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Seagate EXOS X18 16TB ST16000NM000J SATA 3.5" Enterprise HDD US$203.5 (~A$308.97) Delivered @ Eastdigital HK eBay


Last 16TB was epic (IMO), but missed out, saw they back to stock today, but they added the shipping now.
Saw this X18 model instead. a bit more than the last deal, but its a better ish model with better read/write speed-so kinda of justified the extra bit of cost.

Main differnce i can find between the X16 and X18
X16 1.8 TB/platter sustained read/write 270/258 MB/s
X18 2 TB/platter sustained read/write 261/249 MB/s

It still works out about $19.25 / TB.

Able to use my plus $5 voucher, and also shopback has 7% cashback on ebay( not sure if this will qualify)


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    • add GST
    • +3

      Pretty sure the GST already included. my order was 185USD+18.5USD GST. USD 203.5 in total

      • -2

        Unlikely, not at this price point. Will probably get held up by customs.

  • +1

    I am sure you have the speed data the other way around.

  • Could you use these in your NAS ? Mine doesn't work overly hard

    • EXOS are enterprise drive so should be good for NAS.

  • +1

    no Seagate warranty for this seller. its a seller warranty and gimped

  • These seem very cheap for a 16TB enterprise drive…. what's the issue with them?

    • +2

      they can maybe get a little slow and loud as you fill it up but I bought one last year and I still haven't had to think about deleting things to make room. Totally worth it if you wanna stare at installed steam games in your library instead of non installed ones that you're never going to play.

  • +1

    Picked up one, insane price versus buying locally

  • Can anyone recommend me where to buy 4TB drives deal ?

    Also , not for the price per TB, but how do we deal with warranty with oversea supplier (such as Amz US, or this seller). Do we have to pay shipping fee to Asia for RMA ( ~$40-50) every time ?

    • +1

      Buy local if you have such concern.

  • -1

    Warranty buy Seagate or seller? So where are these exos made from? Wonder how come the seller can sell lot cheaper vs here ..

    • -3

      These are most likely refurbs.

      • They are not refurbs, they come shipped brand new

  • Every seagate drive ive ever owned ive regretted.

    • This is the truth. I will never again touch another Seagate drive.

    • -1

      Same here, for me Western digital all the way and avoiding Seagate forever

  • Refurbished

    • These are brand new and in bulk packaging.

      Eastdigital lists refurbished/used accordingly

      • What happens with warranty, do we just trust sending drives with recoverable data to china? It's also $308, I'm thinking, hoping deals from a
        proper souce come out for not much more.

      • +1

        Don't trust OEM Segate from China Market, easy to reset the Chip then stick new lable also new package.

        • Agreed

  • Can anyone recommend some Hubs that can have this inserted in them to connect to a Mac? I need to use it as a spare drive to copy all my data from a synology NAS (the NAS is too old to be compatible with drives of this size)

  • Anyone know if i can add this HDD to my PC motherboard which currently has 1x 2TB SSD and 2x 8TB HDDs
    My motherboard has I/O: 4x SATA 6Gb/s connectors .. does that mean I have enough space to plug in another SATA HDD like this one?

    • +1

      Looks like you can plug this in to the M/Board SATA but I would not recommend having an enterprise drive on your desktop. These EXOS are bloody loud and with higher power consumption.

  • be aware of those coin mined HDD

  • Hard drives turned up today probably the best packaging I've seen 7 days from hong Kong new pc should be here in a few days then can test hdds

  • I'm in Melbourne, it's been 20 days and still absolutely nothing.

    Considering others received their drives in 6-7 days, I'm a bit confused why mine is taking forever…

  • Received mine today, everything looks good from my amateur noobish eyes. Running Sea Tools to test it out. The Long tests are gonna take forever lol

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