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30% off Selected Full Priced ASICS (Free OneASICS Membership Required) + Free Shipping @ ASICS (Online & in-Store)


Just got an email giving a heads up on ASICS Black Friday sale starting today at 5pm.

Unsure yet how many styles they'll apply the discount to but last year it was almost store-wide with the exception of soccer boots. If I recall correctly, Cashrewards went up to 40% cashback in the final days of the sale last year which presented some ripper deals - you just run the risk of your size selling out.

Assuming they're part of the sale, I'll personally target a new pair of the Novablast 3s which I've found provide heaps of comfort and durability over longer runs. My current pair have almost 1500kms and still going strong: https://www.asics.com/au/en-au/novablast-3/p/AOP_1011B458-10…

First time poster, long-time lurker so let me know if anything needs fixing up!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    1500kms ?! i've been running for the last 2-3years, none of my shoes have gone beyond 500km

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      Had a pair of Puma Deviate Nitro's before my current Novablasts which clocked around 600-700KMs before falling apart - I've been really impressed with how these ASICS have kept together, I can't even see any concerning wear-and-tear on them yet.

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        The Novablast 4s are coming out 7th Dec. If you can hold out til boxing day sales the 3s might be even cheaper. I'm also considering the Novablast. Been running in Kayanos and find they last about 7-800km.

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          That's good to know! I had Kayanos before my current pair of Novablasts, enjoyed them a lot but the Novablasts honestly blew them out of the park. The wider soles offer a lot of stability (I don't have great ankles so big +) and the cushioning is outstanding. Less leg fatigue over longer distances and overall was able to add mileage to my training.

          That all being said, keen to add a pair of the Metaspeed's to the line-up for Sydney mara next year - will hopefully get a pair if they're part of the sale!

          • @Chrysuss: I was worried about lack of stability for overpronators on the Novablast but seeing as you switched from Kayanos that's reassuring. The other shoe I'm considering is the GT2000. The Kayanos are great but they just keep getting heavier each year.

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            @Chrysuss: hopefully you saw the sydney mara deal today https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/813837

  • My ASICS shoes only seen to last 6 months max before holes start to appear and tears to the padding on the inside. Still they are the most comfortable shoe So I will keep buying them

    • What model do you usually buy out of curiosity?

  • Thanks OP,

    Novablast 3 would be on sale once Novablast 4s are relased which is soon. I would lean towards grabbing Kayanos. Will wait for cashrewards to avoid disappointment.

    1500+ from shoes is unimaginable.

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    Asics factory outlet is doing 50% off

    • oooh

      what is the website?

      Have you bought from them before??

      Just hoping it isnt a fake/dodgy website setup to scam people for black friday etc

      (it happens!)

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        physical store, seems like its only in sydney though, not sure for other states.

        • Thanks!

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    is it active now?

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      Starts 5pm today

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    I'm in between sizes, returns policy seems decent I assume no issues with getting 2 to try on the size and returning one of them?

    • Yeah i did that before with puma shoes

  • Quite a lot of models on sale. Picked up some GT-1000s to replace some that a few years old.

  • I got some shirts and shorts

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    12% with shopback

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    novablast 3 for $142 with 12% cashback with shopback - https://www.asics.com/au/en-au/novablast-3/p/AOP_1011B458-10…

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      Ripper, thanks for the comment, grabbed a pair!

      • I reckon you should write up another post for that

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      Should be even cheaper with 30% shopback tomorrow hopefully

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    Stack today with shopback 30% and $150 asics spend challenge (spend 150 get 10 back) and there are some great deals!

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    Waiting for a decent cashrewards cashback to pull the trigger, like last two years.

    • shop back has 20% right now, it was at 30% yesterday.

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    GT-1000 11 purchased this time last year. Has just ticked over 1,600 klms of road run with some life still in the soles (I'd guess another 200 klms).

    Will be ordering the GT-1000 12.

    Once they are doing with running I convert them to general walking shoes for another while or where there is risk of high damage.

    But these have been excellent shoes for the coin. In rain and heat. Bang for buck.

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