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Lebara 30-Day Prepaid Mobile SIM Starter Pack: 25GB $6 (Was $24.90) @ Coles (in Store)


For those looking for something to port to, in between Boost sims. By the looks of the ticket, it runs until Jan 2nd. It wasn't listed in the catalogue, but I saw it at 3 stores and purchased at 1 at the ticketed price (Expiry July 2025).

I would recommend activating the sim at the website, rather than the app. The app didn't recognise my sim number a previous time.

More info Lebara

Small 30 Day bundle
Unlimited national standard talk and text
Unlimited to 26 countries standard talk and text
100 minutes to Zone 1 countries
200 minutes to Zone 1 countries
30 minutes to Zone 2 countries
Unlimited standard text to 60 countries
$5 international call credit for use for standard International Calls, SMS and MMS to all other countries

Vodafone 4G/VoLTE network

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Lebara Mobile
Lebara Mobile

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  • Anything for lebara recharge?

  • +1

    Waiting for the $4 sim

  • +2

    how long does the phone number can receive SMS before it dies out if we never recharge ? cheers

    • +1

      allegedly 90 days after expiry.

  • +3

    Voda 7 day sim currently $4 at coles

    • +2

      The true bargain is always in the comments

      • +3

        Wait for the $4 lebara 30 day.

        • +2

          Way ahead of you, have a stack already for porting between Boost with.

  • $4 at Woolies.

    • I think that was $14.90 pack and I think the sales has end.

      • +1

        I messed up with the previous comment. Yes that is for the lesser Extra Small 4GB $14.90 Sim, but it hasn't ended, it is available for $4 from 29/11 - 12/12.

        The $24.90 25GB sim, which this $6 Coles deal is for, is not discounted at Woolworths. If you can survive with 4GB data, then you can save a further $2 at Woolworths and still got 1 week to grab it.

  • What are the current deals for Sim hopping?

  • I got one of these sent to me for porting into my Boost sim.
    The internet was decent from my experience.

    • Most likely that's more to do with your location.

  • Can you port your number from another Lebara sim to this? My boost sim is delayed, now I need an alternative, thanks AusPost.

    • Did yours get returned to sender after being delivered to the wrong address? Because mine did

      • No, still in transit

    • That's not what porting means.

  • +1

    No, need to port out and back in, todays port from boost took 4 minutes.

  • +1

    I did this twice with "Lyca" $2 sim with no credits works for porting/ burner number for sms

  • I don't know about others but I had worse reception than with other Vodafone resellers. Lots of drop outs and dead spots.

    • +3

      It must just be you. Lebara is owned by Vodafone and when you call/chat with them you are interacting with Vodafone staff.
      The network has always been the same for me, minus the 5G signal which Lebara doesn't have.

    • +1

      it must be your area… i have amysim and lebara works better then amaysim.. !

  • Popped into Coles in VIC last night and didn't see this deal. Could be targeted.

    • +1

      The sim deals at Coles are weird.

      The promotion will run nationally in the date period but I'll check the Coles around me and them having it in-store will vary wildly from store to store. I'll even get staff to check in stores that don't have the Special ticket up on for instance a Thursday to scan the shelf and see, and they definitely don't have it on Special in the system. Then I'll go back a couple of days later on a Saturday and now they do.

      Specials change on a Wednesday but I'm wondering maybe with these sim deals that the Special doesn't get triggered in-store until a specific shipment arrives and drops into the system. I'm not saying the stores don't have stock on the shelves, they definitely do Special or no Special, but I mean an allotted shipment that gets sent out by Blackhawk or whoever it is that provisions these things.

  • Shocking reception, don’t do it. (Metro QLD)

  • I wonder if you could by some of these and other brand's then mix? We would have a very cheap mobile plan, just have to transfer in and out every month

    • +1

      That's what a lot of us are doing, going from free (profit) boost sims from cashback deals and then to something like this every other month.

      • holy shit, just realized you can buy this using the Boost profit and have a net zero cost for the whole year on repeat!

        • +7

          You okay bro?

