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25 Days of Deals, Week 1: $5 off $15 Min Spend, Free 2 Pc Hot Honey Chicken /w $10 Min Spend @ Red Rooster


Just got this in my emails:

Red rooster is doing Christmas deals.

Might need the Red Rooster app and their
Loyalty membership to redeem.

Week 1 (ends 6 December)

In store:
$5 off (min spend $15)
Free 2 pc hot honey (min spend $10)

Click and collect:
$10 spicy burger (min spend $10)
Free 2 pc fried chicken (min spend $10)

Free 10 chicken nuggets (min spend $25)
$10 red burger box (min spend $25)

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  • +10

    I stopped going to Red Rooster ever since they changed the strips to tenders. Huge downgrade.

    • +5

      I agree… I was horrified when I recently ordered a sub and it was tenders.. $17? for this.. Yeah, you got me once, I won't be back. Ever.

    • +2

      fricken agreed - I used to love the strip sub! … even the burgers now are the same too I think.

    • +1

      When all the stars aligned they were magical. The new ones are crudtastic at best.

    • Yup bizarre business decision.

      Rippas were one thing.

      Burgers aren't supposed to be rippas.

      But then they went into fried chicken as well. Such strange choices

    • What did it for me is that they changed to Pepsi recently.

  • +7

    Hell yeah, love me some Rooter. Their fried chicken has made KFC completely redundant

    • +1

      Assuming you don’t get hot n spicy where you are

      • +2

        I'm in Brisbane so H&S has always been available. Red Rooster is still infinitely better

      • +1

        Hot n Spicy is always dry where I live and not so spicy. Gave up on kfc.

    • +4

      Agreed. I tried RR few months back, man their chicken game is on point now. Better than KFC for sure.

      • KFC chicken has set a low bar where I live. So Red Rooster is an easy winner. Even offers better deals at times now.

  • H&S 👍

  • can't login many old rr accounts anymore since mobile security update last month…

    • Yeah that was enough to make me go to KFC instead lol

  • Has week 1 already started? Or is it tomorrow? I'm getting a 401 error when trying to access the vouchers in my app

    • +2

      Was same. Had to logout and login.

  • Wont let me change shop, there are 2 red roosters within 5 km, the one that the app defaults to disabled all vouchers with no delivery from app. Whats the point of the delivery service if they never deliver… App needs to be able to change delivery store location.

  • Here I was about to post this deal. #slowpoke You can do separate orders to get deals that will otherwise limit you with the message "one voucher per transaction"

  • I don't understand how RR can justify a $4-6 price difference for delivery orders, and this is for EACH ITEM. Absolutely ridiculous. If you order more than one item, you're paying a stupid amount of money for delivery. Why not just add a flat delivery fee, instead of jacking up prices of individual items?

    Pick Up:
    * Reds Burger Box - $14.25
    * Picklebird Box - $15.25
    * Half Chicken Combo - $13.95

    * Reds Burger Box - 20.25
    * Picklebird Box - $21.25
    * Half Chicken Combo - $17.75

    Definitely not worth ordering delivery for this deal

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