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ASUS RT-AX86U Pro (AX5700) Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Extendable Gaming Router $399 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Makes you a cappuccino, mows the lawn and provides Physiotherapy, all-in-one. I couldn’t turn it down.

Part of BF sale. Yes it’s been slightly cheaper. So what. You wanna fight about it?

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    might wanna add the price in title - $399 (rrp $499)

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    Man. I saw only the $59 and rushed to get one 😅 then backed out after seeing the real price.

  • If you don't mind the additional space, I'd go with the ASUS RT-AX89X for the same price.

    • Why is that?

      • +8

        It has a 2.2GHz quad-core instead of a 2.0GHz quad-core.
        It has two 10Gbps ports + 8 1Gbps ports instead of a single 2.5Gbps port w/ 4 1Gbps ports.

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          Sold, thanks

    • Is it compatible with merlin?

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        I don't think RT-AX89X is supported, which makes AX86U Pro a better buy if looking for custom firmware.

        • Thanks mate

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        RT-AX89X — no Merlin.
        RT-AX86U Pro — supports Merlin.

    • I would not buy the RT-AX89X unless you need certain featuers. These routers with more, and smaller antennas have poorer wifi performance in range than the one listed in this deal, I just bought one of these to add to ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 that I have to build a mesh.

  • Wireless gaming Master race.

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    I have RT-AC86U and can only imagine how good this Pro will be.

  • This or a single deco xe75 pro? its on sale too for $259

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    In the market for a new router, good timing on the deal. I understand that this is one of the top WiFi 6 router. Is it better to get a WiFi 6e router?

  • Is this about the best you can get for $400? Space isn’t an issue

  • Will this max out a 250/40 fttp connection or be a bottleneck?

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      It will absolutely have no problems with that at all. I have one of these (the standard, not the Pro model) and I'm on a 1000/50 HFC connection. No dramas whatsoever.

      • Thanks. Currently use the TPG supplied tp link ax1500 and it works at full speed over the 10m to my home office through a wall but sometimes randomly 1 or more of our devices just gets no internet and we have to cycle the router, something to do with ofdma in the router. Getting fttp so want an upgrade to the tp link that will at least do the same re transmission distance through the house.

    • +1

      RT-AX86U Pro is capable of around 950Mbps wired ethernet and 500-1000Mbps with Wi-Fi 6.

  • Any recommendations for a router which can split 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi?

    • If you mean setting up two different SSIDs (network names) for 2.4 & 5 then almost all routers can do that - ASUS provides a "smart" function whereby a single network name works across both bands - I used it and it works great - but during the setup process you can decide to manually assign two different names.

    • RT-AX86U Pro can do that. In the Wi-Fi settings disable smart connect.

      • +1

        I have RT-AX82U, and have done the setting.

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    +1 for the description of post

    • I upvoted for the same reason… The description is awesome & made me chuckle to myself

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    Noob question: what makes this a "gaming router" compared to a normal router? Does it have RGB lighting or something?

  • Finally elligible for FTTP upgrade next month. Is it likely that I will see significantly better performance on a 1Gbps plan in my 3 bedroom townhouse than just using my dsl-ac86u? Currently don’t have any coverage issues so only thinking about speeds.

  • Was temping to get this
    but at the end got the TUF-AX6000 from Amazon UK for $273

    Looking from the spec
    only got 512GB ram but rest are very close to AX-86U Pro
    Dual 2.5G ports and 4x4 on 2.4GHz wifi seems better for my use case

    • +2

      UK stock has nerfed 2.4GHz and missing Wi-Fi channels.

    • No Merlin for that one, though.

    • Do you just need an adapter plug if buying the UK version? You don't need a converter or anything, do you?

  • -1

    I've been using my ISP provided router. I don't/not really interested in doing any custom stuff but play alot of video games and have a lot of smart devices etc.

    Will this be overkill or still worth the purchase?


  • cappuccino, mows the lawn and provides Physiotherapy

    Not compatible unfortunately.

