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$4.50 Large Onion Rings + Medium Shake | $5 Small Whopper Junior Meal | $10 Hunger Tamers (Expired) @ Hungry Jack's


These three deals popped up in my app today. The hunger tamers one and the Whopper Jr one looks fantastic.

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    Large Onion Rings

    Most a tiny to medium…

    • hi jv

      • You realise you are now breaching your intervention order again?

        • what are you talking about I'm new

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            @cvnt: You can explain that to your parole officer.

            • @jv: but I actually want to see what it's like inside for a day

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                what it's like inside for a day

                On the inside the sun still shines,
                And the rain falls down…

  • $5 whopper jr meal didnt work at Brisbane Queen St HJ's yesterday, apparently 'item wasnt available' or something when trying to check out

  • Wait. About maybe 8 years ago someone told me they stopped onion rings and I haven't been to an HJ's since. Are you telling me they still do onion rings?

    • Are you telling me they still do onion rings?

      They always did…

      • -1


        When I remember who it is that told me that then I will end them.

    • On a technicality, they no longer do angry onions ('spicy' onion rings) but they never stopped selling the regulars.

      • They do angry onions still but only added to burgers. And you can’t add them in the app.. unless you pick the angry whooper.

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    TheTamer meal shows $15 on the picture, (in the app) but $10 in the cart.

    • Buy it before they fix it lol

    • My screenshot showed $10 in the picture so idk

  • You can also exchange the burger in the hunger tamers to the spicy fried chicken, but I did hear their chicken aren't as good as other places tho iirc

  • Merged from Hungry Jack's Fried Chicken Hunger Tamer Meal $10 via App
    Go to Deal

    First timer, so go easy.

    About half price for the Classic Jack's hunger tamer via the in-app only menu.

    Lunch sorted

    • +15

      First tamer?

      • Relax, they're recruiting for their up and coming harem.

    • +3

      First timer, so go easy.

      Ok, awesome deal.

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      The jack's fried chicken burger was absolutely massive and delicious when it first launched. Fresh, juicy and tender.

      Now they are tiny and look and taste like sadness.

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        It's funny you say this because I was depressed the other day and seen this deal on the app and bought it expecting to be happy because the Chicken burgers when they launched ruled. Got it and instantly made me sadder. In their current state, this meal isn't worth $10, let alone the $18 they charge for it regularly. It was tiny, thin, dry, had a stale bun, no lettuce and they put maybe a 10c piece sized dab of mayo on it. It was borderline inedible. The Chicken Royale was honestly better than it. I was too sad to take it back, but someone else I know got one from a different store and was exactly the same so I guess that's just how they are now.

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          I had this $10 meal and I too thought the chicken royale was better which shows how bad the jack's classic chicken burger has become.

          I hope you feel better soon.

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          Nwwwah, I’m sorry you were depressed the other day - hopefully you’re feeling better today 😊

    • Solid deal, cheers OP. 🥂

    • Had this yesterday, chicken royales are probably the worst tasting burger hungry jacks do. The fried chicken burger is meh, not much flavour to it, and the spicy variant is way too hot, just tastes like burning and nothing else.
      Chips, nuggets, drink (Vanilla Coke) all good though.

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        Nuggets good? HJ have the worst nuggets I would rather eat good quality frozen nuggets…

        • +1

          It’s just a nugget, my expectations were well adjusted, and it was just as ok as I expected.

        • -1

          Fr man. I tried KFC, Mc Donald, HJ nuggets. Somehow HJ nuggets taste really funny ngl. Would defo rate McDonald>=KFC>HJ when it comes to nuggets.

      • +2

        Agree with you on the royales, they taste like they are boiled or steamed, bland and rubbery.

      • As a staunch HJ's loyalist I approve this message. I prefer their food over other fast food places but the chicken royale is basically like a shitty version of Maccas chicken and cheese (without any sauce or cheese), Big fan of the 2.50$ BBQ Cheeseburger & Snack Cups though. I found the Jacks chicken burger in this deal to be pretty yum, the ghee flavor is very strong, tho it could have just been my store.

      • The spicy Jack Fried Chicken was awful. Not spicy, flavourless chicken and the coating was all soggy. Worst chicken burger I've had.

    • +1
    • Haven't been at hungry for a while, royal is 💩 as its processed chicken, not fillet, nuggets are also processed?

      • I don’t know either, I shared it with my partner and we were both full!

      • In app I can't change it, so you've changed the royals for another spicy in store? Thank you

          • @wizko: Ah yeah I thought that was a fair trade lol. I want to get rid off the royal and nuggets for something, anything else 😅

    • I have grabbed some for my dog.

    • If you laced this with rat posion ozbarganers will still buy it

      • Before kicking the bucket, they would: find the most expensive rat poison/s with good deals for the sake of 'keeping the appearance' prestige, then chase more deal/s with discount coupons, cash back, shop back etc. to save a few pennies, even make a couple or so $$ fraudulent profit just as Boost mobile, the least but not the last they would post multiple deal posts, and fight on lengthy/plenty comments e.g. I posted it first, the other poisons better, cheaper, plenty of good/bad reviews etc. etc.

      • "You people are pigs! I personally am going to spit in every 50th burger."

    • My local Jacks (3095) is sooooo hit and miss but usually miss. Service is 💩, chicken burgers are a joke. Always smaller than expected and lacking flavour. Staff really let the place down. CBF attitude. Now we head to kfc or MCD.

    • What about the classic grill chicken burger that is heaven

    • This is for pick-up only it seems.

    • Seems like it. That didn't last long.

  • supe rjunior meal

  • Fried chicken hunger tamers no longer on the app, unless it's only shows after 11am, after the breakfast menu.
    Means can't use 20% code for breakfast, before 11am

  • Looks like the deals are over/gone :/

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