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[eBay Plus] 7kW 32A Type 2 to Type 2 5m Single Phase EV Charging Cable $90.96 Delivered @ Crazyvictor eBay


Not a bad deal for a travel cable for destination chargers or free public AC chargers.

These single phase cables are lighter than the 3 phase, but will only charge at a max of 7kW. Great for cars that only support single phase charging (ie: Atto 3/Dolphin) instead of lugging around a 3 phase cable.

Normal price was $129.95. Save $38.99 (30% off.)

I know the quantity has to be 10 or more, but it just says "limited quantity", so can someone more eBay savvy than myself confirm if that means more than 10 or less?

I would link to the original "BFEX30" post, but I cant seem to find it. Will edit this post if/when I find it. So, in the mean time, here is a link to the Terms and Conditions

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • any review on this? good price, but unknow brand.
    oh, didn't realise it's 7kw only, my bad

    • Dont know. I got one for $90 and will give it a go and report back. My only concern is the durability of the plugs and how hot the cable gets. But for $90, I'll be a lab rat.

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      The brand is X-Car. https://x-car.com.au/
      I have several accessories from them for my Tesla - mats and 22kW Type2 cable (all bought through CrazyVictor). Very happy with quality (and fit for the mats)

      • saw that, so how long have you been using this type2 cable? i am keen to buy one too, although i mostly charging at home

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      sorry, it's not unbranded, it's X-CAR. althought i have no idea about this brand.

  • What's with the certificate of approval from their Ebay listing?.Most of it is smudged out.

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      Yeah, I would take that with a grain of salt. I have a feeling that it isnt a legit "certificate of approval" and it seems to be a TUV and not an EESS certificate.

      But then again, it is a cable, there are no electronics in these, it's basically just an extension cable from an EVSE to an EV.

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    It isn’t certified for use in Australia (no RCM tick advertised) but has CE/TUV docs. Better than nothing but not technically allowed here.

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    Thanks mate, been keeping an eye out for the odd occasion I need to top up the atto somewhere without a tail.

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    You can pickup a 22kw cable for around $135, probably better as a future proof option, although some EVs do already accept 22kw AC input.

    • I have a 22kW cable as well, but it’s just awkward and heavy AF. I never used it and had it in the car for emergencies, but it takes two people to roll it up.

      Almost all the free public chargers around here are 7kW and my car is only 7kW single phase, so I just wanted to try a lighter cable and $91 seemed like it was cheap enough.

      My new motorcycle arrives in a few months and it only does 3.6kW charging, so I’m looking for a lighter 15a cable and 3m long to save more weight if I need to take it with me on a ride.

  • Oh it's an extension lead? I thought it was a mobile charger, been holding out on Tesla's mobile charger because I don't need it yet.
    Will need to bite the bullet soon.

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    now i just need to buy a EV car.

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    Alot of people don't realise this is only a single phase cable that is only capable of max 7kw and that 5m might not be long enough for them, not to mention the quality control between this and something that is branded, you're running a heavy amount of power through these cables, it's not the kind of place to be saving a few dollars.

    This is why I always advocate for buying the German-Made MENNEKES Type 2 Adapter cable directly from Tesla. It's a steal at $310 delivered, it's 7.5m length, and it's a 3 phase cable that is capable of delivering up to 16.5kw while charging (Max 11kw for Model 3 & Y)

    • What do you think for my Atto 3 that can take a max of 7kw AC currently? Thanks

  • Just read the ebay description, the description section says it comes with 2 year warranty but under the warranty section, it only mentioned 1 year.

    • CrazyVictor responded to my Ebay msg and confirmed it comes with 2 year warranty but advised to claim through Ebay if there's any issues.

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    Only a few reviews, doesnt look good.


    Buy cheap, get cheap

  • At least in QLD, you can't install new 32a circuits in single phase houses on an uncontrolled load tariff.

    • Is there some sort of exemption for things like ovens, pools, AC etc ? Or do you have to go three-phase for large installs like this ?

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