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Belkin BoostCharge Pro 4-Port GaN Charger 108W, White $78 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon matched JB and $1 cheaper and easier to return from Amazon


About this item
2x USB-C and 2x USB-A ports to charge up to 4 devices at 108W of total power output
Integrated GaN technology provides a safe, high-powered, and efficient charge to your device while reducing the heat output, all in a compact design
USB-C PD 3.0 charges a MacBook Pro from 0-50 percent in 39 mins or charge an iPad Air 3 from 0-50 percent in 39 mins and iPhone 12 Pro from 0-50 percent in 26 mins
Intelligent Power Sharing recognises power needs and distributes proper output to up to 4 devices
Off-the-wall design allows it to live on a desk, nightstand, counter, etc. for ease of plugging-in and unplugging your devices

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    I had one of these, and the coil whine was annoyingly loud when charging a laptop from it, so wasn't any good for my use case.

    Totally fine if you just need a travel charger with lots of ports.

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      I've heard this complaint a lot @qwijibo which is such a shame, as this would be absolutely perfect for what I'm after. I have a laptop that needs 65w to charge, a phone that needs 20w, and then a smart watch (plus maybe a Nintendo Switch on occasion), so this would be brilliant to charge everything at once. Especially for travel.

      But if it's too loud, then there isn't much point. Can't stand the coil whine in electronics.

      • To clarify, I wanted a permanent desktop charger, that would I could leave everything plugged in to. I sleep about 2m away from it, and I found the coil whine loud enough at night that I had to turn it off (and eventually returned it).

        But if all you want is a travel charger (it's pretty convenient for that) that you only use occasionally then it's totally fine.

        I ended up getting 2 Anker 65W chargers for travel - about the same size/weight overall, and I only need to charge two devices at once.

    • thanks for the review, almost bought it. I am a very light sleeper, it would of drive me nuts

      • I can’t hear either of my 2 at all and I run an ROG Ally/steam deck and mobile most nights but maybe I got lucky

        • I think it is very much a lottery. Like @superforever says: people can buy it and if the coil whine is annoying, return it.

          Apart from the coil whine, it's a very nice charger (I remember watching a review of it, and it was one of the better chargers).

      • You can buy it from Amazon, if happened just return it.

  • FWIW - I've had one of these for a year or so. I only get coil whine when charging low powered devices via the USB-A ports (think airpods).

    If I also charge a laptop or phone via the USB-C ports the noise goes away. And if I only charge a phone or laptop no noise. Seems to just be airpods, speakers, etc by themselves on the USB-A ports that make mine whine.

  • christ, why are chargers so expensive?

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