Cygnett Wireless Car Charger Window or Vent Mount $44 (Special Order Only) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bunnings & Bing Lee


Normally around $89


Bing Lee link :




2 Year Warranty
Precise magnetic alignment
Compatible with MagSafe
Up to 15W fast wireless charging
20W USB-C Car Charger Included

Compatible with MagSafe. The magnets built inside this holder perfectly align with MagSafe technology inside iPhone 12, iPhone 13, & iPhone 14 securely attaching your phone while you drive. This car charger is compatible with official MagSafe and Magnetic charging accessories.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Comes up as $68 for me

  • Wireless charging is not good.

    • +1

      it's pretty convenient
      this deal is for the window mount but the air vent one at least has the advantage that running your AC will keep device/charger cool, minimising excess heat of wireless charging

      • +1

        The Bunnings link has a picture of the vent, but states window!

        • Vent option is also available at same price. Added link

    • Why do you say so?

      I moved to a wireless charging vent mount early this year and it's so quick and easy to just drop the phone in and go. I wouldn't go back to manually plugging in phone. It is not as fast as wired PD fast charging, but if I really needed an emergency top up I can always just unplug the cable from the mount and straight into phone.

      • Uses more electricity, causes more heat, degrades the battery.

        • True, my iphone gets overheated while wireless charging!

  • Is this the best bang for buck magsafe mount for iphones at the moment? Trying to organise a car mount and magsafe case for my missus for Christmas but way too many to pick from, help me people!

  • PSA: Using wireless charging prevents the use of wired Apple CarPlay

  • +1

    Not sure how good these vent car chargers are holding the car vents. My experience with ones with similar designs is that they slip off as they are held together with a friction grip. When there are changes to the cars speed, they gradually lose their grip. Better ones I have found are ones with a j-hook and knob to tighten the mount to the vent. It's a rock solid attachment and are becoming more common now.

    • Mi One is better. Using Four of them for many years and still going strong.

    • depends on the type of vent you have too

  • im using pitaka case, can I use this with the pitaka cases?

  • judging by the Maghold (no charging) version's price it seems like might have been even cheaper at TGG, but all gone.…

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