit what a deal!

    What are Samsung Rewards? On the webpage is says:

    Sign up now to receive Samsung Rewards Points with this order.
    Blue : 1% | Gold : 3% | Platinum : 5%

    Can these rewards be used to low the price?

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      you dont get the rewards until well after your order is delivered, so no

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      Once you have enough points, then u can use them to futther lower the price.

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        Money can be exchanged for goods and services

  • Wait, I added both of them to cart and I get $1,884.60. So after the 10% loyalty it goes to $1696.14. How am I getting it down to $1495.29?

    • You need to use samsung app for first purchase discount of 10%

    • How did you get a loyalty code this time of night so quickly?

      • I didn't I was just including my 10% first time app purhcase discount and was wondering how the additional 10% loyalty discount would make it go down to $1495.29.

        • That's exactly my point. It needs another ~17% discount which just doesn't add up. So there is no way to get it that price unless we're all missing something.

          Update: loyalty voucher doesn't apply to monitors?

          • @thousandsuns: Honestly this just seems like speculations unless the OP has actually managed to add it to cart or even checked out at said price.

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      Just click the link big boy

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          Good reply…

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          Sh!t post? I’d say it’s a hell of a post. Not hard to click through to get specs. Would have been 10 times quicker than writing your reply ;P

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              @hoosier daddy: There you go, good Sir!

              Screen Curvature
              Aspect Ratio
              Brightness (Typical)
              250 cd/㎡
              Contrast Ratio Static
              5,120 x 1,440
              Response Time
              Specifications Detail
              Screen Size (Class)
              Flat / Curved
              Active Display Size (HxV) (mm)
              Screen Curvature
              Aspect Ratio
              Panel Type
              Brightness (Typical)
              250 cd/㎡
              Brightness (Min)
              200 cd/㎡
              Contrast Ratio Static
              HDR(High Dynamic Range)
              VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400
              HDR10+ Gaming
              5,120 x 1,440
              Response Time
              Viewing Angle (H/V)
              Color Support
              Max 1B
              Color Gamut (DCI Coverage)
              99% (CIE1976)
              Refresh Rate⁴
              Max 240Hz
              General Feature
              Eye Saver Mode
              Flicker Free
              Quantum Dot Color
              Game Mode
              Image Size
              Windows Certification
              Windows 10
              FreeSync Premium Pro
              VESA Adaptive-Sync
              Virtual AIM Point
              Core Sync
              Game Bar 2.0
              Auto Source Switch
              Auto Source Switch+
              Adaptive Picture
              Smart Service
              Smart Type
              Operating System
              US English, UK English, India English, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, BR Portuquese (features vary by language)
              Far-Field Voice Interaction
              TV Plus
              Yes (AU Only)
              Alexa Built-in
              Alexa (AU, NZ Only)
              Video Communication
              Google Meet
              Web Service
              Microsoft 365
              SmartThings Hub
              Multi Device Experience
              Mobile to Screen, Screen initiate mirroring, Screen Sound to Mobile, Sound Mirroring, Wireless On
              Wireless DeX
              My Contents
              Multi View
              upto 2 videos
              Smart Calibration
              Nifty Gateway
              Tap View
              Remote Access
              Wireless Display
              Display Port
              1 EA
              Display Port Version
              1 EA
              HDMI Version
              Micro HDMI
              Micro HDMI Version
              USB Hub
              USB Hub Version
              Wireless LAN Built-in
              Yes (WiFi5)
              Yes (5.2)
              Speaker Output
              5W x 2ch
              Adaptive Sound
              Adaptive Sound Pro
              Operation Conditions
              10~40 ℃
              Factory Tunning
              Color Mode
              Factory Calibration Report
              Front Colour
              Rear Color
              Stand Color
              Stand Type
              HAS(Height Adjustable Stand)
              -2° ~15.0°
              Wall Mount
              100 x 100
              Energy Efficiency Class
              Power Supply
              AC100~240V ~50/60Hz
              Power Consumption (Max)
              220 W
              Power Consumption (Typ)
              78.0 W
              Power Consumption (DPMS)
              0.5 W
              Power Consumption (Yearly)
              288 kWh/year
              External Adaptor
              Set Dimension (WxHxD)
              Net Dimension with Stand (WxHxD)
              1194.7 x 529.3 x 236.9 mm
              Net Dimension without Stand (WxHxD)
              1194.7 x 365.0 x 180.8 mm
              Package Dimension (HxWxD)
              1352 x 240 x 474 mm
              Net Weight with Stand
              12.9 kg
              Net Weight without Stand
              9.2 kg
              Package Weight
              18.5 kg
              Power Cable Length
              1.5 m
              HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable
              DP Cable
              Remote Controller

