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[XB1, XSX] Assassin's Creed Valhalla Complete Edition $31.49 (Was $209.95) @ Microsoft


I think this is my first post, don't know if i have done everything correctly. Been on my wishlist for a while, regular price drops to around $60 but haven't pulled the trigger as i have quite a backload of games to catch up on, this is the lowest price for the digital version according to psprices (https://psprices.com/region-au/game/5196918/assassin-s-creed…). Cant say no this price considering how much content is in it. Decent game, been told its not got much to do about assassins, but makes a great viking game if your into that.

Mods please correct anything i haven't done correctly, hope someone finds this helpful.

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    Lol $210? Which sucker would pay that much?

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      Which sucker would pay $31.49 when they could get the Argentina or Turkish-market version for ~$15 using a VPN?

      • You would be the sucker if MS bans your account for that. Repeated use of VPN during purchase process. Risk losing your whole account and every purchase made. You sir are the sucker if MS one day detects the VPN use and bans your account.

        You are technically in violation of section 3 of the Code of Conduct of the Microsoft Services Agreement. You are circumventing a regional restriction placed on the Microsoft Store.

        vi. Don’t circumvent any restrictions on access to, usage or availability of the Services (e.g. attempting to “jailbreak” an AI system, or impermissible scraping).


        • VPN not required during purchase process. Only for code redemption after purchasing from Eneba, Gamivo, G2A, etc.

          • @Dagabix: That's still circumventing a regional restriction through the Microsoft store. The code redemption is applied through the store. If you do it too many times then Microsoft might pick up on it.

            • @hollykryten: You're probably right and the risk might very well exist, but there doesn't seem to be any evidence of bans actually having been imposed for utilising this method. Specifically, purchasing a code from one of those sites, redeeming it on a web browser with VPN, then downloading the content from the console.

              On the contrary, there's plenty saying they've been doing it for a while without repercussion.

  • i put up with it for 10 hours & skipped mirage totally

  • Soooo much content in this pack. Hours and hours of playing. I mean I got bored eventually, but this is a bargain for what you get.

    • can't fathom who can spend hundreds hours on this.

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    Ive played 5 assasins Creed games i dont think i finished any of them…

  • Showing as full price for me. Dang it.

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