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AmEx Platinum Card: 225,000 Bonus Points (Spend $5,000 in 3 Months), $1,450 Annual Fee, New Members Only @ American Express


I was due for a credit card churn and found this. I can’t find it advertised by Amex but I was offered 225k bonus points with the Amex platinum card when using a referral code from Ozbargain.
Niche card with a high annual fee ($1450) but the value is there with bonus points.
Includes $400 dining credit, $450 travel credit, Amazon Prime membership, Accor plus (free one night stay) and others.

Mod: Referral not needed.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (4)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points

Centurion Personal Charge Card: random (4)

Referee gets 200,000 MR points. Referrer gets 150,000 MR points.

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  • +1

    Wait until.the start of next year, hopefully 300k+

    • Looking at the history, are you referring to this? AmEx Platinum Card: 325,000 Bonus Points (Spend $5000 in 3 Months), $450 Travel Credit, $400 Dining Credit, $1450 Annual Fee

      Are you confident because of that? Because I am about to risk it with you too lol!

      I have at least 2 international trips, maybe 3, planned for 2024 and I could certainly maximise these travel benefits that comes with that freaking hefty $1,450.

      • Let me pull out my crystal ball, hold my beer

        If you already have a trip booked and going to use FahR then take the card because it won't give you travel insurance if your tickets are already booked.

        225k is pretty standard.

        • +1

          Holding your beer mate.
          I booked one of those 3 only. So still plenty up for grabs.

          • @bargainsteve: For me FHR itself pays for the card fees. So if you are going to use that, go for it already

        • FahR?

      • Risk with you too too.

  • what is point transfer rate to any FF?

    • +1

      Different rates, depends…… eg 2:1 (Velocity etc) and 3:1(KrisFlyer etc)

  • They need to provide more hotel/airline status benefits
    The Shangri-la JADE status was awesome.

  • Op is this a charge card that the whole balance needs to be paid every month or goes into default. Or is it a credit card?

    • +1

      Charge card. Have to pay balance in full every month.

    • Aren't the interest rate on credit cards usually so high that getting a personal loan is better if you need the extra money?

  • Shows me 150,000 bonus points when clicked through one of referral link above. Can someone confirm they see 225,000 bonus points?

    • +1

      225,000 to me, 30 mins ago, but showing "Please note that this offer may not be available or change if you return later or use a different device. Whilst this offer may disappear, taking credit should be considered carefully. Please do not rush your decision."

      • What a weird disclaimer

    • Incognito, different computer or phone, these work on cookies

  • The highest ever recorded was 325,000 points.

  • Since there isn't a preset spending limit for this charge card, what do you declare as your total available credit limit if you have this card and apply for other credit cards in the future?

    • You don’t. Usually the question asks about credit cards. But if it does say charge cards I put something low, as there’s no valid nunber

    • Depends, some companies have a special section for charge card under other, I was once asked tomprovode a copy of last statement

    • I have gold charge card for 18yrs, and started churning 2yrs ago. Depending on application sometimes I skip or add $1 when they know. I had some issues with Westpac and had to reapply due to what I added for charge card

      Never seen an option for charge card yet.

  • Am really curious if the annual fee is really justified, you kinda flexing it a bit yeah? I mean its all nice to have but..

    • Yup, depends on if youa re going to use benefits which is mainly travelling.

    • +1

      If you’re using this for a business like I am, it’s very easy and quick to recoup the value of the annual fee and then be well ahead. The dining and travel credits alone are worth $850 out of the gate. Points earn rate is very good too (more than 1 point per dollar when transferred to QFF).

    • Apart from the $850 travel and dining credit, you get status upgrade from Hertz, Avis, Hilton, Raddison etc. And if you travel quite a bit, you can have access to airport lounges via free Priority Pass (and you can take guests) to pretty much every airport worldwide, when normally each access is $50-60 per person. Free Amazon prime subscription is also about $80.

      Then there are often cashback credits, ie spend X get Y back at Z.

      But as others have said, this card is only good if you intend to travel a lot, and it makes it even better if you can claim the card fee on work as deduction.

      • claim the card fee on work as deduction

        Would the personal version be deemed acceptable in ATO's eyes? Won't you need the Amex Business Platinum to claim as business expense? Otherwise you're technically not meant to use the card for personal expenses, at all.

        • I think it's best to speak to your accountant, as everyone's financial circumstances and industries are different.

      • Is it unlimited lounge access or limit to 2 or XX passes per year?

        • With the platinum card, it is unlimited. And you can also get 2 Priority Passes for cardholders that will get you into more lounges.

          Amex and Plaza Premium lounges,you can bring 2 guests in, while other Priority Pass lounges, you can bring 1 guest in, per card.

          • @Charles89: Had a chat with agent on app. Not possible to get another card, cancel my existing amex and use the same card number for the new card. Thought of updating all the services payment method to the new card seems too much work.

            Also have over half a million points on my current card and they won't allow the MR to transfer to new card.

      • Priority Pass is not full access like the Prestige. I don't think you can use dining credits.

    • I pay a discounted fee- 1200 (or so? Maybe 1250).
      I also have an old benefit with extra travel credit do the credits alone come to $850 (maybe book value of $700 just cos of the hassle of using credits instead of cash) which helps offset the cost. The Accor plus is worth around 200.
      Some of the various other benefits are useful so I probably derive about $1000-1100 at least from it, conservatively?

  • What does 225,000 points get you?

  • thanks grabbed one

  • If you another amex, but not a charge amex, are you eligible?

    • Nope

  • How difficult is the credit check for this card considering that it's just a charge card? I got rejected for a HSBC credit card recently even though I can comfortably afford it and have a 950+ credit score. All these financial institutions are just being extra careful right now due to the high interest rates.

    • +1

      I never had to submit any bank statements or income statements, and I applied in March this year.

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