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½ Price Philadelphia Cream Cheese Varieties 250g Block $2.85 @ Woolworths


It's finally half price for me to justify trying out my hand at cheesecakes for the first time. They don't seem to be half price often so get your phil(adelphia)* now.

*I'm so sorry

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    Gonna make me some carrot cake with cream cheese icing 🤤

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      I didn't know you could use cream cheese in icing, I'll have to try this since I can't get my ganache to stop splitting

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        It's a classic. Don't skimp on the sugar or it can taste too much like cream cheese. Usually in recipes I do reduce the sugar a lot but better to go slow in cheese cake and icing.

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    @yessum - easy peasy cheesecake.
    Make your base of choice.

    2 blocks cream cheese
    1 Tin condensed milk
    1 tablespoon lemon juice
    1 teaspoon vanilla paste.
    Blend until well combined.
    Fold in your filling of choice.

    • Ooo this sounds achievable! Would "filling of choice" work with oreo or bits of fruit?

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        My two favourites are either:
        1. Chopped up Mars bars and caramel sauce
        2. Passionfruit pulp folded through (tinned) and fresh mango topping.

        • I've never even thought of Mars bars cheesecake before, sounds amazing! I'm saving your recipe now, crossing my fingers I can make it taste half as good as it sounds

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      does this set solid enough? i see a lot of recipes adding gelatine?

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        Do not add gelatine to this one. Would set it too hard. Nothing worse then a "Jelly" cake.

        This sets well enough as long as its served cold.

        The reason a lot of cafe's add Gelatine is for shelf life.

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      My GOAT base of choice.

      1x pack of Arnotts Butternut biscuits - blitzed into a fine crumb in food processor
      1/2 cup shredded coconut
      100g melted butter

      Combine and press into base, refrigerate for 15 mins. Add fillings as needed.

      Can use for cheesecake, caramel slice, pecan pie, very versatile and tasty.

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    Just in time to bust out a few Japanese cheesecakes for Christmas.

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      What’s your recipe? I’ve made over 20 and each is not quite right.

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        I've use the one from Just One Cookbook with good results and raving reviews (but this may be because they were getting free cheesecake 😅).

        • Yeah everyone who I’ve fed the cheesecake to says it’s good, but it doesn’t pass my own expectations. There’s a clear gradient of density when comparing the top to the bottom of the cheesecake.

          • @ATangk: I use the same one as flouise funnily enough. Haven't had any issues like you mention, consistently light and fluffy throughout the cake. Always getting requests to do it again so I figure it's a good recipe.

          • @ATangk: I've been searching for a good Japanese cheesecake recipe as well and found a bunch of recipes that seem maybe more authentic using search terms in Japanese. The one I think I'll try is this one by Masayoshi Ishikawa but you can also peruse cookpad, which is a Japanese recipe website where Just One Cookbook based her recipe off of (google translate required if you can't read Japanese).

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    Nice, thanks OP! I was just thinking it's been a while since I made Jalapeno poppers.

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    Replace 10-15% of the cream cheese with plain goats cheese, it lightens the fattiness and gives a cleaner mouthfeel

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      I use some ricotta.

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    More exciting than 99% of the black Friday days

  • How long does this keep in the fridge? Will I be okay to bulk buy and use it at christmas?

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      Yes definitely, I’ve had it sealed in the fridge for 6 months then used it, with no change in it whatsoever

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      It's 29% fat - it's going to last for months.

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        By that logic, I’m invincible

    • Some I purchased from IGA last week ($2.75) had a 04/2024 use by

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    Well for that price, I'd get it, but honestly the Woolworths brand is better. Philadelphia has a chalkiness typical of dairy products that have 'non fat milk solids' added. Woolworths brand is smooth, creamy with a consistent texture throughout.

    Probably doesn't make any difference for a cheesecake, but I like to have it as a snack.

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    Our just buy it from ALDI at this price any time.

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    Plus vote for the pun

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    Arnott’s Butternut Snaps make for a fantastic crust/base 🤤

    • gingersnaps too!

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      Oo thanks for this! I've been trying to figure out what to replace graham crackers with that I see in a bunch of recipes

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