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Philips Hue Play White and Colour Ambiance Smart LED Bar 2 Pack Base Kit $138.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Similar deal to last week, currently looks like Amazon are the only one with this price.

The Hue Play light bars in black offer twice the fun in a single box. Place your two Play light bars anywhere to give you beautiful ambient.

Note: Operation requires Philips Hue bridge

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Apologies if this is a dumb question but — do these come in white?

    • They do, but at a premium.

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      I haven't seen the white Hue Play model sold in Australia, they only seem to be sold overseas unfortunately. And even then the mounting discs are still in black, for some odd reason!

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    Note: Operation requires Philips Hue bridge

    From the last deal, people are saying that this is now (as of a year or two ago) capable of operating without the Hue Bridge, via Bluetooth. Philips has been too lazy to update their own documentation and packaging:

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      Just received and can confirm it has bluetooth!

  • If I have home assistant and my own ZigBee dongle, do I lose any functionalty if I skip the hue bridge? Can do it with other lights and switches.

    • None that I recall. I'd be extremely surprised if the Hue add-on for Home Assistant can't do everything that the official Hue app can do.

      I only use the Hue Bridge occasionally to update the firmware on my Hue devices, since the Home Assistant/Zigbee2MQTT OTA updates never seem to work. The rest of the time, my Hue Bridge is in storage.

      • Thanks 👍 Curious, what reason do you have for upgrading the firmware? Fix specific issues or just cos you like to stay up to date?

        • I'm just OCD about staying up-to-date. If your lights/devices are working fine, probably no real need to update. Have not had any issues so far (about 5 months of use) with my Hue devices, they've been fantastic — and you'd expect so, for the premium prices that we have to pay.

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