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$15 Twister Double Deal, $7.95 Zinger Nuggs Combo, $8.95 Double Burger Meal and more @ KFC (Online & Pickup Only)


Each fortnight KFC will offer online/app accounts one of about half a dozen different deals for the week. I figured it would be best to consolidate them all into one deal instead of having a few posts of different offers.

You need to have email marketing turned on in account settings to get offered one of the deals. You also need to have a store selected that is currently open.

Deal Description
$7.95 Zinger Nuggs Combo Zinger® Burger, 1 Regular Chips, 6 Nuggets and 1 Regular Drink.
$7.95 Zinger Pop Combo Zinger® Burger, 1 Regular Chips, 1 Regular Popcorn Chicken® and 1 Regular Drink.
$8.95 Double Burger Meal Zinger Burger with 1 Regular Chips, 1 Regular Drink and a Double Tender Burger.
$8.95 Zinger, Nuggs 'n Chips Zinger® Burger, 10 Nuggets, 1 Regular Chips and 2 Dipping Sauces.
$15 Twister Double Deal 2 Original Crunch Twisters with 2 Pieces Original Recipe Chicken and 2 Regular Chips.
$6 off $20+ Spend For the A-Listers, here's $6 off your KFC when you spend $20

I'll try to add other deals people got this week to the table if people want to mention them in the comments.

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  • which open KFC store did you set it to in the app? i can't find one that is currently open.

    • None at time of post afaik. I checked around midnight, but didn't make the post then.

  • +5

    $7.95 Zinger Nuggs combo - burger, chips, 375ml drink, dip and 6 nuggets. Can upgrade to a large ($10.45)

    Not bad.

    • +1

      Update: checked other account and I've got the same $7.95 deal except popcorn chicken replaces 6 nuggets and sauce.

  • +3

    i got $8.95 double burger deal 1 zinger 1 double tender, with chips and a drink

    • Likewise
      Mayhaps it's the better deal

      • Also got it on one account (the account that always seems to get the better deals).

  • +28

    Who else remembers the twister before KFC ruined it with cabbage, stale corn chips and made the strips half the size ? Pepperidge farm remembers

    • +2

      Were so much better with the crispy strips too.

    • +6

      Yeah they brought the cabbage in during covid times as the prices for lettuce for fkn insane. Shame they've stuck with it, they taste horrible now. Don't get me started on the corn chips…

      • You know you can just swap it to lettuce for free right?

        • Only at some stores. It's not an option at most.

    • I think it's just an isolated case. My local store doesn't do that. Also, I think Sushi store do exactly that.

    • +8

      Broo Please I want the original kfc twister back with that saucy goodness and those tomatoes

      • +1

        And toasted!

    • Most people don't like the new one. US has the old style from what I remember.

  • +1

    have they gone back to lettuce and tomato or is that gone forever

    • Tomato gone but can still get lettuce, have to edit the twister or whatever though to select it.

  • Good to see KFC are doing something new and creative. It tastes so good too! Hope other fast food stores would do the same in the midst of this economy crisis.

  • +4

    I miss the old Twisters, why did they replace them with this shit. Miss my old honey mustard twister

  • Bring back BBQ bacon rollers.

  • +2

    Got the following on a few accounts - Zinger burger, 10 nuggets + 2 sauces, regular chips for $8.95 (no drink included).

  • +2

    I got $6 off $20+ spend.

    • Same deal, the blurb goes " For the A-Listers, heres $6 off your KFC when you spend $20… Pick up only / Online only, "

    • Better then the employee discount if spending $20, damn

  • +2

    I haven’t had any of these deals as long as they’ve been ongoing, and I still don’t. So frustrating

  • Free upsize for a box zzz

  • Thanks OP, you are legend!

  • +1

    Are these targeted because I don't have any of these

    • pretty sure they are

  • +2

    Just got an email that KFC are purging multiple accounts on the 27th..

    • I got one too :(

    • Can bypass it by changing mobile number to a disposable number easily found online.

  • is amex accepted at KFC?

    • -1


    • +1

      You can use Paypal in the app which you can add an Amex to. Can't use the card directly though.

  • dunno if my store is standard but the twisters were tiny

  • KFC has started to remove duplicate accounts on same number, received an email advising me that there are multiple accounts associated with a single mobile number…

    And they will delete all but the last account I log in with on the 27th of Nov

    • Tbf that's kinda on you with the amount of profitable Boost SIMs going around. There's probably still time to change.

  • I just had a popup for the double burger combo and I said maybe later. Now I cant find it anywhere in the app. Any way to get it back so I can claim it?

    • +1

      It won't show if the store you have selected is closed. Wait for 9am/10am whenever your local store opens and check again.

      • Thanks for that. Changed to a store that was open and it popped up. Good to know!

  • +1

    Got non of them.

  • +1

    Damn I guess I'm a Z lister

  • Somehow I got an email for the $8.95 nuggets and chips deal, then logging into the same account as the email, I have the $7.95 6 nugget burger combo instead…

  • -3

    Why is KFC so Jewish with the drinks these days?
    I don't understand it… It would cost them like 70c for a 600ml Pepsi if that.

    • +1

      Just some casual racism for no reason

  • I got 3 nugs for $2.95 🤝

    • That's the deals for everyone, did you not get a targeted deal?

  • Bugger me, missed out on this. Planned to go last night, got to the store before i placed the order, and it was like 9:47, and app said it cant take orders at this time. Thats when i realised most KFC stores close at 10pm, this was right next to my local mcdonalds thats open 24 hours so i thought KFC was open till 11 or midnight :(. Mental note, place an order before you drive out there, then the app would have accepted the order.

    • +1

      Not sure if they've fixed it, but in the past if the item was still in your cart you'd be able to order it after the deal expired as long as you didn't change stores. This was working back when they had the daily deals back in July ( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/784608 ) where you could only order between 3-5PM but using the cart trick could just get it the next day at any time.

      • oh thats interesting.

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