    I need latte, have no grass & seeking Psychotherapy

  • This or the TUF-AX6000 which is $345, also from Amazon AU? Seems not so great cpu on the TUF…

    • +2

      TUF-AX6000: https://www.asus.com/au/networking-iot-servers/wifi-routers/…
      AX86U Pro: https://www.asus.com/au/networking-iot-servers/wifi-routers/…

      TUF-AX6000 have a 2.0GHz quad-core processor [MediaTek MT7986AV]
      AX86U Pro have a 2.0GHz quad-core processor [Broadcom BCM4912]

      a few things to consider:

      • AX86U Pro has 1GB Ram, TUF-AX6000 has 512MB Ram
      • AX86U Pro has 1 x 2.5G port (LAN or WAN), TUF-AX6000 has 2 x 2.5G port (1 WAN 1 LAN)
      • AX86U Pro support merlin firmware, TUF-AX6000 doesnt support third party firmware as of now
      • AX86U Pro has 3x3 on 2.4Ghz and 4x4 on 5Ghz, TUF-AX6000 has 4x4 on both 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz

      My thoughts would be depending on your use case
      TUF-AX6000 will have slightly better 2.4Ghz due to antennas, and 2 x 2.5G port can be more future proof (when will NBN reach 2Gbps??)
      AX86U Pro is the main stream router and its the successor of the very well rated AX86U, also seems broadcom processor might be more stable?

      • The TUF-AX6000 is almost there for OpenWRT if you're after third party firmware.

        I don't know that Broadcom necessarily means better stability, particularly if you're looking at the longer term and third party firmware. Broadcom firmware/drivers are based on really old versions of OpenWRT from about 2015 (people can see this in the boot logs) that have had lots of little hacks added but are closed source and based on old Linux kernel versions that aren't properly security updated. Hardware developers have to pay massive amounts of money to access the data about the Broadcom APIs (Application programming interfaces or more simply the inbuilt command sets to make the chips do what you want) in the chipsets. Conversely, Mediatek chipset factory firmware is helped in development by paid OpenWRT developers who are constantly working with the latest Linux kernel stuff and know how to write clean code that can be scrutinised easily, and MediaTek open sources a lot of stuff in terms of those same drivers and freely publish API documentation, so their drivers are open to more scrutiny, will generally use cleaner code, and are going to keep getting security patches regularly and generally improving and maturing with more eyes looking at the code and also because they will keep getting newer kernel versions/Linux functionality in things like OpenWRT.

  • +2

    AX86U pro FTW! Got this router from last sale and can vouch for the quality. One of the best routers on the market now.

  • +1

    Can anyone recommend something from the asus range to go with this as 'aimesh' extender? It seems Asus expect me to buy another router, or am I missing something? Currently I have a TPlink 4gLTE router with a TPlink extender that is all driving me crazy so looking to move into the Asus world and bought this deal.

    • +3

      As you have already bought this, I would say to give this unit a go as standalone first to see if you are getting the required throughput before buying a second router for aimesh. You never know, a single AX86U standalone configuration just might surprise you! Cheers

      • +2

        Hopefully I get it before Black Friday! Thanks for the good advice. Did a bit more reading on the Asus site and didn't get much further. Really I just need a wired backhaul extender, but they dont seem to exist (AX98U was close but EOL apparently). Its more coverage than throughput being the reason for another device. Current router output Doesn't quite reach my inverter which is frustrating!

        • Coverage should be pretty good especially in your case as iots usually just running off 2.4ghz anyway. To get you some idea, My isp issued eero used to shit at far corners of my place but ever since upgrading to this, my whole house now has 5ghz signal that too at/near 100% signal strength.

          Let us know how you go once you have received and setup your unit. GL bro..

  • +1

    still rocking Asus RT-AC5300 with ddwrt. should i "upgrade"?

    • +1

      In the same boat but to actually extend the network and make the AC-5300 a node. Have read that mixing wifi-6 and 5 not a good idea if using wireless backhaul.

      • +1

        while I do gaming over wifi, and what I actually need is also a separate vlan for wifi and 1x lan port (Eufy cams and other wireless cctv on same vlan).
        RT-AC5300 has been rock solid since 2018.

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