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Free - Any Barista Made Drink @ BP Wildbean Cafe (Excl SA & NT)


22 November is free coffee day!*
Mr, what's better than a rich, smooth, barista made coffee?
A free one!

This Wednesday, your delicious barista made coffee is FREE from any wildbean cafe at bp. That's your favourite coffee, just the way you like it - or any barista made drink. Hot chocolate, iced latte, iced long black… just take your pick and enjoy on us!

Visit your nearest wildbean cafe or skip the line and pre-order your FREE barista made drink through the BPme app.
Spread the word and come and join us this Wednesday.

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  • Better than United who were offering $2 barista made coffee a few weeks back. The machine did better coffee.

  • -2

    Free - Barista Made Drink

    Taste better than Solicitor Made Drinks for sure !!!!

  • Anyone know which size please? I saw this in an email from them too but in the terms didn’t say

    • 'Any' it seems

      Offer Terms and Conditions:

      • Offer entitles you to any hot barista made beverage, iced latte, iced long black and any syrups, extra shots or alternative milks.
    • App says first small hot drink free, tried to pre-order large & need to pay the difference

      • Even any small hot drink is incorrect, have to pay extra for strong small coffee

        • +1

          I think the app allows your first coffee free as an ongoing promo rather than the free coffee Wednesday. Regardless agree wording is confusing. 😳

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            @orsam: The BPme app will allow you to pre-order any size of coffee for Free tomorrow (22/11/23). Otherwise it will default to the current offer of your first small coffee pre-order is free.

            • @chriszm: So need to download the app and the voucher will appear tomorrow?

              I already have had the app for almost a year .. haven’t used my first free coffee free promo yet.. will it give us the choice which we can use to redeem?

              • +1

                @b4rg: Yes BPme will award free barista made drinks tomorrow via pre-order during the offer period. No choice between the offers tomorrow, the free coffee day offer will take precedence as it applies to all sizes.

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    Kind of feels like we are cheapening the whole barista profession by calling a service station attendant making coffee "barista made"

    But hey, if you enjoy their coffee, it's free

  • +1

    Note that the bpme app isn't required for the deal. Just go to any wildbean cafe on Wednesday and get whatever coffee you want - whatever size, whatever milk, hot or cold. :D

    • confirmed right?

      • Yep :D

        • You might want to change that username if you ever fly and want to browse ozb on plane wifi

    • So only at wild cafe bps not other bps that have coffee :(

    • @iamhijak @ BP


      can you please confirm if below SA stores are on the free coffee list?

      WINGFIELD SA 5013
      +61 8 8349 7422

      24-30 MAIN NORTH ROAD
      WILLASTON SA 5118

      MOUNT BARKER SA 5152

      These stores have barista coffee facility saying on above url.

      • They aren't Wildbean Cafes. The offer is only available at sites with Wildbean Cafe as this is a Wildbean Cafe promotion. https://www.bp.com/en_au/australia/home/products-services/fo…

        There are no Wildbean Cafe locations in South Australia :(

        • … then why bp sent the free coffee emails to all SA registered users…

  • So we cannot have the free coffee without the app ?

  • Just ordered 5 maxi coffees on the app. All come up free and were waiting there to be picked up. Win!

    • Wow man

  • Thanks for the post, got mine this arvo.

    • +2

      Got mine too. Large ,maxi was too big.
      The girl serving made it with a smile, complimented her for that. Most of the time, staff give you a dirty when you ask for free stuff

      • Yeah, staff member at mine was also friendly, which is nice to see.

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