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[Refurb] Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 i5 8th Gen 8GB RAM 256GB SSD $299 Delivered @ Australian Computer Traders



We have another limited surface offer for our Black Friday Sales

This time round we have the Surface Laptops 2.

Surface Laptop 2

Intel i5 8350u
8Gb Ram
256Gb SSD
13.5” PixelSense™ Display
Windows 11 Pro
12 Month Warranty

All units are tested to a minimum of 80% original charge.

This model is the Alcantara version, so some cosmetic marks on the keyboard are there. Please see link for sample photos

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    Is battery replacable? ?

    • Didn't google but I guess 99% no

      • +1

        How do we check that we get the right 1% ones then???

        • +1

          The usual way we deal with minority, ignore them

    • Not on this one

  • -3

    Grabbing popcorn, this should be good.

  • does any know does all Surface Laptop have the screen hairline cracking issue or is it just a defect on Surface Laptop 3 and earlier?

  • +2

    I can only imagine how gross the fluffy Alcantara is from someone else's use.

    • It can be cleaned…but it'd be a hard sell

      • depending on what the alcantara has absorbed, it could also have a hard shell

    • +2


      the mere sight of someone elses crusty hand grime is why none of these shall ever enter my home, not to fix (or attempt to fix, more correctly) or to own

      they couldnt pay me to take one

  • Thoughts on bringing back the 7060 Micro deal during this sale period?

  • Can you please post a close up image for 1 surface? The image post was not clear

    • Is there something you are particularly looking for? There is about 300 available, so the one I photograph won't be the one you get.

      • I just want to see the cosmetic marks that you mentioned if possible. The photo showed grainy surface around the keyboard, which looks like it was due to alcantara fabric. I thought it was dirt at first

        • It's the staining of the Alcantara, not dirt. TBH, these are pretty good compared to what I've seen in the past.

          • @Calmago: How can it be A grade condition like the website mentions?

            • @J B S: Sorry what do you mean

      • Hi, Calmago how long are you running this offer for?

        • +1

          Ends tomorrow.

  • I’m guessing no sim slot?

  • Ordered one. Seller is very supportive. Recommended.

  • Is the screen detachable with this model?

    • Microsoft Surface Laptop keyboards are not removable.

    • no, you need Surface PRO model

  • Any deals on the SL3?

  • is the ram upgradable?

  • Mine arrived today - looks like new. Was worried about staining on the keyboard but it's great.

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