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JBL on Stage Micro II Speaker Dock $26.40 Delivered at JB (A World Beater at This Price)


JBL on Stage Micro II Speaker Dock $26.40 Delivered at JB (A World Beater at This Price).

$79.95 at HN

$92.78 + shipping at Amazom


Share your music library with friends anywhere your travels take you, indoors or out. On Stage Micro II measures just 6 inches (150mm) in diameter, and weighs in at only 0.67 pound (0.3kg). But with two JBL Odyssey full-range transducers, it has the muscle to outperform many much larger systems. Four AAA batteries deliver hours of continuous use, and with a USB cable, you can even sync and charge your iPod or iPhone with iTunes.

Key Features

Compatible with all docking versions of the iPod (including nano G3, iPod classic, iPod touch), iPhone, MP3 and CD players, and desktop and laptop computers (all platforms)

Main connection – iPod and iPhone docking connector; auxiliary connection – 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo mini jack

Drivers - Two JBL Odyssey 1" (25mm)

Power - 6V DC, 1.5A

Frequency Response - 70Hz – 20kHz

Have a good weekend all

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  • +1

    Jbl iPod dockers have really good sound quality, despite being small. This is an amazing price, probablly clearing products with the old iPhone dock. Definitely will be heading down to take a look (and buy something that I don't need)

  • It doesn't charge at the same time with those batteries does it?

  • If I connect the Andriod phone via aux will it still hold the phone upright?

    • I doubt it. The iphone is mostly supported by the dock connector in most of these units.

      • It looks like a slim fit for the iphone also…so no cases. :(

        • From memory, these should be as big as the universal dock so should be fine.

        • Looks pretty wide on the youtube reviews. Audio out as well so good for a dock to hifi system.

        • +2

          Ditch the case anyway - let your phone roam free and unrestricted. :)

        • I use my 3GS with this which has a silicone case on and there is heaps of room to spare in all sides. So I'd say 99.9% of cases are good to go with this product.

        • Is it an Audio OUT or audio In?

  • Great if you don't need Lightning port compatibility. I'm almost tempted not to upgrade. :)

  • Got one of these when they had these for $39.99. It sounds OK, but of course it's no comparison to my Bose Portable LOL. However for what I use it for, which is bedside charger/small speaker, it works good.

    This is a great price and it's worth this.

  • $44 in the Warr Mall shop today.

    • just take it to the counter and will scan $26.40. 40% off from $44 is $26.40. just grabbed few for x'mas presents. better still order online and get free delivery and save petrol

  • +1

    JB must be selectively clearing out stuff with the old dock connector. Grabbed this about a week ago for $36 down from $99, but there was only one.


    They had a few xTremeMac dock/speakers going out cheap. Might be worth checking out the clearance table in your store.

  • Anyone know if this supports iPhone 4 or 4S

    • Yes it does, u might need the dock slot though… >>> correction, u dont need a slot if u choose not to.

  • Grabbed one in store, thanks!

  • Just picked a couple at my local jb… Excellent sound quality in comparison to alot others… $26.40 is an insane price and it surely beats everything under $60 atleast (i tried out a few there)… Dont be scared of the small size, it does the job wonderfully and is also a traveller (Also 4 AAA batteries). U don't even get peanuts at this price :P

  • 4 or 5 left at Chadstone. Located near the registers not near the display model.

  • 3-4 left at World Square Sydney that I could see. One at the counter as well.
    Case wise, if I use the included support, I'd have to take it out of the case. Using no support, with case it is fine.

  • Cannot add to cart…. Showing in stock.

    • Try again.

      • 2 of us trying on different computers, both with different logins. Still not letting us add to cart. Will keep trying.

        • I was having the same problem using Chrome. Tried Internet Explorer and it worked (yeah I know)

        • That did it, Safari & Chrome don't like JB.

  • Anyone knows can I use it for iphone5?

    • Adapter required. Does the i5 come with one?

      • No, need to buy adapter for $29…grrr

        • +1

          I can hear Steve Jobs laughing in Hell.

  • No radio & alarm clock features ??

    • It's $26.40…..

      You can use the timer function on your iPod, or the alarm on your iPhone.

  • I ordered online store-pickup but still haven't received the 'ready for collection' email. They'd better not run out!

    • Did you order before 3pm?

      • Yeah, I ordered in the morning, received the order confirmation at 11.28am. Did it sell out at 3pm?

        • Got the email this afternoon. Went to pick it up, all good now!

  • How is compatible with Cd and mp3 player???

    • It has an audio-in socket on the back, so it can be used as a powered speaker.

  • does this come with the free itunes card as well? as per "bonus itunes gift card" with any dock purchase?

    • Probably, if you get it at DSE

      • oops getting deals/businesses confused!

  • Ordered mine for Pick-Up tomorrow from Frankston, seemed to good not to get one for $26.40.

    Thanks for the heads up;o)

  • Would be interested to know if a Galaxy s2 would stay put in the middle there

  • -1

    Although not designed for this purpose, does this unit have AUX out, so that it can be connected to a home theatre system etc, and just used as a charger and to provide a signal out to the home stereo system, etc. In other words, can the speakers be bypassed?

    • I'd suggest not. It has audio-in, so that won't work..

      It does however have USB out, for connecting to your computer, whilst charging/listening. If your home theatre has USB, and iPod support, that could work potentially.

      But then, if your home theatre has USB support, you could just use that to charge it….

      Nevermind then I suppose! Move along, nothing to see here!!

    • It does have audio out, but you may have issues with signal level if it's the same as this.

  • +1

    Love the fact that the Extended Warranty is $79!!! rather buy 3 more!

  • Thx, got the last one at jb Elizabeth St melb.

  • Thanks - got one too!

  • Got the last one at mt ommaney! I was amazed at this price just tried it out very good! anyone else notice it was hard to get in and take out the AAA Batteries? =o used a mini flat head screw driver, normally there should be like a small ribbon ?

  • Anyone having trouble "adding to cart" for delivery? I try and it says "In Cart" but there's nothing in my cart, and nothing to pay for when I try to check out.


    • +1

      Use Internet Expllorer. Had the same problem with Chrome and iPhone.

  • Kudos to theearth

    The sales guys at JBHifi just smiled when I asked for it - there were quite a few left at JB Enex100 in STGT.

    Good find, amazing sound for such a small device! Rock & Rock…happy days are here again :-)

  • Nuts, link says $99 now. Expired?

  • Yeah, expired now! Just called them - not available anymore >.<