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[PC, Steam] Donate Minimum £35 (~A$66.90), Get 80+ Games worth ~A$1912 e.g. SUPERHOT, Homeworld @ Tiltify

Jingle Jam FAQs

You can donate a minimum of £35 (around $41 USD) in a single transaction (one donation) and select a reward to support great causes and get awesome games! This year's collection is the biggest and most valuable ever - containing over 70 games and extra codes for exclusive discounts (noted below) with a combined value of over £1,000 (approx. $1200 USD). Rewards are limited to the first 100,000 eligible donations between December 1 (starting at 5pm GMT) and December 14, 2023 (ending 11:59 PM GMT) - so don’t delay!

First, you need to make a donation (between Dec 1 - Dec 14, 2023) of at least £35 (around $41 USD) in a single transaction (one donation), on the Jingle Jam event page!

  • You do not need a Tiltify account to make a donation, but it is HIGHLY recommended so you can keep track of your donation and reward redemption.
  • Double-check (and triple-check, might as well!) your email address. This is where the Game Collection codes will be sent. Especially important if you do NOT create an account. There will be a delay in any customer service requests if you do not confirm your information.

Second, check to ensure your reward is selected. If a reward is not selected you will not receive your keys. Double-check this on the confirmation screen! You can select the reward by clicking "Reward" on the left-side of the donation transaction.

Third, once you receive your keys redeem them before midnight on December 31st, 2023!

Keys may expire if not redeemed before 1st January! Jingle Jam, Tiltify, and the charities involved in the event are not liable to replace expired keys. This is a donation reward, not a purchase.

Jingle Jam - Get involved with fundraising!

Get ready for Jingle Jam 2023! Jingle Jam is the world's biggest charity gaming event, set to unite the entire gaming community for an epic experience. From December 1st to December 14th, fundraise for 12 fantastic charities by streaming, creating content, and beyond.

This year, everyone has the opportunity to become a Jingle Jam host. Create your own page, customize it with your content, choose one of our charity partners (or raise money for them all simultaneously), and include the exclusive Jingle Jam 2023 Games Collection as a reward for contributors.

Those who donate at least £35 to your page and select the reward will be eligible to receive the Games Collection. The 2023 collection is nothing short of amazing—and until December 1st, it's a closely guarded secret! It will include a vast number of full games, with a combined value of about £1,000 (approximately $1,200).

Once again, Jingle Jam 2023 is an extraordinary event that brings together the entire gaming community each year. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to get involved by watching, donating, or becoming a Jingle Jam host and taking part in the excitement!

This year, Jingle Jam is supporting these amazing charities:
  • Autistica - Creating a Mental Health and Wellbeing Tips Hub and other resources to support and empower autistic young people.
  • Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) - Answering 50,000 potentially live-saving helpline calls in 2024 from young people struggling to see a way forward.
  • CoppaFeel! - Stamping out the late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer in young people.
  • Comic Relief - Aiming to provide one million meals to people who need them most this winter by working together with FareShare and local community groups.
  • Galop - Unlocking a better future for LGBT+ youth with a national abuse and violence support service.
  • Hello World - Building new Hello Hubs that provide connectivity, education, and power to hard-to-reach communities across Africa and Asia.
  • Justdiggit - Regreening African landscapes using indigenous restoration techniques, technology, and communication.
  • Movember - Solving some of the most complex issues facing men today including prostate cancer and testicular cancer.
  • RNIB - Transforming the lives of children and young people with vision impairment by creating a unique Developer Kit to help make games more accessible.
  • Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal - Creating the 'Jingle Jam Building', a unique facility that will help sick children and their families at Bristol Children's Hospital.
  • War Child - Protecting, educating, and advocating for the rights of children impacted by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.
  • Whale and Dolphin Conservation - Helping to stop hunting and whaling for good so whales and dolphins can live safe and free.

Games/Items 1-16
Games/Items 17-32
Games/Items 33-48
Games/Items 49-64
Games/Items 65-82

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  • +26

    Had to upvote for the effort put into the post. Nice of you to include all the steam page links! Great post OP

  • +4

    Excellent writeup and formatting! I already own most of the big games, but I'm sure there's a few gems I don't have in here

  • +1

    Bargain, thanks OP!

  • +7

    Been watching the Yogscast for over a decade now and support the Jingle Jam every year. Proper decent group of people.

  • +10

    For anyone who got frustrated manually adding all the keys, I used this this extension and it worked quite well.

    • +2


      Had ChatGPT clean up the list of keys and used this to activate them on steam.

  • +1

    Holy moly good value in this. Many of the games are well rated, and many look awesome but have very few reviews or even seem as yet unreleased!

  • +2

    Thought I had a lot of these but it turns out I don't. You can link your steam account on ITAD and have it filter out the games you already own.

    Edit: Hmm, I just found out it's not super accurate. Maybe it filters by name and not ID or something. It didn't pick up I had Aces and Adventures as the game in Steam uses an & rather than and.

  • +1

    Long Vinter has to be bordering some kind of infringement.

    • deal post typo fixed, its 'Longvinter', not 'Long Vinter'

  • +1

    The cat quest game looks cute. Which other games are fun/good from this bundle?

    • Cat Quest can be a bit grindy with lots of fetch-this, do-that questing … but its bright, colourful and furly punny

      Most of the bundled games have high review scores on Steam, it really depends on what types/genres of games you enjoy more than others.

      e.g. fans of OG The Sims would probably love Tiny Life

  • +3

    Aside from plate up, I don't know any of these games. If the actual sifu game was on it, I would've chanced it.

    Edit: eh, screw it. Got it cause home world is a single player focused rts, and that's a dead breed in modern day

  • been a while since I've watched them.. after the turps and sjin debacle

  • I only know godfall and superhot lol non of these are AAA, it seems mainly indie, what's are the standouts

  • +1

    What a great initiative.

    Does anyone know whether or not the funds do effectively reach the charities mentioned?


    • +2

      How are donations being collected and distributed?
      All donations go directly to the Jingle Jam Foundation (see above) via Tiltify, and the funds will be sent to the charities following the event.

      • Thanks @morphio

    • +1

      To add to the other comment, they have a very good track record, historically donating not just the money collected through the platform, but also other funds collected via Twitch etc.

      They’ve got some really solid, long lasting relationships with the charities that they support, and I’ve never seen anything but thanks and continued involvement from the charities that have come onboard.

      TLDR; you can feel good supporting this, and know it will find the intended audience!

      • +1

        Not only that, but the Grand Appeal who they have been supporting since 2017, are naming their new building 'Jingle Jam'!

  • What do you think is the best bundle?

    • +1

      I think they’re all included?

    • All in one, OP just separated the list.

  • -3

    Only heard of about a dozen of these, and even those are half low level indie filler, with the few standouts being the Homeworld games and Superhot.

    • Just because you haven't heard about a game, or it has small review count, doesn't immediately make it filler.

  • I was expecting a shovelware bundle, but some of the games are quality products: Xenonauts, The Homeworld games, Tunguska, Eathlock, Thief Simulator, Superhot…

  • A few gems and then normal shovelware you get with these.

    Ah well, did my part and donated to movember

  • Totally accurate battle simulator is so, so fun.

  • I'm interested in getting another copy of Fly Punch Boom, does anyone want to trade e.g. get another duplicate of another game?


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