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Telstra $35 Prepaid Kit for $17 (Limit 2 Per Customer, Use on 6mo Long Expiry) @ Telstra


Good deal for grandma or a backup sim for Floptus considering you can use it for long expiry 6 months.

Pre-Paid Mobile $35
6 months expiry


  • 350MB data
  • 95 call minutes to standard Australian numbers
  • 120 texts (SMS/MMS) to standard Australian numbers
  • Capped 4G and 5G speeds. Download speeds are capped at 150mbps on our 4G and 5G network. Great for most customers’ regular usage including streaming, browsing and social media.

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  • It doesnt look like the one on sale is the 6 month version, looks like the one linked above is still 28 days expiry?

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        That one is showing full price to me.

        • All newer $35 sim packs and above can be activated on 6 months long expiry

          Only Older $30 sim packs can be activated on 6 months expiry

        • SIM Starter Kits
          Great value for everyday use. Enjoy included data, continuous data rollover, unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers and international call minutes from Australia to selected destinations with each recharge. Choose a Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit with SIM card included and activate on this plan. All inclusions for use in Australia.

          Then are there two tabs. Default is Pre-Paid Mobile click next tab which says Pre-Paid Mobile Casual

          There it is.

  • For backup sim, it seems Aldi's PAYG $5 (60 days) + $15 (1 year) is better although it doesn't have any inclusions and is on Telstra's wholesale network. Also, Aldi's doesn't support e-sim.

    • The key word here is esim qr code. Just having qr code opens alot of usability options "wink wink"

      • Like what usability options? "wink wink"

  • can i use as esim?

    • Yea activate service , then go to telstra store and ask for a esim number. They will give you a qr code esim that you can transfer the physical sim from

      • can i use it for apple watch?

        • No. Apple watch requires a postpaid service number share from the big three

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      Can transfer to esim using Telstra app on phone

  • Floptus

    I’m getting a bit tired of these juvenile names for our world-class Australian mobile services — if we’re calling them Floptus and Vodafail, what are we going to call Hellstra? I’m with Hellstra because they offer the best service available, and I’m not even remotely tempted to cut costs and take the plunge with Noosed Mobile, which as we all know allegedly uses the full Hellstra notwork

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      How does Hellstra compare to TPGeethisisbad, Aldidthenetworkgodownagain and Dodon't?

      • In the words of the great Gerry Harvey, patron saint of OzBargain, outages can happen to anyone. The important thing to remember is that whichever mobile network you choose, you can count on the ombud to get some amusement from your complaint. Ultimately all companies with critical infrastructure are coming to understand that you daren’t let your IT people pretend to work from home, because while the cat’s away, the mice will play

  • Will that work on a kids smart watch? we wanted to buy s simple long expiry nano sim in his kids smart watch, where we can make mutual call or location tracking…

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    Just be careful because Grandmas tend to make phone calls. I put a relative on this plan and the calls were used up in only three weeks. Had to switch to something with unlimited calls

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      Makes the OP look a bit silly, doesn't it.

    • Any recommendation on unlimited calls with longer duration plan (low usage)?

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        Cheapest would be Amaysim Unlimited Call and Text for $60 a year, it isn't available online.

        You can get this by buying a starter pack and choosing the PAYG plan then changing plans in the app.

        • Prefer the telstra as with that little bit of data , should be enough for unlimted text via whatsapp as long as you disable images and videos

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            @easternculture: The data is peanuts though

            Imo could be better off going with the $60 Amaysim/yr suggestion above and then if you really need "a bit" of data, just go PAYG data

            PAYG does feel scary though

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    Hi, do you know how long you have to activate these physical SIM cards once ordered?
    Do they have an expiry?

  • We are unable to proceed with your request at this time. Please try again later, or chat with us using the chat button below.

    We apologise for any inconvenience

  • Officeworks price matched Telstra, upping the total limit to 4 :)

  • why do we need that many numbers?

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    Ooops —- it's 350MB not GB - almost bought it thinking it was a big discount!

  • Can I use the $35 to get roaming packs or for roaming credit?

    • No, it doesn't come with credit. You use it all on one of the plans.

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