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Wagyu/Lamb Burger/Salad $10 (1 Voucher Each), ½ Price Alcohol w/ Purchase (Dine-in Only, Excl. QLD) @ Grill'd [Relish Required]


Saw this via the app and on the website.

These vouchers can be redeemed for dine-in, takeaway and delivery. Hurry, this offer only lasts until December 24

Available for selected burgers and salad bowls only including:

  • burgers: Baa Baa, Lamb Bam Basil, Wagyu Wunder, Sir Truffle, Bonfire BBQ, Luxe Nacho
  • salad bowls: Burger Bowl, Mexi Bowl, Chicken Caesar Salad

Coupons are single use only, and only one coupon can be used per transaction.

Get 50% off a beer, wine, cider or cocktail with a valid purchase. Dine-in only. Available in VIC, NSW, SA, ACT, NT and WA only. 18+ only.

VIC, NSW, SA, NT & ACT - Limited to 2 drinks per person per food purchase.
WA - Limited to 1 drink per person per burger or salad.

EDIT: $10 burgers/salads appear to be for either take away or dine in
50% off alcohol is for dine in only

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  • Just once off or can I keep using it daily till expires?

    • +4

      Once off , so you get 3 vouchers - 1 for a wagyu, 1 for a Lamb & one for a Salad

    • +10

      Any good ozb has 12 logins for these occasions

    • +2

      Don't even need the app, shows up when you log into website as well


  • +3

    dine in only

    Knew there was a catch…

    EDIT: nvm the dine in is only for alcohol, burger and salad can be takeaway :)

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    You don't need the app btw, you can get the voucher via grilld web sign up and also order with the deal on web

  • +2

    Can you use the vouchers together, ie, can you get 2 x $10 meals and also half price drinks or is it only one at a time.. or?

      • +1

        Yes or no? Why write an essay.

        • +4

          You're limited to one per transaction but not per day

  • Thanks OP. Dinner sorted.

  • No vego options

    • +10

      The 2-for-1 on Mondays is still valid and a better deal than these

      • Agreed but must purchase 2.
        I note the salads are an option

        • +6

          True; I did eat 2 burgers for lunch once and: I did not feel good!

    • +1

      The salad is the black bean patty

      • found it funny that the salad has more KJs than most burgers

      • Just had it. It was awful

      • +1

        Massive joke on the salad. Bowl was literally half full, guys put a spoonful of each ingredient and fill then with 2 sauce containers.

        $16.9 normal price what the hell ! Even $10 I felt robbed

    • Add one of the discounted meat burgers to cart, customise with minus meat patty add veggie patty. You can still apply the discount offer

  • +2

    Dogging Qld and tas. Why would you do us like this?

    • +5

      Apparently in QLD restaurants can't run promotions that include alcohol.

      • +9

        Well if that's not un-Australian, I don't know what is

      • The local pub does a parmy and pint for $20 at lunch. I guess it’s not a discount on alcohol but rather a meal deal?

        • Is that advertised externally? From memory there are different rules for internal (in venue advertising) & external public advertising.

          Internal advertising is fair game but you can’t advertise alcohol deals externally.

          • @PaPaGeorGeo: Ah, no. Only on signage in the pub’s sports bar. I have seen another pub with a similar deal on a sign out the front facing the main road though.

    • +1

      Usually this means the deal is still available in QLD and TAS but just can't be advertised. Not sure if Grill'd operates like this though.

      • I'm in qld and just got the voucher code

      • How do they get the burgers to Tassie?

        • Drones

    • +1

      Cant exclude tassie from a deal if thes no grilld here

  • Havent tried wagyu beef earlier. does it taste really good compared to the normal beef?

    • +2

      Was underwhelmed but will give it another go for a tenner

    • +2

      I always go for the wagyu. More juicy and tastes better somehow

      I've gone back to the standard one and can tell the difference straight away.

    • Depends on the grade. When people say it melts in your mouth like butter that's pretty accurate. Definitely tastes a lot better. You can get really shitty low grade stuff where you won't notice a difference but I don't come across that much.

      The other day I had the highest grade Kobe beef and that's a whole another level. Burned a good hole in the wallet too.

      • +1

        The stuff here isn't real Wagyu. It's Aussie grown and pretty much the same as our regular beef.

        I'm not sure how they get away with calling it Wagyu.

        • Outside of Japan we're the largest producer of purebreed and crossbreed Wagyu cattle. Expect the low grade stuff to be crossbreed and the high grade to be purebreed.

          If you want the real stuff you can buy the imported Japanese Wagyu. I was in Kobe a few days ago and found the highest grade A5 I could find to experience the best.

          • @Clear: Yep, the only good stuff I've had was in places like Kobe and Yamagata in Japan. I've had some "purebred" stuff grown here and it is dismal by comparison.

        • Perhaps no TM on it (yet) like Prosecco etc it’s changing now.

    • BBQ bonfire is my favourite wagyu burger on the menu! Highly recommend

  • Time to download the app then. Anyone have a referral code that i can use?

    • When you sign up did u get the offer loaded straight away?

      Also what is the referal code.bonus?

      • My offer loaded right away

        • Thanks mate

      • I havent got any idea what the sign up bonus is. I wasn't able to find a referral code that I could use.

        Also, yes, my offer was loaded straight away.

        • +1

          Thanks mate!

  • -1

    Not a deal for families :(

    • +3

      Why not, doesn't everyone in the family have a grill'd account

  • is GrillD still open at T2 Melb Tull?

  • +5

    My 5️⃣⭐ review of the Lamb burger from last week (Melbourne Central dine-in):

    I ordered the Lamb Bam Basil with heavy sauce. It was made perfectly. The lamb was tender and juicy, with perfectly balanced flavours and crispy bacon. I was genuinely impressed with how delicious it was – one of the best Grill'd meals I've ever had, Compliments to the cooks! Easy going staff and plenty of tables too.

    • +7

      U seem nice

    • I also had the lamb basil last week and the basil relish / sauce was a bit too salty for me

      • Ah! I guess there might be variation in how they make it (e.g. I've found some stores don't put enough veggies)

      • I had a Bonfire BBQ Wagyu today and thought the sauce was also quite salty!

    • +1

      I dunno why but in my head - lamb and bacon just don't go well with each other. Sounds like you disagree.

      • Yeah I was surprised it all worked tbh but it did!

  • +2

    Is it me or is the app terrible? Where do I put the voucher in ….

    • It's one of the items in the drop down menu under "Relish" when you check out.

      But the app bugs out all the time. I always just use the website.

  • Booo

  • Did this a few hours ago and didn't get an email. Pretty average.

    • +1

      I also didn't get the email, but if you made a Relish account you can log in and get the vouchers:

      • Killing me. I was outside an outlet fumbling with the app but just signed into relish on my desktop and bam the voucher (and a few others) are right there in front of me.

        • +1

          Yeah, I know that feel. I just got the vouchers on my desktop, screenshotted them and put them on my phone to use in future

  • anyone know what kind of cocktails they serve there?

  • -1

    Racism? Why not in QLD 🤣

  • I assume on Wednesday you can't double your protein for free as well because it's a different code?? Anyone tried?

    • Worth an ask - they've stacked for me before by just putting through a separate order as a workaround

  • +2

    that was a delicious dinner - Thanks OP!

  • Has there been a settlement/repayment of the unpaid Grill'd workers from 2019?
    Haven't supported them since.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Is it too late to sign up?

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