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Logitech G G703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse with HERO 25K Sensor (OOS) $81.00 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Been looking for this for a while, seems like a good price.

Many other mice are on discount from Logitech G store in Amazon too.

Update Nov 23: Small price drop from $81.56 to $81

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    is it rechargeable or do you have to keep buying new batteries?

    • +2

      Rechargeable via Micro-USB or the PowerPlay Mat.

    • +1

      If you buy rechargable batteries then it solves that problem.
      Cheap inbuilt lithium batteries are the devil

      • +1

        They last longer than cheap rechargeable batteries, are 1/4 the weight, and charge faster to boot.

        • +4

          The fastest charge is swapping already charged AA/AAA batteries.

          • @Gorby: The fastest charge is using a PowerPlay Mat with these mice, I haven't charged my mouse for, coming up on 5 years now. Rechargeable AA/AAAs are notorious for having far less capacity than their non-rechargeable counterparts.

            • +1

              @conza: Notorious? For a wireless mouse?

              I have an Eneloop in my G305 that I haven't changed in months despite daily use.

              The mat doesn't change the problem of the lithium battery in your mouse eventually dying and the mouse becoming ewaste. You're just edging closer to reinventing the wired mouse

              • -1

                @Gorby: Reading and comprehension are quite difficult, let me help you.

                "Rechargeable AA/AAAs" batteries* "are notorious for having far less capacity than their non-rechargeable" battery* "counterparts.".

                Rechargeable AA/AAA batteries* have less capacity than non-rechargeable AA/AAA batteries.

                Make sense now?

                Yes, you're right, a way to easily user replace a lithium ion battery in a mouse would be ideal, but until that exists in the mainstream mice, this argument is fairly mute. The market for AAA/AA mice isn't large enough to have enough variety, I'm in the process of researching wireless gaming mice and it's quite the task starting from scratch.

                • @conza: I honestly don't know why you have to be a massive dick when replying. Quite obviously I was saying that the power draw of a wireless mouse is so low that any difference functionally doesn't matter between disposable and rechargeable (so you change the battery after, what, 3 months rather than 4?).

                  The "notorious" part of your comment seemed to be aimed at the bad 90s era rechargable batteries that really were a bad time. It implied that they were materially worse when they just aren't, and in fact with all but the highest end ($$$$) disposables they would be the same or better.

    • Haven't you ever heard of rechargeable double a and triple batteries? You never "have to" keep buying new batteries..

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    These are great while they work, unfortunately let down by a doubleclick problem, and scrollwheel issues.

    • Could that be fixed by replacing the switch?

      • Yep, I replaced the switches on mine with Omron 20M instead of the 50M that it had from memory & it's been perfect ever since.

    • +1

      What are the scrollwheel issues for this mouse?

      I purchased my Logitech G403 in 2016, replaced in 2017 due to scroll wheel issues, the issue happened in 2018 where they refused to replace it, instead giving me a G502 Mouse which was nice but not for gaming.

      So since 2018 my scroll wheel just randomly goes up and down when I use the scroll wheel, so its mostly useless.

      The G703 sounds great but I don't know if I want to buy something if it has the same known issue as the G403

      • +1

        I've had two G703's and one G403. All three scroll wheels broke from the mechanism and became free spinning. The second G703 literally broke a couple days ago which is why I'm now monitoring wireless mouse deals.
        But I never encountered some of the mouse wheel scrolls on its own / in the wrong direction issues I've seen come up when googling how common the breaking is.

      • +1

        For me it was the encoder, ghosting in the opposite direction while scrolling. So it would start scrolling down, then go upwards, before going down again. It's ridiculously frustrating. I changed the encoder once, requires soldering, and usually new skates, because the old ones get stuffed during removal to access the screws. Lasted another 6 months and started again.

        • Yes! Thats my G403 issue..

          How can they seriously not fix the issue in 7 years!

      • +1

        that's the same issue, i in reddit if you flip the mouse upside down and scroll each direction for 10 secs it will fix it, at least temporarily for me..

        • I'll try that with my G403, thanks.

      • +1

        G703 and Pro X Superlight here. Both had scroll wheel problems, g703 had double click issue and swollen battery.

        Decided to stop fixing the G703 when the battery swelled (2 years).

        Purchased the superlight after G703, scroll wheel dead in 3 months. As warranty would just be a pain and not result in a good encoder, I soldered in a kalith encoder. Still going strong for about 1 year now but would consider other brands in future.

    • yep, mine is 1 year old and started to have scroll wheel issue

    • I've got 2x G403 and 2x G703, and I don't know the scrollwheel issues happen on G703.

    • I am seconding the scroll issue an the double click issue. I even bought the G903 (upgrading from this mouse after the scroll wheel).
      @HiredGoon what did you replace it with?

      • My wife won an Asus ROG Gladius II Wired during a special store day at PLE, and it's pretty awesome really. I like slightly weightier mice, so it suits me well, very similar shaped to the G703. If I would grab a new one today, I'd go the Asus ROG Gladius III Wireless Aimpoint for sure. More of the same with wireless and bluetooth, and 36k sensor, currently $125 @ Officeworks

  • Should I get this or the Master 3S? I’ll be using it for productivity.

  • Mine's been going for two years, so far so good.

  • Also had for 2yrs and still going strong, no issues.

  • Sold out?

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