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Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Baskin Robbins


Similar to this one: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/76553

Buy 1 Get 1 Free - one scoop waffle cone of Chocolate Mousse Royale

Seems to be Australia-wide. Valid until 31/10/12

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  • tms846 = the mens shop :p

  • Alternatively use this one (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/75733) to choose the flavor you want :)

  • Never been to BR before. We've had one here for a year and I guess I should try them. Any flavours you OzBargainers can recommend this noob? :o)

    • Try cookies and cream(or something like that) or jamocca- these are my favourite:)
      Once I tried New York flavour, it was awesome, but it was not in AU, here I cannot find this one:(

  • Just a warning for Sydney users (I am unsure if anyone else had this problem) but I had a 5 coupons for BR, and a few of the BR didn't accept the coupons. So we had to run around to find one that did accept them, despite the terms and conditions saying "in any of the Baskin and Robin's store".

    Also, the size of the cone was smaller than I had anticipated. Fair enough because it was 2 for the price of 1, but I was disappointed.

    I personally wouldn't get a coupon again, it wasn't worth the effort.

    • Wow. Did they say why they didn't accept the coupon??? Being the nitpicker I am, I would've taken that to fair trading and complained about false advertizing, but that's me.

      I guess it's worth for people to try it anyway. Especially if they're regular customers and will buy something regardless of having the coupon accepted or not.

      If they don't accept the coupon, then just walk away. It's indeed a waste of time, energy and perhaps petrol, to race around town to find a shop to save a few $ on an icecream.

      I've never been there before, so I'll just order the icecreams first so they prepare them regular size (pretend I left my wallet in the car so they HAVE to make them in the mean time or they would be wasting their time), then when paying for it, tell them I have the coupon. If they say "sorry we don't accept the coupon" then I'll say "Sorry I don't want the icecreams anymore. Your loss".

      Far fetched? Maybe. Yet I do not like false advertizing and then making the cones smaller than usual.

      • I am unsure. I wasn't the one using the coupon at the time. I was frustrated because I was at work at the time and I couldn't come out to argue. My gf just told me they didn't accept it and pointed to a sheet of paper they printed out saying they didn't accept it.

        Also, I am not sure if it was a smaller cone than usual, but it was definitely smaller than I expected. [nb: this was after I found a BR that would accept the coupon]

        That being said, I have had some good experiences (never for discount). If anyone is in Sydney, Cockle Bay Wharf and in that shopping centre. There is a BR downstairs, and they were pretty generous with the servings. So they aren't all bad, is what I am trying to say. =S

  • Well, I was going to go into our local BR, but I didn't get around to it. Will go tomorrow and will see how I go :o)

  • So I went in and looked at the lady first. She seemed very approachable, so I asked if they accepted the voucher. She looked at the voucher like she had never seen one before and saidd "Yep, we accept them. No worries".
    She then let me and my 2yo son try a few flavors as I have never been there before. She gave me a decent sized scoop of chocolate and peanutbutter and my son got a good sized scoop of cookies and cream in a cup.
    All up $5,75 and she gave me a loyalty card with 2 stamps on it.

    Lovely small town service with a smile. Will be going back again, even without a voucher. Friendliness of staff is more important to me than paying a little extra :o)