          • @wavesgreen: lmao, I've been porting in and out of $1 SIMs….but the 100gb plan from Lyca sounds pretty good…minimizes the number of changes

            • @nsingh21: $8 too rich for my blood. $4 sim suits me better, have a boost sim for data anyway so don't need 100GB.

              What I actually did the previous two times was port to Mate mobile for $1 and got $9 cashback through ShopBack. I got paid $8 and free mobile plan for a month.

              Mate is postpaid though so maybe not everybody's taste.

              • @wavesgreen: Postpaid so I assume harder rinse & repeat. Thanks for the heads up though….have been doing port in/out on $1 SIMs but its been extra effort….

                I have to have a 100gb SIM this Dec since I'll be mucking around a lot during holidays and will need that much data on the go. Other months I'm okay with 25gigs or less.

                • @nsingh21: Haven't had any issues with postpaids to date, porting process has been literally the same as prepaid sims. It's just some people don't like postpaids because there is usually a credit check.

  • Lycamobile sim $8 for 100gb at 7eleven is still available for the next few days. 1x per day only for $8

    Telstra wholesale network*

    Be careful with porting because their website and their support has not ported my number through on 2x occasions now. Probably better for a spare phone or as a secondary sim.

    • Oh that's pretty damn good for a Telstra MVNO..

      Is there an expiry date listed on the SIM pack?

      • +1

        No idea. Probably a good idea to check the packages at your local 7eleven.

  • Called my local store and they say it is not on offer. I am in VIC btw which is odd.

    • I tried to buy more in the last 24 hrs.

      I found out whats going on (because i had problems getting them to put the purchase through for $8)

      The Australian stores have all been sold, so its all in ownership transition atm and there's been a few teething problems.

      • -1

        The Australian stores have all been sold, so its all in ownership transition atm and there's been a few teething problems.

        You're surely talking about Lebara here and not Coles..

        • -1

          Aus 7eleven stores, my guy.

  • Is there a minimum amount of time recommended to port away from Boost before porting back in?

    • I'd give it at least 24hrs.

    • guess OP's method is, port out from "free" boost to "cheap" lebara or others for 1month or longer, then port back to boost, cycling if like.

      will try this, such like NBN/electricity :)

      • Well my port from Boost to Lebara just went through, I'll give it a week or so I guess to get the most value out of it

  • +1

    Managed to buy at NSW today. Ticket showed original price but when I scan it showed $6.

  • +3

    Kogan $5 sim delivered (esim and physical sim 5g enabled on Vodafone)
    10 gb/ month. Good for Porting in and out of boost


  • I have had my number with Lebara before. I just tried to port it in again and have received error "Number already in use" on the website.
    Is there a wiki for Lebara knowledge? I feel like I've had to contact customer support way too many times porting in. I must be doing something to upset the cart.

  • Tried porting in, as boost Sim is delayed. They don't tell you until the last step that porting is only "monday-sat 8am-5pm". Literally says this no where else on the website. I tried activating it on 24th Dec (Sunday) and 2 days later I still don't have to a working Sim.
    Can't call the service centre cause I don't have a sim, online chat looks open, but does nothing.

    Not a great first impression.

    • +1

      I wouldn't port anything on Christmas/boxing day that isn't a major operator like Telstra.

  • is this price available at coles express petrol stations too?

  • cant port in on Sunday? boost stop working, and lebara shows sos only.. and tomorrow is public holiday as well

    • +2

      ya should never port outside of business hours anyway, they always say 1-6 business hours

    • I have had something go wrong with the port in every time that required manual intervention. I'll only port in during Lebara business hours in future.

  • I had a brilliant experience, my boost has expired yesterday, so I used WiFi. DLd the libara app, choose to activate the SIM, choose keep existing number. Verified ID and waited for boost to txt about leaving. Popped in the Libara Sim card and received a welcome txt. All within 4 mins on Sunday (yesterday).

    6 bucks for 28 days, 25gb, I've got time to find another deal….

    • Nice to hear

      • And just this morning I secured two boost deals, one for another family member. $187 for 170Gb 12mths if activated by 29.1.24.

        Hang in here people deals come and go all the time.

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