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Hawaiian & Jetstar to Los Angeles Return Ex MEL $807, SYD $847, San Francisco Ex MEL $903, SYD $927 @ Beat That Flight


With the Jetstar Black Friday Return For Free Sale, we can use this and piggy back with onward flights to Los Angeles/San Francisco to create a cheap way to get to North America! You could even do a return to Hawaii and a return from Hawaii to LA/SF to get yourself a stopover in Honolulu…

The flight to Hawaii is on a widebody 787 Dreamliner, and then on Hawaiian to LA/SF on a widebody A330.

All flights are return and include carry-on luggage.

Don't forget a hotel and/or car rental. If you're looking for a hotel in Hawaii, consider The Top 5 Affordable Luxury Hotels in Waikiki, Honolulu for Under AU$265 a Night.

Sydney to Los Angeles

Dates: 27 Jan 24 - 10 Mar 24

Melbourne to Los Angeles

Dates: 24 Jan 24 - 24 Feb 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$914 24 Jan to 10 Feb
$843 24 Jan to 20 Feb
$841 28 Jan to 20 Feb
$807 28 Jan to 24 Feb

Sydney to San Francisco

Dates: 28 Jan 24 - 10 Mar 24

Melbourne to San Francisco

Dates: 28 Jan 24 - 10 Mar 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$955 28 Jan to 24 Feb
$972 28 Jan to 27 Feb
$920 28 Jan to 2 Mar
$955 11 Feb to 24 Feb
$974 11 Feb to 27 Feb
$903 21 Feb to 2 Mar

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Big Warning

    Because you are on two separate PNRs, if you miss your Hawaiian flight due to a Jetstar delay - you will be considered a no show and will be left stranded in Honolulu. Proceed with caution and applicable travel insurance.

    • Agree. This is a catastrophe in the making.

    • wow i didn't know this. i will pass, but a great deal on a gamble.

    • Can you have a stopover each way in HNL?

      • Yes.

      • Make sure how have a few extra thousand, HNL is expensive. Unless you head to the mountains, which is much better anyway.

        • LAX and SFO are expensive as well (as is most of the US).

  • wouldn't be risking it unless had a very long layover or flew out the following day

  • +1

    looking to travel around july, august, september ish.
    so hoping i see deals popping up around March or April

    • You might be able to find Fiji Airways for $1,300 return to LAX.
      Check google flights.

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