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Finish Classic Dishwasher Tablets 110-Pack $15 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ Free Delivery w/ OnePass) @ Kmart


Cheaper than this deal

Free deliver for one pass. Early access wednesday for OnePass members from 8pm

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • ball-less!

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      comes with less marketing

  • Usual price at reject shop?

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    Idk what they put in that red ball but it seems that's the actual cleaning agent/s because these are shit

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    Being using these for ages without issue

  • I found a box of powerball tablets at the back of my cupboard, unused for quite some time and found the balls had turned blue!

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      It happens with neglect… or so I have heard

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    Does anyone know if Aldi have discontinued their logix platinum dishwasher tablets? I went to 2 stores and they didn't have any on the shelf.

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      I have also been to two stores and they had no stock. ( Coburg & Brunswick ) They had the shelf empty where they should have been, you would think if they were discontinued they would have filled the shelf with something else though.

      I'll stock up if I see them agian.

    • They’re still available in East Gippsland

      Have you tried the Woolworths 18 in 1 tablets? Same price and I found they work just as well (although in fair comparison, I’m using a benchtop dishwasher and so they may not be as effective in a full size machine)

  • Thanks OP - these have always worked fine for me - 3 boxes for the year ahead……

  • I don't think this includes free delivery for one pass members.
    One pass members can access this deal early, from 8pm tomorrow but only click and collect.

  • I break 25% for the prerinse cycle. Great result.

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    Youtube Technology Connections rant about tablets and just use powder, and the subsequent longer video where he says you can actually use even less than the first video.

    a box of powder costs less than a mid spec tablets and performs better. Tablets are a scam.

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      choice would disagree

    • Agree, I've always used powder and dishes are clean. A good dishwasher makes the difference.

  • Am I missing something? It says available for purchase 8am Thursday? But not live yet? Not a onepass member

    • I’m OnePass and can’t add it either.

    • I just added and ordered - perhaps it opened up late?

  • HACK for while it's not published as the sale

    1) Add to wishlist
    2) Go to https://www.kmart.com.au/wishlist/
    3) Increase count if you want and then click blue button to Add to bag
    4) Click cart and check out

    edit: it's live now

    • Looks to be ok now. Just ordered

  • Anyone tried this in store yet ?

    Update: lots of stock instore at Kmart Blacktown selling for $15
    After entering in to the store you’ll find them against the wall towards Home section

  • OOS

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