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                @zubzub: That just took me 30 secs to scroll past… Might have been easier to click the link … LOL

                But well done

      • daddy don't have time, gotta change nappy

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      0 posts

      How about you set an example instead of backseating? :)

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          looks like you have a lot of time on your hands
          next time use it to open links and look up stuff yourself

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            @ChatCPT: This right here… or be the change you personally want to be and help out the poster by adding these yourself. (Or if you want to complain about those who do post.. then post yourself!!) admittedly I don’t post a lot of deals.. but I also don’t complain about those who do!

        • +2

          Dude’s acting like people sharing deals on this forum is a paid service. Get real, buddy. Would you have seen the deal before it was posted? Likely not, so kudos to OP for making you aware.

      • Thank you for updating the tags on the post. Very courteous of you

  • How does the split screen work. Can I play a game in full screen mode and maximise netflix at the same time on the two different halves - like having two screens?

    • With the 49" Odyssey Neo you could do that, you just had to run two cables on the same PC so basically you had 2x27" screens . I believe it should be the same with this unless they changed it.

  • If only the g9 neo was on sale

    • Do you mean the 57" model ? It is on sale.

      • i was eyeing the 49", i would get the 57" but I don't think my MBA M2 can run it

        • This one is technically better in all aspects except for the resolution tho

          • @Kazusa: I primarily use for productivity and heard the oled pixels aren't too great with rendering text?


            • @noongerz: This can be modified with third party apps that attempt to address the issues with ClearType and most non-RGB Stripe subpixel arrangements, but older apps may not support this.

              Will still be a minor issue in some extreme high contrast images, but a very minor weakness compared to the benefits.

              Relevant software here and here but you'll need to research how to configure for 2nd gen OLED because the subpixel structure is slightly different.

            • @noongerz: I have this model (OLED G9) and with Better ClearType, text looks crisp to me from an average desk depth distance. Out of the box, it is quite bad with a lot of chromatic aberration but after tuning with Better ClearType, it works very well now. I think someone said turning Gsync on or running HDMI 2.1 makes the font smoother. But most importantly it is not as bad as what people said with QD-OLED first gen.

        • +1

          The 49" comes down to $1774.29 using the same steps and discounts.

          • @XedeX: You mean the 57?

            • +1

              @terroz: No. I was referring to the NEO model.
              49" Odyssey Neo G95A QLED

            • +2

              @terroz: 57" Odyssey Neo G95NC Curved QLED DUHD Gaming Monitor comes to $1916.29 after the discount.

              • @XedeX: Thanks! I reckon the 57 is the lowest I have seen. Too bad even the 4090 can't fully utilise it for now

              • +1

                @XedeX: Beware wait times. I’ve been waiting on mine since 7th oct deal.

                Might cancel and get this lol.

              • @XedeX: Do you mind sharing how you got this price?

  • +1

    Only if Samsung can give out bonus for trade in my CRT monitor.

  • Is the loyalty discount a promo code you add at checkout, or do they give you an order link with it applied or similar?

    • +1

      Promo code

  • Anyone else having issues logging into the Samsung Shop app. Been trying to Login on my Pixel 7 with no luck. Have to say that this app is a hot pile of shit.

    • Delete app cache and data and try again. Also make sure app is updated to the latest version

      • Already did that twice and still no luck.

        Edit: Was just reading the app reviews and apparently it doesn't work on Pixel 7 (Android 14).

  • +4

    No Samsung shop app on iPhone in Australia? WTF

    • +2

      Haha go buy yourself a Galaxy 😂

    • Maybe apple doesn't want an app selling non apple products on ios

  • Tell me if anyone got it working. This seems like a hack, maybe a bug within the already buggy app… the problem is would Samsung honour it.

