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Harris Strong Ground Coffee 1kg $15.50 ($13.95 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Harris strong ground coffee is on Black Friday sale for $15.50

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Same as the other 2 blends Smooth and Extra Strong.
    Bought 3 bags for about $42 total which makes all the fancier $33/kg options hard to justify for me

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      Not sure why you are getting negged lol. I thought this was OzBargain not CoffeeSnobs.

  • How long do these store for usually? I want to buy several but it will take me a month or two to get through. Thinking I might put a spare in the freezer in some tupperware.

    • Don't tupperware them, that is introducing oxygen and moisture as soon as you open the bag to put it in tupperware.

      Best practice is to just chuck the whole bag in the freezer unopened. Then when you are ready you also need to fully thaw it unopened.

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    Haven't tried Harris before but the beans are the same price: https://www.amazon.com.au/Harris-Strong-Coffee-Beans/dp/B088…

    • I prefer beans and grind them in small batches of roughly 100g. Any suggestions

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        This is the way. Go for it!

        • How does it compare to Aldi Brazil/Columbia beans?

    • Cheers for the heads up, bought one of each for $41!

  • Roast date?

    • For this price probably only "expiry date". :)

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    Aldi vs those beans?

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      Taste is subjective but I'd go Aldi - had Harris for years (Coles & Amazon) and they only show an expiry date. Aldi give you the roast date.

      I tried specialist coffee roasters for a couple of years but can't see the value for stovetop brewing.

      All that said, Harris beans smell great.

      • Agree on the above re dates. Harris is normally 12 months from the expiry. But the Aldi Brazillian isn't as good last 2 years.
        I got some Harris Strong from Amazon (based on the flavour profile in the pics - prefer choc notes). Had 10 months until expiry. Was better than Aldi Brazillian beans. I havent tried the Aldi Luxe beans yet. Went with Lime Blue instead this time (only $2 different than the Luxe)

  • My partner and I have been using these beans with our coffee machine for over a year and it's our go-to. We buy the ground 1kg bags from Coles when they go on sale - gonna snatch up 4-5 of these

  • Just received 3 bags of Smooth.
    All sept 2024 expiry.
    Might grab a couple more

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