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[QLD] 15% off All Personalised Plates @ PPQ


As part of Black Friday sale PPQ are offering 15% OFF all full plate*

You can either purchase online or calling the call centre on 136 356 and mentioning the code CYBER15

Now’s the time to grab plates for Christmas or treat yourself to those plates you’ve always wanted with 15% OFF* plates until 4pm Friday.

This year we’re offering 15% OFF* Classic Plates, Monochrome Series and all plate remakes and restyles as well!

To redeem, simply use the code CYBER15 during checkout or mention over the phone to one of our Plate Experts on 136 356.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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Personalised Plates Queensland
Personalised Plates Queensland


  • Been hanging out for the plate discount, thanks for the headsup

  • Been waiting 6 months for this. WOOT

  • eyeing from beginning of this year, while concerning whether the combo would be picked by someone else, finally scored one.

  • seeing on the roads all kinds of coloured plates and wondering why some combinations of colours are legal, let me elaborate: black background and dark brown or grey symbols - 4 meters in front of me and it's just a black/brown smudge, symbols aren't distinguishable at all
    and I see such number plates of course only on fancy bmw/audi/mercs
    is it for cases like hit and run and victims will not even see what number plate offender had ?

    please enlighten me
    thanks in advance

    • yeah it gets annoying hey. I was after something like 1 ABC 1 i.e. number space three letters space number, like I've seen on the road many a times. Got on the ppq chat as you can only put one space these days, they confirmed they don't offer double space anymore.

  • Where do we enter the discount code ? I got up to the payment page (entered card details) and still don’t see where I can enter the code

    Edit: found it. Have to enter it at the very beginning. Now I can’t add the code. Will have to call up now I guess since the plate is attached to my profile

  • What's the process for getting the existing ones replaced with the new ones? Do I just call QLD Transport to let them know or will I need to go to their office?

    • U have to rock in to your nearest TMR

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