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Logitech Alert Indoor Camera 700i $179 Free Shipping


RRP for this camera is $299
LogitechShop have it for $230 which is the cheapest I'd seen before this.

Office works have the outdoor master kit on special too @$299 vs $359 at the LogitechShop

  • Expand and add-on an additional camera to an existing Logitech Alert Master System, to be able to see what is going on in other rooms or locations.
  • High-definition video and a wide-angle lens at 960 x 720p at 15 frames per second makes it easier to recognise people and objects more clearly.
  • Easily enable audio recording using the built-in microphone.
  • Motion-triggered recording automatically records video when it detects motion and can send alerts to a selected e-mail address.
  • For precise motion detection, users are able to specify up to 16 motion-detection zones within the frame, such as doors and windows.
  • Place the camera anywhere using the included desktop stand, wall mount or suction cup, attached to a window, pointed inside or out.
  • Record video onto the included 2GB microSD card without having to connect to a desktop or notebook computer.
  • HomePlug networking technology uses existing outlets and electrical wiring to connect to home networks and transmit video without using new wires.
  • All videos is automatically backed up to a desktop or notebook computer when it is connected to the home network.
  • Login to a secure website hosted by Logitech to watch live camera feeds from anywhere for free viewing.
  • Alert Mobile Commander app for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry provides easy mobile management, to watch live video on mobile devices.
  • Use Google Chrome on a Google TV system, including Logitech Revue, for free viewing of the security system.
  • Easily expand security coverage by mixing and matching up to six indoor or outdoor add-on cameras.
  • Package Contents: Logitech 700i Camera, Network Adapter, 1 x 3 metre Ethernet Cable, 2GB microSD card, Window, Desktop and Wall Mounts.
  • System Requirements: Existing Logitech Alert Master System, Windows7, Vista and XP with SP3, 2 GHz or faster processor, 1 GB of RAM and a high-speed internet connection.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year.

Free shipping or in store pickup.

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  • +2 votes

    good price which logitechshop cant match.

    • Agreed is a good price, but probably just out of my budget, would probably get it if it was a little cheaper.

      • Have a look at Swann's site… they have various solutions & some items are cheaper, due to being "returned" or "open boxes" (etc.)

        I haven't done business directly with Swann, but I used to like their dial-up modems, back in the day… ;-)

  • -1 vote

    You'll have to ADD the cost of a [larger] REQUIRED bit:

    • "Logitech Alert Master System"

    How much will that cost? :-/

  • There are some standalone cameras, with lighting & NO need for a costly "Master System"

    Hang it on a tree, or in the corner of a room…

    Complete with motion-detector.

    I got one for $135 on sale.

    So, what's in this Logitech cam, that would justify my jumping on their -centralised- system.

    Analogy: To make High-Quality audio recordings of, eg, round-table discussions, pro audio engineers are hanging CHEAP, STANDALONE voice recorders on -each- speaker's lapel or blouse…

    …ie, -instead- of a couple of -centralised- (eg, wireless or directional) mic's, with costly behind=the-scenes operator watching meters, etc. during the (possibly lengthy) discussion.

    There is an -excellent- sample video, which uses this technique to bring high-quality speakers' voices - recorded in a noisy restaurant.

    (On YouTube, several nuclear power plant engineers & researchers are discussing a project that used molten salt (instead of water) to cool a nuclear power plant.

    Even if you're not into the topic being discussed, you might like to view the short YouTube video, to experience the quality of the audio recording.)

  • so does it require a master kit (Logitech Alert Master System) to work or not?

    • Depending on whether you need the powerline adapters. If yes, then you'll need the master.

      If you intend on using PoE then master system isn't required.


      • This is only true with the 'B' models which they stopped selling as of the 1st of October 2012. These were only available in the USA anyway.

        The new models need a master system to work.

  • Yes it does require the master system to work. This is an add on camera to either the indoor or outdoor master system. Each master system can have upto 6 cameras.

    The master systems only come with one camera then you buy the ad-ons.

  • How are these powered?

    • Short version ?
      they run on 48V Power over Ethernet connections, the 700's comes with 1 powered adaptor, the 750's comes with 2.

      Long version:

      the 700i is the inside camera,
      the 700n model is the upgraded 700i with IR night vision.
      the 700e is the external camera with a weatherproof shell and microphone (i think they all have mic's)

      The 750 i/n/e kits have the 2nd PowerLine Adaptor (non-powered) to connect to a PC so you can run the Logitech Alert Commander (AC) monitoring software.

      if you don't want to buy the 750i/n/e kit(s), you can buy an $80 4-port PoE switch, (edit: the Dlink DGS-1008P 8-port PoE Switch for $120-$140 is easier to buy) and connect each camera using Cat6 ethernet cables (PoE compatible), set up each camera using it's own config page, and use a 3rd party camera monitoring app like Blue Iris (there's a trial version), zoneminder (uses linux) milestone xprotect (limited cameras) or others.

      if you do use 3rd party software, you can run more than 6 cameras on the same network (an AC limitation, also possibly a homeplug/PowerLine AV limitation)

      This means you don't have to run each camera near a powerpoint in the house, and then figure out if your home wiring is PowerLine/HomePlug AV compatible (sometimes you get unlucky), but it does mean threading slightly bulky ethernet cables along the floor or under carpeting/roof areas/around stairs.

      Because each PowerLine Bridge that comes with the camera, also delivers PoE power to the camera, you can't switch easily to 3rd party Powerline AV kits, you can order them separately from Logitech, but PoE's cheaper and easier.

      As far as i know, (i don't personally have the kit or the cameras), they are 2 megapixel CMOS cameras; the Logitech Alert IP cams record at 960x720p @15fps in mpeg4 (about 0.8 mp) and include audio in the recording, which may or may not be legal depending on where you install the camera. most people won't care, but 2mp/3mp/5mp+ IP cameras usually don't have microphones for legal reasons)

      if you compare this to a Swann DVR kit from DSE, FosCam's, or pro security companies which use analog PAL/NTSC 480 TVL CMOS cameras, or the 640x480 @10fps, you're barely able to discern faces on a recording from 20 feet away (obviously with a higher cost for better quality cameras) and while Swann kits cost ~$800 for 8 cameras + the 500gb DVR, it's a more difficult setup and you have to spend more time setting it up for internet connectivity if you want alerts backed up and emailed, etc, as well as 24/7 alerts or the non-responsive/signal loss alerts sent.

      If you set up the motion detection on each camera (typical for IP cameras), it will record those events to 2gb (upgradeable to 16gb/32gb) microSD cards, and send an alert to your phone/email/ftp/commander software from each camera. you can also use 3rd party software to improve the features without a premium subscription fee for online alerts that the Logitech Alert Commander software offers.