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$2.85 Back in Shping Rewards on Philadelphia 250g (Currently $2.85 at Woolworths) @ Shping (Activation Required)


Your Shping rewards are immediately transferrable to your Australian bank account straight from the app. No 3 month wait periods here… Withdrawal fee may apply.

Download the app
Activate your favourite offers
Shop as normal
Upload your receipt

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  • +9

    Abit frustrated and dissapointed with the app as appears the rewards for uploading reciepts have halved.

    • +9

      uninstalled it today, not worth the hassle.

      • +1

        When the value of shping coins drops, the earned shping coins for receipt uploads and items on receipt goes up.
        It has halved, but the value hasn't doubled, thus we are not getting the same $'s as we where before the change, we are getting half.

    • +1

      Yes this, and also the endless changes making it less and less worth it to engage with this app at all (numerous monthly activity requirements, tiny maximum monthly withdrawal limit, constantly 'shifting goalposts', a ludicrous tier system etc.

      This whole 'app'/scheme (masquerading as a crypto currency?) has now descended into farce.


  • +1

    withdrawal fee?

    • +1

      After the first three weeks you have to pay $1.50 every time you withdraw.

      It's probably not really worth it after then (as anything you earn is stored in a weird and useless cryptocurrency that constantly fluctuates in value) but I'd recommend you make the most of it while the withdrawals are free.

  • i dont even eat cream cheese

  • do you only get 2.85 dollars back for the one item or do you get more money back if you buys multiple Philadelphia cream cheese??

    • -3

      Hi there, you can see the limits from within the booster screen of the app. It's set to 1 for each product this week. I hope this helps :)

  • +2

    Noticed that my Bronze status went back down to Basic. @TeamShping do you lose membership tiers if you aren’t active enough?

    • +5

      @TeamShping - I was just going to raise this on the general forums! I've been reset from Platinum back to Bronze status because I did not meet only 1 requirement of that entire list. The rest were all met and tracked as completed by 28/11.

      What I had assumed would happen is the list would reset but Shping instead reset my entire tierstatus. It's like I was playing Snakes n Ladder at #90 and got bitten down to 1 - START.

      Not cool Sphing….you'll get a lot of hatred for this!

      • @TeamShping It would be good if we just went down maybe one tier, rather than all the way back to bronze.

        • +2

          I disagree @TeamShping, we shouldn't be going down the tier you've earned yourself to anyway!

          Best case scenario, you lose your progress for that month on the other tasks, but demoting your status isn't fair.

      • +1

        Pretty sure this is intended behavior. Near your status goals at the top it has a date that the tier will reset. I think it is like ~2 months

        • +1

          Do we then like their policy? Answer is unanimous no.

      • +3

        I've been using Shping for years and there's a lot of annoyances at the moment.
        Mine is that the criteria for meeting a status change from month to month. One month it's to buy from a promoted item, the next it's something else and I can't keep up.

      • -2

        Hi there, From Platinum you should have dropped to Gold tier, Can you please double check this isn't the case. If Bronze then please DM us to investigate this.

    • Follow

    • -1

      Hey, the tier level has tasks you need to complete each month. If you don't complete them by the specified date then you will move back to the previous tier.

      • The tier level has tasks you need to complete each month.

        For a maximum of $20 per month?!? There be 'the rub'. This system is doomed to fail in Australia, because it will ultimately alienate almost everyone … because 95% of Australians have a life and will not religiously fulfil the 'tier requirements' every month, for $20.

        Let's be clear; that's substantially less than $1 a day for 'tasks you need to complete each month'.
        Most peeps I know would say … erm … [#### that]

        Stand by and watch 'Shping' dissolve into nothing (or worse, debt) within 18 months, if they maintain this 'business model' …

  • +1

    Deleted my account because uploading receipts was cumbersome, often rejected for wrong reasons, withdrawal fees on rewards and a stupid app layout

    ReceiptJar is much better overall

    • Better still, use both Receipt Jar and Shping. 2 rewards for the same receipt :)

      • Yeah I think so too, gonna withdraw for this month and then close out and move to receipt jar.

  • Question for Team Shping. Do you have to buy the 'exact' product as shown on the app? Philly Cream Cheese comes in Original and Light varieties and I want to know if I have to buy the one listed (being Original) to get Shping coins back?

    Also I am another frustrated user of this app. It was not made apparent that I only got to transfer my money without a 'fee' for 3 weeks and I don't undersatnd why we have to pay such a high 'bank fee' for transferring our money into our own accounts.

    Another issue is some receipts are registering but earning no $ at all. Not on the upload and not on the products and I am talking about IGA one of the listed stores.

    I haven't heard of Receipts Ja. can anyone explain their rules and if, or why, it is better than Shping?


  • -1

    Hi There, Yes the campaign is set to a specific product so for this weeks booster you will need to purchase the original in order to receive the booster reward.

    On your receipts, please DM us with your account details and we can look into this for you. Cheers

  • Based on the above comments, it seems that there is a general consensus that Shping has reached its use-by date/is now just getting worse and worse every month … yet making desperate to attempts to remain relevant/afloat, via 'smoke and mirrors' to mask the bait-and-switch-type tactics creeping in.

    Anyways, this:


    • +2

      I suspect there was also a planned and calculated pump and dump approx 2 months ago to increase SHPING price

      • -1

        Mmmyeah, that 'weird' (or maybe not so weird?) and very temporary 24-hour doubling of the value was pretty telling. With the exception of the few old/established ones (BC, Eth, etc.) 'crypto' is truly now basically just a game. The mind boggles, re the 'SocialGood' thing oft touted here, for example …

        • Crypto, including BTC and ETH, has always been a game…. It's a largely useless (and HUGELY damaging) system with very little legal utility, and is instead being traded by people who are gambling on other people being naive (or visionary, depending on your outlook!) enough to pay more for it in the future.

  • Yep time to delete app and move on

    Just got this email

    New limits on receipt rewards
    There are new limits in place for receipts that earn rewards and count towards ‘level’ tasks

    • Two receipts per store, per day

    • Five receipts per store, per calendar week

    • One receipt per upload

    • All your receipts are stored, regardless of limits

    • No more $50 per month. Waste of an app now.

  • Yeah looks like time to move on.

  • Issues not addressed

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