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Qudelix 5K Bluetooth USB DAC AMP US$99 (~A$152, US$89 with New User Signup) Delivered @ Drop


Very good price for these, have built in eq profiles for iOS users and console users

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  • +2

    I have this, spent well over $200 on it and love it, it's perfect for iems

  • +1

    already have one but tempted to buy another one as a spare. love it that much

  • I have a few DAC and Amps so have tried to stay away from this, but those community EQ. profiles are amazing, especially if you need different tuning presets for different headphones. Thanks OP, got one!

  • is there a chance this will be cheaper? its down to 79 now

  • hate the physical buttons setup: e.g. couldn't customize the "single click" buttons to "next track", etc…

  • Would love one of these, but OOS now unfortunately.

    • Every time with Drop I wait too long looking only at the closing date but forgetting the allocation can run out :-(

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