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Panasonic DP-UB820 4K Ultra HD Player $479.99 + Shipping @ The Good Guys eBay Store


For the money, the best 4K UHD player on the market to enjoy your physical media. Dolby Vision support, HDR Optimiser, and a great upscaler for 1080p discs.

Specs: https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/home-entertainment/blu…

Excludes: QLD Far North, WA Remote

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    That’s a decent price. And by decent I mean cheaper than usual, and cheaper than I paid earlier in the year. Still way more than they have any right to be lol.

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      Captive market at this point I guess - not much competition and becoming niche.

  • Why's this better than ps5? upscaling?

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      Main reasons are Dolby Vision support & better upscaler.

      • makes sense cheers

    • I think with the Xbox Series X at least, there's an issue with 100GB 4k disks (the issue being it can't play them), which this has no issue with.

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    They are still releasing updates for it, I recently bought one and I'm very happy with the performance

  • is it time to upgrade my DVD player to this?

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      DVD should be good for another few decades so—-HODL. :)

    • 4k blu ray is probably the last physical media so if you are an old fuddy duddy who hates movies disappearing from streaming and you dont want to sail the high seas its a good buy. Plus 4k discs do sound and look great

  • Genuine question. I've got Series X and PS5. How is this any more? Don't the consoles also have Dolby Vision through updates?

  • I'm seeing $538.99?

  • Even cheaper with the TCN gift cards going 15% off at Coles tomorrow.
    $457.30 with gift cards at JB/TGG in store that way

  • Excellent price for this unit ..though I wonder why anyone would buy physical media anymore … I have ripped all of mine into ~40 Gb chunks and stored it on my NAS ..I cannot see or hear any difference on my 130 inch faux 4k screen and a 5.1.2 home theatre on any of those and I have played them both side by side one through the older gen panny the other through an Nvidia Shield with the the AI enhancement turned off.. Dolby vision of course is not supported by my projector that is a solid point but that seems a big outlay for just dolby vision ..HDR 10+ is widely accepted by most projectors ..tellys of course can play both .. having said that it is a great price ..it is a fantastic unit..I still have the older gen ..but like I said physical media seems redundant now ..to me at least .. even torrents are posting remuxes these days ..which of course I do not condone

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      A lot of people, for the most part, will agree with you, and so do I to a certain extent. Some people, like little 'ol me can tell and appreciate the better vision and audio quality of a 4k disc to what is being streamed. I don't have a setup that runs through NAS, so I can't comment on that quality, I stream and it is from the node, so I only get 15 Mbps, not 80 Mbps of a 4k disc. I have about 60 4k movies, which is comparatively low as some people have 100's or well over 1000. Which is the other advantage, it is your movie to keep and you can watch it when you want, don't need to try and find it and hope that Netflix et al have it showing. This is the same with you and your setup.

      The way I look at it, if you are going to spend thousands of $ on a TV/ projector and a 5.1 - 9.2.6 sound setup to get the best, spend some more to get the best from it.

  • Which may explain the lack of competition.. this unit is the best ..whats the second best ?

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      Panasonic DP-UB450 IMO. The Sony X700 is popular, but need to manually enable Dolby Vision which to me sounds like a pain, and has some issues with 100gb discs.

      There are other more expensive options available, like the Panasonic DP-UB9000 or Magnetar UDP800, but you'd want to be running some seriously high end home theatre gear to consider dropping $2k on a disc spinner.

  • Finally pulled the trigger, want one of this for long time and used some my old eBay gift cards.

    I had one Sony X800 unit, it freeze sometimes when play 4kband no DV support.

  • Of course I purchased this yesterday from JB hifi using gift cards…

  • Is it worth getting a 4K player, Disney has stopped releasing bluray in Australia. I'm guessing other production companies will eventually follow. https://www.whathifi.com/news/disney-discontinues-dvd-and-bl… n-in-australia-effective-immediately

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      Sure - plenty of movies available in Aus now, including second hand, and can import many titles easily enough on Amazon at not too great a cost if you’re patient for sales.

  • Thanks! Been looking out for a good blu-ray player and one that I can region "unlock". This looks to be the best and cheapest option.

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