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Gift Cards: 10% off Weber BBQ, 5% off Woolworths (Surcharge May Apply) @ Reward Gateway (M'ship Required)


This is the last of the week of Daily Deals. If you or your employer have access to the program then check out what's on offer for today:

Retailer Today's GC Discount Normal Discount
Weber BBQ 10% Was 5%
Woolworths 5% Was 4%

Sadly, no cashback stacking today.

Here are some of the most common questions that tend to pop up (thanks to WookieMonster for assisting with the original write up):

What is Reward Gateway?

Reward Gateway is an employee program that gives you access to discounted eGift cards and cashback across a large range of retailers.

Can I sign up to Reward Gateway if my employer doesn't partiicipate or I'm self-employed?

Yes, API Lifestyle & Leisure offer casual memberships for $9.75 per month, and is available to anyone.

How do I access Reward Gateway?

Your employer needs to be subscribed to this program before you can apply to access the program. Once you are given access, you can log into Reward Gateway through the dedicated website for your company, or The SmartSpending app on Apple iOS and Android devices.

What is the transaction fee?

Transaction fees will vary depending on the type of card used to complete the transaction. Recent feedback given by their support team is as follows:

MasterCard or Visa debit card: 0%
Standard MasterCard or Visa credit card: 0%
Premium / Platinum MasterCard or Visa credit card: 0.5%
Standard AMEX card: 1.5%
Premium AMEX card: 3%

Can I use prepaid gift cards (e.g. Vanilla Visa gift cards) as a payment method?

No. Reward Gateway requires all debit, credit and prepaid cards to support 3D Secure. Prepaid gift cards do not support 3D Secure, so they will be blocked by the payment processor.

What denominations of eGift cards are available through Reward Gateway?

Each retailer will have specific limits on the value of gift cards available through the program, and some may split larger amounts across multiple cards. Keep this in mind if a retailer limits the number of gift cards that can be redeemed online, and always read retailer-specific T&Cs before purchasing

How are the eGift cards delivered?

Electronically. Either print them from your account or use the SmartSpending app to display them on a mobile device. There is also a unique PIN associated with each one which you will need to input when redeeming a card.

Where can I use the eGift cards?

They can be used in-store or online. Note that only unlimited cards can be redeemed for online transactions but in-store is limited to 8 per transaction (subject to in-store discretion).

Is there a limit on the number of eGift cards I can buy?

Rewards Gateway will allow you to purchase up to the maximum amount on your first transaction each day, but as fraud protection on your account, the system will limit further transactions to only $300 for that day. Some retailers may also impose monthly limits so check the T&Cs of each one if you plan to spend big.

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  • Not sure if it still happens but I’ve been locked out when trying to redeem a few gift cards in a row.

    • Huh? 🤔
      I’ve been a Rewards Gateway client for 8 years and never seen this. I’ve only ever seen the system crash a few times.

    • Maybe you triggered this limit they have??

      Please be aware of the Instant eGift Card spending limits we have in place to protect you and your account:
      - 5 orders per day maximum
      - 10 orders per week maximum
      - maximum $A5000 spent in last 30 days
      Choose the value of your first order carefully as the 2nd and 3rd orders for the same retailer are restricted to $300 each in that 24 hour period.

      • +1


        it was triggered below those thresholds. perhaps they have raised it recently.

  • Yeah because at my last job, when I was bullied and sexually harassed by 80% of the staff including HR and in the end had no choice but to resign, my first thought was "oh no, I'm going to lose my gift card discounts".

    • Are you ok?

      • +1

        not really. I haven't worked since. I've got an 'information session' aka job interview this week and I live on the edge of a panic attack.

        Thanks for asking though :)

        • +1

          Sorry to hear that. Goodluck with the job interview!

          Might be worth reaching out to someone like a friend, family or counselor for a chat :)

  • Weber BBQ 10% - nice! That's the Brother in laws Christmas gift sorted

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