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Virgin Australia: One Way Flights to Uluru from Brisbane / Melbourne $129-$159 (Fly between Jun / July - September)

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From VA promo email

We're celebrating our new route, with exclusive launch fares
From June 2024, we'll be flying from Brisbane and Melbourne to Uluru up to four times a week. Book now and save up to 30% off selected one-way flights to Uluru. Hurry, sale ends midnight AEST 22 November 2023.*

There's never been a better time to explore the spiritual Heart of Australia. Discover sacred wonders, striking desert landscapes and abundant opportunities to connect with arts, Country and culture.

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Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia

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  • +4

    one way sales is such a trap. They just get you with the return ticket.

    • But the prices are both to and from Uluru….?

      • you're right. return from Uluru to MEL/BNE is also on $129 one way deal. so, $258 return. A lot cheaper than the $600 fares I saw a few weeks ago for travel during Easter 2024.

  • +1

    What is the point if you can't climb Ayers Rock ????

    • You'll never never know because you'll never never go.

      • -1

        Anangu traditional law forbids climbing.

        Traditional sanctions and punishments include:
        • death (either directly inflicted or by ‘sorcery’ or incantation), spearing (of greater or less severity) or other forms of corporal punishment;
        • individual or collective ‘duelling’ with spear, boomerang or fighting sticks;
        • shaming or public ridicule;

        • +1

          Really? Or did you "extrapolate" that for effect?
          You won't go and aren't of that skin so you can relax.

            • @jv: So you not only extrapolated but now you're admitting to intentionally misleading by misquoting a paper? Naughty. You've implied a link between two distinctly separate things, for effect.

              • @Igaf:

                you're admitting to intentionally misleading by misquoting a paper?

                You are lying

                • @jv: No I searched the document you erroneously referenced either by design or ignorance.

                  • @Igaf: Don't feed the troll dude. That's as much of a purposely antagonistic post from jv as I've seen in a while

                    • @Hinee: Yes, I know. His inanities are usually harmless.

                  • @Igaf:


                    Yes, your statement is a lie.

                    • @jv: Which statement exactly? The paper you referenced doesn't link Uluru climbs with traditional indigenous punishments as you comically attempted to do. If it did you'd have no trouble finding the quote. Based on you modus operandi I'm mildly surprised /s you haven't yet linked papers on Uluru climbing incidents with traditional law/custom.

                      I've climbed Uluru three times and only got punished once. I'll tell you the fascinating true story if you join ACAL

                      • @Igaf:

                        Which statement exactly?

                        "but now you're admitting to intentionally misleading by misquoting a paper?"

                        • @jv: That's a simple enough deduction, which ended with a (leading) question mark. You presumably understand the implication of that English construct ? Woops, there it is again.

                      • @Igaf:

                        and only got punished once.

                        Did you get "speared" or "shaming or public ridicule" ?

                        • @jv: There's a paywall you need to unlock. Your membership of ACAL will reveal all.

  • +5

    The accommodation needs to be on sale otherwise cheap flights are a trap.

  • +1

    That's incredibly cheap. If you haven't been, go. Make sure you also visit Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon while you're in the area.

    Edit: not many flights at that low rate.

  • +1

    Rather set fire to my money than give any to that load of grifters.

    • -4

      Virgin Australia are grifters? How so? Cue the usual mob of Ozbargain bigots - and hypocrites.

      • +2

        Not virgin…

        • -1

          Didn't think so. Congratulations on confirming your membership.

          • -1

            @Igaf: Only 6 members so far. Must be bigot holiday time. Small mercies.

  • great Deal

  • +2

    Thanks OP 5 friends are coming for 5 nights in total in August 2024.
    Car costs 464 aud Kia Carnival for 5 days
    Accommodation for 5 is 956 AUD a two bed cottage facilities are shared though.
    Air Tickets came as 330 AUD .

    Exploring Olgas, Uluru and hopefully Grand Canyon.
    Cost effective taking into account high season - winter

    • Very reasonable plan you got there!

      • Could be a stretch getting to the Grand Canyon though.

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