    • Have done it before many times. For Fold phone as well. Works like a charm.

      • I have an old Fold 3. Does that work? Gg I haven’t power it on for ages. Is it worth it haha

      • This is so tempting. But I got my Corsair flex 45inch for $2139.

        How can I refund for this monitor. The low resolution and text issue in Corsair is killing me.

        • I mean if you were reading the discussion in that deal, you were warned.

          Text issue may be able to be addressed with software mentioned here.

  • So many deals!

    Buy now or wait for Black Friday next week? Decisions decisions!

    • You can wait. This price is till 29/11/23.

      • +2

        stock level can’t wait haha

  • +2

    57" Odyssey Neo G95NC Curved QLED DUHD Gaming Monitor comes to $1916.29 after the discount.

  • Couldn't get it down to the above mentioned price. If someone gets it working, please let me know.

    • Did you apply the loyalty voucher ?

      • The voucher won't do more than 10%.

  • -3

    Why weren't the correct tags added here? People looking to buy OLED Monitors would've missed this in their feeds.

  • I got the loyalty 10% discount without providing proof of purchase for anything. The chat agent just gave it to me when I asked.

    Even though $1495 is a good price, I'm still not sure about getting this. Super-Ultrawide (DQHD) is better suited to productivity/office (which is what I'm interested in), yet this is clearly designed to be a gaming monitor. QD-OLED is not ideal for work because of the increased time displaying static elements, and the QD-OLED subpixel layout is very average for displaying text. Also it only has a 1800R curve. Super-Ultrawides should always have 1000R curves.

    I wish the G8 OLED didn't go out of stock so quickly during this sale.

    • Damn, chat agent could see I was on iOS and wouldn’t give me one. Will try from desktop

    • Don't forget Samsung has no burn in warranty where the Dell does.

      • -1

        Just buy it with Amex card, which comes with Amex extended warranty (Whatever manufacture gives + 1 year). Even better, after it burns in, claim the insurance for a brand new one (maybe the next generation).

      • Pretty sure you can still get a replacement if Samsung finds you did not use your monitor unreasonably.

        • How would they tell… Pretty big gamble for a maybe mate

    • Text issue can be mostly mitigated - see here - though fringing will still be a marginal issue in some high contrast images.

  • Managed to get it at $1495.
    BATTLED for half an hour with online customer support for the loyalty voucher at 4am, being asked for all sort of information.(╬☉д⊙)
    Still, super happy with the price. Thanks a lot!!!

    • +2

      how did you contact them outside of working hours though?

  • love res so awkward not even being posted

    is running Fortnite on that res is even legal

  • 250nits of brightness. Is that real? That’s horribly low for a monitor of this price.

    • -2

      Please go and learn how HDR works then come back.

      • Samsung lists this monitor as only HDR 400 certified. So, a peak brightness of 400 nits. Very underwhelming for such an expensive monitor.

        • +2

          DisplayHDR True Black 400 is not the same certification as DisplayHDR 400 … please go read what that entails.

          250 nit peak is for SDR, 100% white image… a worst case scenario for this technology.

          Peak highlights are 1000 nits, though the design needs a heatsink to get a better result for a 10% window.

    • I have this model and it is plenty bright for SDR content. If the game is rendering sunset, I can definitely notice the glare. Also with OLED, even with 'limited brightness', the very high contrast ratio makes up for it. When gaming or viewing HDR content, I can definitely notice the HDR highlights.

  • Wish I had the disposable income most of you ozbargainers do to buy all this tech that I dont really need!!

  • Nice monitor.. only downside is the cost of the GPU you will need to game on it..

    • Window mode with OLED pitch blacks lol

      • You don't want to run the monitor like this for extended periods of time because it causes uneven wear. You'll get the other forms of burn in this way.

  • -4

    Is this a 4K OLED monitor?

    • Is it that hard to click on the link and check the specs?

      • -6

        What's the specs

        • +1

          Username checks out

  • Has anyone bought this from Alienware 34 inch OLED and what are they thoughts about it
    I'm worried it will be too wide ?

    • +1

      Way too small. I feel it would be better if its 38.

    • Great monitor, i have one. If you'll game, recommend it.

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